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Pick 224
Seattle Seahawks
S Jonathan Dowling
(Western Kentucky)
Pick 223
Atlanta Falcons
OT Charles Leno
(Boise State)
Pick 222
Green Bay Packers
FB Trey Millard
Pick 221
San Francisco 49ers
WR Jeremy Gallon
Pick 220
New York Giants
DT/DE Kaleb Ramsey
(Boston College)
Pick 219
Indianapolis Colts
OLB Corey Nelson
Pick 218
Dallas Cowboys
CB C.B Bryant
(Ohio State)
Pick 217
Carolina Panthers
WR Tevin Reese
Pick 216
Arizona Cardinals
WR James Wright
Pick 215
Detroit Lions
OLB Will Smith
(Texas Tech)

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NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 17:09:11) *** Houston Texans selects S Lonnie Ballentine of Memphis ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 17:09:01) *** Atlanta Falcons selects OLB Tyler Starr of South Dakota ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 17:07:50) *** Dallas Cowboys selects CB Terrance Mitchell of Oregon ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 17:07:15) *** Atlanta Falcons selects OLB/ILB Yawin Smallwood of Connecticut ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 17:07:02) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects CB Lavelle Westbrooks of Georgia Southern ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 17:06:51) *** Dallas Cowboys selects DT Ken Bishop of Northern Illinois ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 17:05:08) *** St. Louis Rams selects G Demetrius Rhaney of Tennessee State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 17:03:25) *** St. Louis Rams selects DE/34LB Michael Sam of Missouri ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 17:03:25) *** St. Louis Rams selects DE/34LB Michael Sam of Missouri ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 17:03:07) *** Dallas Cowboys selects S Ahmad Dixon of Baylor ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 17:02:59) *** Oakland Raiders selects S Jonathan Dowling of Western Kentucky ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 17:02:41) *** Chicago Bears selects OT Charles Leno of Boise State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 17:02:15) *** San Francisco 49ers selects FB Trey Millard of Oklahoma ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 17:02:04) *** New England Patriots selects WR Jeremy Gallon of Michigan ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 17:01:16) *** San Francisco 49ers selects DT/DE Kaleb Ramsey of Boston College ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 17:01:04) *** Denver Broncos selects OLB Corey Nelson of Oklahoma ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 17:00:52) *** St. Louis Rams selects CB C.B Bryant of Ohio State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 16:56:52) *** San Diego Chargers selects WR Tevin Reese of Baylor ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 16:56:43) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects WR James Wright of LSU ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 16:56:28) *** Dallas Cowboys selects OLB Will Smith of Texas Tech ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 16:54:39) *** Buffalo Bills selects OT Seantrel Henderson of Miami (FL) ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 16:54:21) *** Green Bay Packers selects WR Jeff Janis of Saginaw Valley ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 16:54:03) *** Oakland Raiders selects DT Shelby Harris of Illinois State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 16:52:46) *** Miami Dolphins selects DT Terrence Fede of Marist ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 16:49:30) *** New York Jets selects DE/34LB/OLB Trevor Reilly of Utah ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 16:49:19) *** Indianapolis Colts selects OT Ulrick John of Georgia State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 16:47:17) *** Dallas Cowboys selects DE Ben Gardner of Stanford ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 16:46:59) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects TE Rob Blanchflower of Massachusetts ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 15:35:43) *** Detroit Lions selects K Nate Freese of Boston College ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 15:35:17) *** Washington Redskins selects K Zach Hocker of Arkansas ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 15:34:57) *** Seattle Seahawks selects RB Kiero Small of Arkansas ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 15:33:32) *** St. Louis Rams selects G Mitchell Van Dyk of Portland State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 15:32:08) *** Minnesota Vikings selects CB Jabari Price of North Carolina ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 15:31:46) *** Philadelphia Eagles selects DT Beau Allen of Wisconsin ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 15:30:54) *** Minnesota Vikings selects OLB Brandon Watts of Georgia Tech ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 15:15:43) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects RB Storm Johnson of UCF ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 15:15:21) *** Buffalo Bills selects OLB Randell Johnson of Florida Atlantic ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 15:03:44) *** Minnesota Vikings selects DT Shamar Stephen of Connecticut ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 15:01:16) *** Oakland Raiders selects CB Travis Carrie of Ohio ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 15:00:39) *** Baltimore Ravens selects WR Michael Campanaro of Wake Forest ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 15:00:10) *** Washington Redskins selects TE Ted Bolser of Indiana ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 14:59:58) *** Houston Texans selects LS Drew Howell of Oregon ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 14:59:39) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects DT Daniel McCullers of Tennessee ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 14:59:29) *** St. Louis Rams selects QB Garrett Gilbert of SMU ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 14:59:14) *** New York Jets selects QB Tajh Boyd of Clemson ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 14:57:10) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects OLB Marquis Flowers of Arizona ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 14:55:00) *** Houston Texans selects FB Jay Prosch of Auburn ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 14:54:49) *** New York Jets selects DE IK Enemkpali of Louisiana Tech ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 14:54:31) *** New York Jets selects WR Quincy Enunwa of Nebraska ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 14:53:37) *** Seattle Seahawks selects CB Eric Pinkins of San Diego State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 14:49:22) *** Denver Broncos selects C Matt Paradis of Boise State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 14:48:50) *** New England Patriots selects CB/S Jemea Thomas of Georgia Tech ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 14:35:21) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects G Luke Bowanko of Virginia ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 14:30:05) *** Carolina Panthers selects RB Tyler Gaffney of Stanford ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 14:29:53) *** Indianapolis Colts selects ILB Andrew Jackson of Western Kentucky ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 14:29:43) *** New Orleans Saints selects G Tavon Rooks of Kansas State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 14:25:40) *** San Diego Chargers selects RB Marion Grice of Arizona State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 14:25:15) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects OT Laurent Duvernay-Tardif of ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 14:21:41) *** Seattle Seahawks selects G Garrett Scott of Marshall ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 14:19:29) *** New England Patriots selects DE Zach Moore of Concordia-St. Paul ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 13:57:54) *** Green Bay Packers selects CB Demetri Goodson of Baylor ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 13:54:53) *** Arizona Cardinals selects WR Walt Powell of Murray State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 13:54:33) *** New York Jets selects CB Brandon Dixon of Northwest Missouri State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 13:50:05) *** Baltimore Ravens selects QB Keith Wenning of Ball State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 13:43:07) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects G Zach Fulton of Tennessee ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 13:42:51) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects OLB/ILB Jordan Zumwalt of UCLA ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 13:42:33) *** Chicago Bears selects P Pat O'Donnell of Miami (FL) ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 13:42:21) *** Miami Dolphins selects WR Matt Hazel of Coastal Carolina ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 13:40:46) *** Detroit Lions selects WR TJ Jones of Notre Dame ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 13:40:28) *** St. Louis Rams selects CB E.J. Gaines of Missouri ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 13:29:56) *** New York Giants selects CB Bennett Jackson of Notre Dame ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 13:29:38) *** Washington Redskins selects RB Lache Seastrunk of Baylor ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 13:29:21) *** Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects WR Robert Herron of Wyoming ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 13:28:28) *** Minnesota Vikings selects CB Kendall James of Maine ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 13:27:46) *** Chicago Bears selects QB David Fales of San Jose State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 13:27:32) *** Minnesota Vikings selects CB/S Antone Exum of Virginia Tech ***

Arman Markazi     (05-10-2014 13:26:04) Good question, don't have much of an answer. He was in my top 50

Guest     (05-10-2014 13:25:47) Hey guys, I have a question about this year's draft. Why did it take so long for Marcus Martin to be drafted

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 13:25:37) *** Houston Texans selects RB Alfred Blue of LSU ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 13:25:21) *** San Francisco 49ers selects CB Kenneth Acker of SMU ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 13:16:48) *** New England Patriots selects G Jon Halapio of Florida ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 13:16:26) *** Tennessee Titans selects QB Zach Mettenberger of LSU ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 13:16:08) *** Houston Texans selects DE Jeoffrey Pagan of Alabama ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 13:15:55) *** Green Bay Packers selects WR Jared Abbrederis of Wisconsin ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 12:59:43) *** Baltimore Ravens selects G John Urschel of Penn State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 12:59:21) *** New York Giants selects DE/34LB/OLB Devon Kennard of USC ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 12:59:01) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects OT Wesley Johnson of Vanderbilt ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 12:58:36) *** Seattle Seahawks selects DT Jimmy Staten of Middle Tennessee State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 12:54:37) *** Miami Dolphins selects OLB Jordan Tripp of Montana ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 12:48:10) *** San Francisco 49ers selects CB Keith Reaser of Florida Atlantic ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 12:47:41) *** New Orleans Saints selects OLB Ronald Powell of Florida ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 12:47:30) *** Atlanta Falcons selects OLB Marquis Spruill of Syracuse ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 12:45:18) *** New Orleans Saints selects S Vinnie Sunseri of Alabama ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 12:45:09) *** Indianapolis Colts selects DE Jonathan Newsome of Ball State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 12:44:52) *** San Diego Chargers selects DT Ryan Carrethers of Arkansas State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 12:34:57) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects QB A.J. McCarron of Alabama ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 12:28:55) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects QB Aaron Murray of Georgia ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 12:23:07) *** Philadelphia Eagles selects S Ed Reynolds of Stanford ***

Arman Markazi     (05-10-2014 12:21:00) Where are my draft geeks on day 3!?!

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 12:20:43) *** Green Bay Packers selects C Corey Linsley of Ohio State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 12:16:45) *** Arizona Cardinals selects DT/DE Ed Stinson of Alabama ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 12:13:16) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects DE Chris Smith of Arkansas ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 12:11:11) *** Detroit Lions selects DT Caraun Reid of Princeton ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 12:10:37) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects CB Shaquille Richardson of Arizona ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 12:05:34) *** Denver Broncos selects OLB/ILB Lamin Barrow of LSU ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 12:05:08) *** Miami Dolphins selects TE Arthur Lynch of Georgia ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 12:04:21) *** New York Jets selects ILB Jeremiah George of Iowa State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 11:59:58) *** Buffalo Bills selects G Cyril Richardson of Baylor ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 11:59:38) *** New York Giants selects S Nat Berhe of San Diego State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 11:58:55) *** Tennessee Titans selects ILB Avery Williamson of Kentucky ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 11:58:38) *** San Francisco 49ers selects DE Aaron Lynch of South Florida ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 11:58:20) *** Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects G Kevin Pamphile of Purdue ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 11:45:53) *** Carolina Panthers selects CB Bene Benwikere of San Jose State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 11:45:23) *** Atlanta Falcons selects CB Ricardo Allen of Purdue ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 11:44:58) *** Dallas Cowboys selects WR Devin Street of Pittsburgh ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 11:44:05) *** Minnesota Vikings selects G David Yankey of Stanford ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 11:41:07) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects OLB/ILB Telvin Smith of Florida State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 11:31:46) *** Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects G Kadeem Edwards of Tennessee State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 11:30:59) *** Washington Redskins selects WR Ryan Grant of Tulane ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 11:28:51) *** Houston Texans selects DT/DE Taylor Hart of Oregon ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 11:28:33) *** New England Patriots selects OT Cameron Fleming of Stanford ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 11:28:16) *** Atlanta Falcons selects OLB Prince Shembo of Notre Dame ***

Arman Markazi     (05-10-2014 11:27:56) Sorry for the typo. No McCarron yet.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 11:27:33) *** Baltimore Ravens selects RB Lorenzo Taliaferro of Coastal Carolina ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 11:24:06) *** Baltimore Ravens selects QB A.J. McCarron of Alabama ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 11:16:18) *** New York Jets selects OT/G Dakota Dozier of Furman ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 11:16:04) *** Detroit Lions selects DE Larry Webster of Bloomsburg ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 11:15:30) *** Houston Texans selects QB Tom Savage of Pittsburgh ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 11:09:15) *** Baltimore Ravens selects DT/DE Brent Urban of Virginia ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 11:08:30) *** Detroit Lions selects CB Nevin Lawson of Utah State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 11:07:36) *** Seattle Seahawks selects OLB Kevin Pierre-Louis of Boston College ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 11:02:23) *** Chicago Bears selects CB/S Brock Vereen of Minnesota ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 10:59:46) *** New England Patriots selects RB James White of Wisconsin ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 10:56:09) *** San Francisco 49ers selects CB/S Dontae Johnson of North Carolina State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 10:54:23) *** Carolina Panthers selects S Tre Boston of North Carolina ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 10:53:11) *** Cleveland Browns selects CB Pierre Desir of Lindenwood ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 10:49:57) *** New Orleans Saints selects OLB/ILB Khairi Fortt of California ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 10:49:34) *** Miami Dolphins selects CB Walt Aikens of Liberty ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 10:41:21) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects RB De'Anthony Thomas of Oregon ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 10:37:57) *** Seattle Seahawks selects WR Kevin Norwood of Alabama ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 10:33:40) *** Tennessee Titans selects CB/S Marqueston Huff of Wyoming ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 10:32:07) *** Green Bay Packers selects 34LB/OLB Carl Bradford of Arizona State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 10:26:32) *** Arizona Cardinals selects QB Logan Thomas of Virginia Tech ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 10:22:33) *** Dallas Cowboys selects OLB Anthony Hitchens of Iowa ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 10:19:57) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects WR Martavis Bryant of Clemson ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 10:18:00) *** Chicago Bears selects RB Ka'Deem Carey of Arizona ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 10:14:38) *** Oakland Raiders selects CB Keith McGill of Utah ***

Arman Markazi     (05-10-2014 10:14:17) Finally McGill goes off the board. Raiders continue to have a nice draft

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 10:09:55) *** New York Jets selects WR Shaquelle Evans of UCLA ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 10:07:12) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects CB Aaron Colvin of Oklahoma ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 10:07:01) *** New York Giants selects RB Andre Williams of Boston College ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 10:06:51) *** Tennessee Titans selects DT DaQuan Jones of Penn State ***

Guest     (05-10-2014 10:02:36) 5/7/14: Bodine was solid, but not overly impressive, in 2013. He should have returned for his senior year, but his stock is aided by his size and ability to play guard. Bodine is grading out for Day 3 and is viewed as a "JAG" (just a guy, nothing special).

Arman Markazi     (05-10-2014 09:58:46) Marsh made a lot of his money in that USC game, agree.

Guest     (05-10-2014 09:58:24) 5/5/14: Marsh picked up 55 tackles with 8.5 tackles for a loss and six sacks in 2013. After a slow start to the year, he played well in the second half. Marsh had a big game against USC to close out the regular season. He showed a nice combination of strength and quickness. Marsh was up-and-down at the East-West Shrine, but he has some potential. Marsh had good performance at the Combine.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 09:57:58) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects C Russell Bodine of North Carolina ***

Arman Markazi     (05-10-2014 09:57:29) Packerfan, how do you like your teams draft so far?

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 09:55:02) *** St. Louis Rams selects S Mo Alexander of Utah State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 09:53:43) *** Buffalo Bills selects CB Ross Cockrell of Duke ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 09:52:10) *** Seattle Seahawks selects DE Cassius Marsh of UCLA ***

Arman Markazi     (05-10-2014 09:51:53) Really liked Cassius Marsh this past season. Nice pick by the Seahawks

Arman Markazi     (05-10-2014 09:50:00) Wondering why tall corners like McGill and Desir are dropping into 3rd day....

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 09:47:09) *** Oakland Raiders selects DT Justin Ellis of Louisiana Tech ***

Guest     (05-10-2014 09:46:04) 5/6/14: Ellington ran fast as expected at the Combine. There is a nice buzz about him, and he could go in the third round. The speedster Ellington decided to enter the 2014 NFL Draft after starting on both South Carolina's football and basketball teams. For the NFL, he projects as a slot receiver. Ellington is short, but he has developed his frame to take the hits. The junior had 49 receptions for 775 yards with eight touchdowns in 2013.

Arman Markazi     (05-10-2014 09:44:09) Trent Balke is my idol.

Guest     (05-10-2014 09:43:52) 5/7/14: Stork and Florida State dominated the competition this season. He was a solid run-blocker and a pass-protector for Jameis Winson, although the Seminoles didn't see a lot of challenging interior defenders. Stork left the game against Maryland with a concussion. He played well against Miami and Florida. His medical issues could see him downgraded. Stork is grading out as a third-day player because he isn't overly strong or athletic. Stork didn't run at the Combine, and his medical evaluation was very important.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 09:42:43) *** San Francisco 49ers selects WR Bruce Ellington of South Carolina ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 09:41:50) *** New England Patriots selects C Bryan Stork of Florida State ***

Guest     (05-10-2014 09:40:37) 5/6/14: Saunders snagged 61 receptions for 729 yards and eight touchdowns in 2013. He had a good performance at the Combine. A number of teams brought in Saunders on pre-draft visits. He could end as a late-rounder or a priority undrafed free agent.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 09:38:22) *** New York Jets selects WR Jalen Saunders of Oklahoma ***

Arman Markazi     (05-10-2014 09:38:11) I think itll be Savage even though McCarron is my top guy left.

Arman Markazi     (05-10-2014 09:37:45) Yankey, Tiny Richardson both very surprising and both Florida corners are a bit surprising

Mike     (05-10-2014 09:37:03) Who's going to take the next quarterback? Will it be Mettenberger?

PackFan     (05-10-2014 09:37:01) Who are you surprised to still see on the board?

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 09:32:47) *** Atlanta Falcons selects RB Devonta Freeman of Florida State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 09:30:51) *** Washington Redskins selects CB Bashaud Breeland of Clemson ***

Arman Markazi     (05-10-2014 09:28:09) Not the Florida corner you expected to go first...

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-10-2014 09:27:37) *** Philadelphia Eagles selects CB Jaylen Watkins of Florida ***

Arman Markazi     (05-10-2014 09:26:19) There we go! Fans!

Arman Markazi     (05-10-2014 09:24:23) Interesting comparison just made by Mel Kiper Jr. McCarron: a right-handed Matt Leinart.

Arman Markazi     (05-10-2014 09:21:30) The worst part of day 3. The announcing of picks by TV ticker. I understand they cant announce all of them by commish from podium but hey why not have teams' fans do it...

Arman Markazi     (05-10-2014 09:15:08) Alright guys, less than 5 from the beginning of day 3. Lets do this!

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 20:44:28) Ok, my winners are the 49ers, Rams and Raiders. Losers are Giants, Seahawks, and Cardinals.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 20:42:11) My Winners for Day 2: 49ers, Rams, and Panthers. Losers: Giants, Bears, and Cardinals

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 20:39:24) I don't want the draft to ever end! See you all tomorrow! Thanks Doug!

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 20:38:43) Great Second Day Guys! Had a blast! Cant wait for Day 3! Can we slow down time? I

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 20:37:21) *** San Francisco 49ers selects OT/G Brandon Thomas of Clemson ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 20:37:07) *** San Francisco 49ers selects OT/G Brandon Thomas of Clemson ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 20:35:30) *** Baltimore Ravens selects TE Crockett Gillmore of Colorado State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 20:35:13) *** Green Bay Packers selects TE Richard Rodgers of California ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 20:31:03) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects RB/WR Dri Archer of Kent State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 20:30:03) *** Minnesota Vikings selects RB/FB Jerick McKinnon of Georgia Southern ***

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 20:25:00) I'll announce my winners and losers after we finish the round. Can't have any incomplete grades!

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 20:24:26) *** Denver Broncos selects OT/G Michael Schofield of Michigan ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 20:21:37) *** Cleveland Browns selects RB Terrance West of Towson ***

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 20:20:50) I really like Robert Herron as a great pick at this point. Great route runner/nice hands

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 20:17:35) Your winner/loser?

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 20:17:34) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects G Brandon Linder of Miami (FL) ***

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 20:17:23) The Niners are by far my biggest winner today. Loser is Giants.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 20:16:46) Really like Trai Turners potential. Nice value here.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 20:16:26) I think Jimmy G. to NE even though they have Mallett and apparently keeping him and also the drop of many interior defensive/offensive lineman

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 20:16:11) *** Carolina Panthers selects G Trai Turner of LSU ***

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 20:13:50) What about your biggest surprise?

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 20:12:18) *** Arizona Cardinals selects WR John Brown of Pittsburg State ***

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 20:11:39) Hmm, surprised by the drops of Yankey and Nix, the number of ILB taken already, but biggest would be I expected a lot more lineman (both sides) to be taken by now.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 20:08:31) *** Indianapolis Colts selects WR Donte Moncrief of Ole Miss ***

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 20:07:11) What is your biggest surprise of day 2?

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 20:06:30) *** San Diego Chargers selects G Chris Watt of Notre Dame ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 20:05:59) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects DE Will Clarke of West Virginia ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 20:02:47) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects CB Phillip Gaines of Rice ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 19:56:30) *** Philadelphia Eagles selects WR Josh Huff of Oregon ***

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 19:55:10) Huff caught everything during Senior Bowl. Kelly knows better than anyone else what hes getting

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 19:54:04) Those Florida corners have really dropped. Not saying I really liked either but a little surprised.

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 19:52:08) Well, it's considered that the talent they loss is worth the 3rd round pick. Since it's reviewed and assigned, I don't have an issue with it.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 19:50:22) It should be against the rules to award 3rd round compensatory picks. Top 100 picks are too valuable

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 19:49:02) McCarron to Houston would make alot of sense.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 19:48:52) *** Arizona Cardinals selects DE Kareem Martin of North Carolina ***

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 19:48:32) Yep, Houston is also doing well except they still don't have a QB I like.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 19:47:21) Nix could have gone 33 without any complaints but they get him 50 picks later. Great value

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 19:47:13) He struggled at the Senior Bowl, but I still liked the tape on him overall. And it's not like he didn't go against good competition before the Senior Bowl.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 19:46:18) *** Houston Texans selects DT Louis Nix III of Notre Dame ***

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 19:45:44) I agree that I had Richardson high going into the process, but his Senior Bowl tape was horrendous no?

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 19:44:43) *** Chicago Bears selects DT Will Sutton of Arizona State ***

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 19:44:35) There you go, Gabe Jackson is going to Oakland.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 19:43:27) *** Oakland Raiders selects G Gabe Jackson of Mississippi State ***

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 19:42:27) *** New York Jets select S Dexter McDougle of Maryland ***

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 19:38:30) Agree on Yankey. Cyril Richardson to me is the other one. Had him a little ahead of Jackson.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 19:37:13) Gabe Jackson and David Yankey are too good to not be in the top 80...

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 19:35:59) *** Baltimore Ravens selects S Terrence Brooks of Florida State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 19:35:25) *** Baltimore Ravens selects S Terrence Brooks of Florida State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 19:34:49) *** Washington Redskins selects G Spencer Long of Nebraska ***

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 19:33:34) every small white linebacker should send a percent to Zach Thomas lol

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 19:33:31) Definitely a good draft for the 49ers. Might be having the best draft, although I'll have to go back and look at all the picks and moves to be sure.

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 19:32:06) Clone might be a little strong, but he does compare nicely.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 19:31:23) Niners are an embarrassment of riches. got two of my top 50 players this late. Great job. You were at the Senior Bowl and saw him up close, wasnt Borland a Zach Thomas clone? or should i hold my horses lol

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 19:30:34) *** San Francisco 49ers selects ILB Chris Borland of Wisconsin ***

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 19:29:38) Lions actually improve the offensive line? What is the world coming to?!?!? lol

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 19:29:09) *** Detroit Lions selects C Travis Swanson of Arkansas ***

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 19:28:50) My second highest rated running back in this draft. He'll be great in relief of Zac Stacy.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 19:27:46) *** St. Louis Rams selects RB Tre Mason of Auburn ***

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 19:26:50) Rams just drafted a steal!

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 19:26:33) Its a Cuse guy going to NYG. Might have seen him alot while watching Pugh

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 19:26:04) Nix, Yankey, and Tiny Richardson great values

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 19:25:46) Bromley. Watched a little tape on him and wasn't impressed. Guess I needed more tape, or people saw something I didn't.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 19:24:18) Jay who? lol Giants and Eagles having a tough draft IMO

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 19:23:50) Mayock liked Preston Brown an awful lot but Kiirksey was surprising, considering Crichton was there.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 19:23:00) *** New York Giants selects DT Jay Bromley of Syracuse ***

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 19:22:51) I like the pick by the Vikings of Crichton. Good value there. I think the 2 linebacker picks were a bit of a reach.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 19:21:59) *** Buffalo Bills selects ILB Preston Brown of Louisville ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 19:18:36) *** Minnesota Vikings selects DE/34LB Scott Crichton of Oregon State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 19:18:08) *** Cleveland Browns selects OLB Christian Kirksey of Iowa ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 19:14:59) *** San Francisco 49ers selects C Marcus Martin of USC ***

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 19:14:43) Niners get my top center to replace the aging Jon Goodwin. The NFC West just knows how to do it.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 19:13:42) *** Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects RB Charles Sims of West Virginia ***

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 19:08:36) Bucs going offense skill positions with all three first picks

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 19:07:42) Dez Southward and Justin Britt. Guys I didnt have on my radar. Need to grind more hours next draft...

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 19:06:26) *** Miami Dolphins selects OT Billy Turner of North Dakota State ***

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 19:05:57) Mike Pouncey is an idiot in my book. Wouldnt want to be a o-lineman drafted by Miami right now

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 19:05:01) yeah, agree. alot of "I wish i was gm so i could take him" going on right now in my mind lol

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 19:04:45) I think it's a good move for Mewhort. I had some footwork concern for him at tackle.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 19:04:09) Do you like Mewhort moving inside to guard?

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 19:04:05) Everyone has guys they like a lot more than others at this point. Round 3 is fringe starter/future starter. Rounds 4-5 are backups. 6-7 are special team guys or high risk guys.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 19:03:39) Names*

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 19:03:23) A name to remember: Dion Bailey Safety USC. good solid football player. Similar to Borland and Tre Mason

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 19:02:04) Kiper Loves him some Bruce Ellington. Dont see it...

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 19:01:34) I originally had it Mettenberger, McCarron, Savage, but moved Mettenberger behind them after the failed drug test news came out.

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 19:00:37) I agree with you, McCarron is more than a game manager. But he needs to be in a west coast offense. Ugly deep ball.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 18:59:40) Whos your next best available qb?

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 18:58:43) McCarron is great value in 3rd-4th round. I dont buy the game manager label. Russell Wilson game-managed the Hawks to a SB soo.....

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 18:57:49) For not having a first round pick, the Redskins are doing a nice job in this draft. Two good value picks that can really help the team.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 18:55:48) *** Washington Redskins selects OT Morgan Moses of Virginia ***

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 18:55:40) Feidorowicz is an interesting pick by Houston. Not sure I like that fit so much.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 18:53:45) *** Houston Texans selects TE C.J. Fiedorowicz of Iowa ***

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 18:53:30) Just 2 offensive interior lineman in college have been taken so far. Just dont get no respect lol

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 18:51:59) Round 2 is complete! Can't wait to see what happens in Round 3!!

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 18:51:58) Britt was someone not on my radar on day 2. Any info on him Doug?

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 18:51:08) Landry and Beckham Jr. definitely dont deserve to go 50+ picks apart.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 18:50:13) Love it, he's such a great player. High floor. Should fit in well as a slot. Wallace taking the top off of the defense and opening up space for Landry.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 18:49:48) *** Seattle Seahawks selects OT Justin Britt of Missouri ***

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 18:48:47) Arman, you really liked Landry. What do you think about him in Miami?

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 18:48:16) *** Miami Dolphins selects WR Jarvis Landry of LSU ***

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 18:47:24) This is about where I had him pegged. Just thought a team more in need might have gotten him.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 18:46:43) Well if the Patriots cant help you, no one can. I really am happy for Jimmy G. Great value IMO

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 18:45:10) They will definitely be trading Mallett. And I feel bad for the team that takes a risk on him. I still don't think Mallett has developed into an NFL starter.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 18:44:04) The rich keep getting richer. Now they can trade Mallett

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 18:43:41) *** New England Patriots selects QB Jimmy Garoppolo of Eastern Illinois ***

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 18:41:00) Yeah, Ealy, Charles Johnson and Greg Hardy is awesome.

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 18:38:47) Last two picks were great value in my book. Not sure why Ealy lasted this long, but Carolina will be very happy with him. And Jacksonville is really focusing on improving the offense. However, their defense still needs help.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 18:37:39) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects WR Allen Robinson of Penn State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 18:34:49) *** Carolina Panthers selects DE Kony Ealy of Missouri ***

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 18:34:29) They could have been part of the guys that failed the drug test.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 18:34:06) *** Indianapolis Colts selects OT Jack Mewhort of Ohio State ***

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 18:29:38) With Ealy and Nix could it be anything other than injuries? I dont see why their still there. Especially Ealy...

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 18:24:29) *** New Orleans Saints selects CB Stanley Jean-Baptiste of Nebraska ***

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 18:23:16) Hyde might end up being the rookie RB fantasy stud. Especially if Gore's eventual injury comes early on.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 18:22:31) Geez, the niners are stocked at rb.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 18:21:34) *** San Francisco 49ers selects RB Carlos Hyde of Ohio State ***

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 18:18:11) Don't forget that SF traded a 4th round pick for Stevie Johnson, so he basically just became free.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 18:17:31) Hill's per carry average in college is a stupid number

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 18:14:38) *** Denver Broncos selects WR Cody Latimer of Indiana ***

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 18:13:57) Bengals upgrade the "Law Firm" Benjarvis Green-Ellis to Jeremy Hill.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 18:13:15) I had Hill in my mock to Cincy. Makes perfect sense as a compliment to Bernard.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 18:11:45) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects RB Jeremy Hill of LSU ***

TZ     (05-09-2014 18:11:26) Yeah, Sankey... Pair.. Get Jake rollin and Sankey = UW Nashville

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 18:09:58) Possibly, but way too early to make that call.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 18:08:31) Yeah, could be the best fantasy rookie rb this year? Don't see a lot of competition there for carries. (Greene is the goal line back)

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 18:07:10) First RB is off the board! Sankey is an all around good back that can play all 3 downs and fight for yards. Not a burner or huge power runner, but an all-around solid back.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 18:06:02) Sankey at #54 is the latest a rb has ever been taken

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 18:05:07) *** Tennessee Titans selects RB Bishop Sankey of Washington ***

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 18:03:22) My best available are: DE Kony Ealy, DT Louis Nix, G David Yankey, OT Tiny Richardson, WR Allen Robinson

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 18:02:31) *** Green Bay Packers selects WR Devante Adams of Fresno State ***

TZ     (05-09-2014 18:01:39) Who are your best available? Remaining guys taken through 64?

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 18:01:33) Niklas is a nice addition for AZ. He won't burn down the seam, but could be a great asset for Palmer this year as they try to make a push.

TZ     (05-09-2014 18:00:08) Scott Crichton? I thought hawks would get ealy or attaochu. They need a LEO pass rushing end. Paul would've been there at 64

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 17:59:40) *** Arizona Cardinals selects TE Troy Niklas of Notre Dame ***

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 17:58:42) Attaochu is a solid rusher who can attack with his hand in the ground or standing up. Not bad in coverage either.

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 17:57:30) I wouldn't consider this falling yet for Yankey. If he's still around in another 20 then yes.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 17:55:06) Cant believe Ealy, Hyde, and Nix are still available

TZ     (05-09-2014 17:54:01) attaochu? any good?

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 17:53:24) *** Chicago Bears selects DT Ego Ferguson of LSU ***

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 17:53:11) Samurai Mike Singletary! Got a great pic of him at the Senior Bowl.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 17:52:08) Bears should take Borland

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 17:51:41) Doug, why is Yankey falling? I mean i know 51 isnt that low but i mean relatively. I hear hes falling

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 17:51:27) Bears would have liked Amaro to still have been on the board here.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 17:50:11) *** San Diego Chargers selects DE/34LB/OLB Jeremiah Attaochu of Georgia Tech ***

TZ     (05-09-2014 17:49:16) I think you see Balt and Pitt draft guys that fit their system. Is it BPA or system fit?

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 17:49:12) BPA means not reaching for a need. When I say BPA, I mean on their board. Guys that don't fit don't make the board or have been moved down to the point where they'll be drafted by other teams before they show up on your radar.

TZ     (05-09-2014 17:47:51) What you think is BPA may not be a team's BPA

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 17:47:35) *** New York Jets selects TE Jace Amaro of Texas Tech ***

TZ     (05-09-2014 17:47:12) I like the strategy that you know what players fit your system and then you build your system around those guys

TZ     (05-09-2014 17:46:52) BPA is arbitrary. Eye of the beholder.

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 17:46:44) Green Bay, Pittsburgh, and Atlanta are teams that tend to follow BPA.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 17:45:33) btw, i totally agree. IF i was a gm i would try to use BPA strategy

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 17:44:57) Other than Baltimore, who else do you feel uses BPA?

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 17:43:40) When you follow the BPA policy, you tend to have very good drafts and can build a solid team that is always competitive. It's why I've become a BPA fan. But you've got to stay at it, switching screws you up.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 17:43:25) tampa two fit as a one-tech

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 17:43:05) totally agree.

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 17:42:16) I like Jernigan a ton, but felt he would have been better served in a 4-3.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 17:41:36) Does Ozzie Newsome ever make a bad pick?

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 17:41:16) *** Baltimore Ravens selects DT Timmy Jernigan of Florida State ***

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 17:41:09) exactly, strictly pass rusher.

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 17:40:48) Murphy will be interesting for the Redskins. As long as he's a focused rusher, he's great. But don't ask him to do too much more right now.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 17:40:04) I love Trent Murphys effort/motor and character. Right type of guy.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 17:39:11) *** Washington Redskins selects DE/34LB Trent Murphy of Stanford ***

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 17:38:59) Yeah, seems like a perfect fit for Pit

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 17:38:31) Tuitt will be a huge impact player for the Steelers. They always seem to have a solid draft.

TZ     (05-09-2014 17:37:43) I'd rather have Tuitt

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 17:37:42) Don't believe everything you read ahead of time. That's why I wait for the official announcement.

TZ     (05-09-2014 17:37:13) wtf.. and only got a 7th to move down? Pete and John are smoking ganja

TZ     (05-09-2014 17:36:43) i thought it was antonio

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 17:36:41) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects DT/DE Stephon Tuitt of Notre Dame ***

TZ     (05-09-2014 17:36:37) Stupid selection

TZ     (05-09-2014 17:36:34) Paul?

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 17:36:23) Antonio "Tiny" Richardson is a huge beast that can battle against anyone, but struggles against speed.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 17:34:22) *** Seattle Seahawks selects WR Paul Richardson of Colorado ***

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 17:32:59) I see him on the right side initially, but he could develop into the left.

TZ     (05-09-2014 17:32:54) Hawks need a RT especially playing against STL

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 17:32:50) Giacomini isnt good enough?

TZ     (05-09-2014 17:32:06) Is Antonio Richardson any good?

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 17:31:02) You see him on the left side or right?

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 17:30:31) Great value though

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 17:30:21) I like him but the injuries and the bowl game against OU scares me abit.

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 17:30:20) Hey TZ, who did you want the Seahawks to select?

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 17:28:51) Kouandjio is an excellent pick for the Bills here. He can really anchor a line.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 17:27:15) *** Buffalo Bills selects OT Cyrus Kouandjio of Alabama ***

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 17:25:52) Yeah, Marcus Martin is a better prospect IMO

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 17:25:27) I wasn't overly impressed with Richburg at the Senior Bowl. Saw too many guys able to push him around.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 17:24:14) *** New York Giants selects C Weston Richburg of Colorado State ***

TZ     (05-09-2014 17:23:07) I do, too. I wish hawks had him. The hawks are on the clock

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 17:21:50) I like Jordan Matthews a bunch. Has a great catch area.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 17:21:31) *** Philadelphia Eagles selects WR Jordan Matthews of Vanderbilt ***

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 17:19:45) I either get it on tv, or check on NFL.com for the details.

TZ     (05-09-2014 17:19:28) Where do you find the update on the trades? What did the Lions give up? Eagles give up? Rams? thanks!

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 17:17:33) *** St. Louis Rams selects CB/S Lamarcus Joyner of Florida State ***

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 17:17:25) No way, 9ers and Hawks still better...

TZ     (05-09-2014 17:17:01) Slot corner fits well. That Ram D is nasty...

TZ     (05-09-2014 17:16:59) I think the Rams have the best roster in the NFCW now... with the 3 awesome selections... uggh

TZ     (05-09-2014 17:13:00) Carey is productive but does he have speed? I'll take vision, following blocks, patience, cutting but .... I like Tre, Sanlky and Hyde is tough

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 17:11:09) *** Detroit Lions selects OLB Kyle Van Noy of BYU ***

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 17:10:15) James hasnt got much of a chance really....

TZ     (05-09-2014 17:10:01) Those scat backs from OU don't factor in the NFL. At least LaMichael James hasn't

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 17:09:49) I havent seem much tape on Charles Sims unfortunately so i dont know on him but some like him alot

TZ     (05-09-2014 17:09:22) Sankey's my boy

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 17:09:02) I know hes small but black mamba does what he does extremely well.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 17:08:21) Ok I got 5 actually: Hyde, Hill, Sankey, Mason, Carey. This is even though I love Deanthony Thomas alot.

TZ     (05-09-2014 17:08:00) We built the squad in the 4th - undrafted slots. Arrogant for being SB champs! Yeah.. What a destruction over Denver... Still pumped over that game. I've seen it quite a few times..

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 17:06:50) Neither has Washington. Guess you want a bunch of late guys.

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 17:05:33) I'll say 5 running backs drafted tonight.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 17:04:39) J. Schneider and company with additional late picks. ugh lol

TZ     (05-09-2014 17:04:18) Drop another 5 slots...

TZ     (05-09-2014 17:03:47) This is dumb.. Seahawks still haven't made a selection..

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 17:03:43) Wow, what a jacket. Got to get me one of them....

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 17:03:36) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects WR Marqise Lee of USC ***

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 17:03:15) Ill go with 6.

TZ     (05-09-2014 17:02:58) Saw one of the greatest all time college D's in 1991... Went to the Rosebowl.. 34-14 over Grbac and howard.. destroyed 'em.

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 17:02:52) Draft Day Challenge 2: How many running backs get selected today?

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 17:02:52) Talk about a basketball type tight end. Awesome combo with V-Jax and Mike Evans. Scary.

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 17:01:57) You might be here longer than you thought!

TZ     (05-09-2014 17:01:39) I graduated from U.W. in Seattle

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 17:01:12) *** Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects TE Austin Seferian-Jenkin of Washington ***

TZ     (05-09-2014 17:01:08) ha ha... Seahawks traded down AGAIN... omg... lol..

TZ     (05-09-2014 17:00:23) the bucs selection hits close to home...

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 17:00:10) Yep, changed the homepage back, and added an additional link. Thanks for letting us know!

TZ     (05-09-2014 16:59:45) yesterday the link was on the home page... I will be here for the 2 hawk selections in round 2. We don't have a rd 3 selection.

TZ     (05-09-2014 16:58:28) The live link goes across the top but you have to leave your cursor and then click it.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 16:57:38) lol, if it was easy then you guys wouldn't feel as special to be here

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 16:57:03) Yes, sorry about that. Thought that I had turned off the front page update.

TZ     (05-09-2014 16:56:57) difficult to find the way into the chat...

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 16:55:37) Hageman and Tuitt have the same strengths and weaknesses in my opinion. Why you like Hageman more Doug?

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 16:55:31) NFL will likely block him next year from the facilities.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 16:54:37) *** Atlanta Falcons selects DT Ra'Shede Hageman of Minnesota ***

Guest     (05-09-2014 16:53:50) where is jason reporting pics?

Guest     (05-09-2014 16:53:48) Hageman it is

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 16:52:35) Jason La Confora is ruining it for us all lol

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 16:51:38) They need to improve up front against the pass and rush, and Hageman would be good value at this point.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 16:49:49) Falcons got Hageman here...

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 16:48:51) I really like Carr, and think Oakland got incredible value. He could be the best of this class when it's all said and done.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 16:46:47) *** Oakland Raiders selects QB Derek Carr of Fresno State ***

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 16:45:44) I heard that they had been looking at trading down in the first to take him, so be happy to get him here.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 16:45:43) Yeah, Bitonio is similar to Z. Martin with the position flex. Great character and effort. Good, solid pick

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 16:45:08) I do think the Raiders take Carr.

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 16:44:25) Smart move. Definitely a better long term selection.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 16:42:57) *** Cleveland Browns selects OT/G Joel Bitonio of Nevada ***

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 16:42:50) Metcalf still looks pretty good.

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 16:41:12) More likely to address the o-line.

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 16:39:10) With the impending suspension of Josh Gordon, could Cleveland be looking WR here?

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 16:36:46) *** Dallas Cowboys selects DE Demarcus Lawrence of Boise State ***

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 16:32:31) I think cowboys have to go Ealy here... I dont like D. Lawrence as much as him...

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 16:32:17) Dallas probably looking for a pass rusher.

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 16:31:56) You win in the trenches, and that's where the Texans are making big improvements.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 16:31:13) cowboys just traded up i think...

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-09-2014 16:30:38) *** Houston Texans selects G Xavier Su'a-Filo of UCLA ***

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 16:27:48) Ill go with Jimmy G. Just for the fact that having Eastern Illinois products qb'ing both Texas teams would be awesome...

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 16:25:47) I'm going with Nix.

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 16:24:29) Ok Doug, lets get a heat-check, who you got? lol

Doug Lancy     (05-09-2014 16:23:36) Houston is on the clock!! Game on!

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 16:13:16) We ready people?! Day two in 5...

Arman Markazi     (05-09-2014 12:50:02) Sorry for answering late but my day 1 winners: Browns, Rams, and Bucs. Losers: Dolphins, Eagles, and Bills (bad trade)

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 21:13:29) My day 1 winners: Raiders, Ravens, and Bengals. Losers: Lions, Dolphins, and Eagles.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 21:09:34) Thanks, TZ! Let's keep it going tomorrow!

TZ     (05-08-2014 21:09:16) Doug, you kick @$$

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 21:09:14) Thanks Arman! Who's your day 1 winners and losers?

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 21:08:49) I was right on more DB's than WR's, but only 13 in total were taken. Also nailed only 3 QB's, but 1 was taken in the top 10.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 21:08:32) Great first round guys! Hope to see you all tomorrow. great job Doug! you're the man!

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 21:07:31) Here's my bold predictions from the beginning: Doug Lancy (05-08-2014 16:41:40) Some bold predictions: More DB's are taken in the first round than WR's with over half the picks being DB's and WR's. No quarterbacks are taken in top 10 and only 3 get taken in the first round.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 21:06:59) Spielman seems to not understand that hes going to get canned unless he takes a franchise qb with at least a high floor. This is a very risky pick IMO

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 21:05:53) Agreed, thought it would be a 3rd for the Vikings.

TZ     (05-08-2014 21:05:36) a 4th? that's weak... That's a big jump

TZ     (05-08-2014 21:05:01) a 4th? that stinks!

TZ     (05-08-2014 21:03:47) I knew when I was going to hang all night, this would happen

TZ     (05-08-2014 21:03:26) I got 4 right all night, Doug... lol... I suck...

TZ     (05-08-2014 21:03:20) We deal with Vikes all the time.. Now we should get our 3rd rdr back from them in the Harvin deal... Sweet

TZ     (05-08-2014 21:03:13) TZ (05-08-2014 20:52:20)Especially at the end of the 1st rd. You have a minimal contract with a 5th year? It's worth a 4th rdr. Ie Oakland at #4 Minnesota could give Seattle their 3rd rdr back in the harvin trade to move up to #32..

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 21:00:39) Minnesota listened to you, getting that option on their QB!

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:59:49) Last pick of the night!!

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:58:13) I like the late round picks as much as the early selections...

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:58:11) Ward is a solid tackler who hits low instead of always going for the highlight hit. Averaged 100 tackles the last 3 years and has 11 picks. Needs to get stronger, but I think that will happen in an NFL weight room vs Northern Illinois.

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:55:38) Why do you like Ward, Doug?

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:54:39) 49ers screwed up doing that with Chris culliver when Richard Sherman was sitting there.. The Safety to CB only works for guys like Nnamdi, long arms that can get in a receivers grill

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 20:53:00) I guess hes gonna be a corner. they have Reid and Bethea

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:52:23) jimmie ward?

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:52:20) Especially at the end of the 1st rd. You have a minimal contract with a 5th year? It's worth a 4th rdr. Ie Oakland at #4 Minnesota could give Seattle their 3rd rdr back in the harvin trade to move up to #32..

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:52:18) I like Ward, had him ranked ahead of Bucannon. I think he'll be fantastic in SF. Bummer was hoping he'd last.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 20:51:39) wow, 4 safeties lol

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 20:51:08) Agree, my 15th best player (Lee) is still here

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:50:22) I'm surprised at the number of options the 49ers have here.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:49:45) Agree, that 5th year option is huge when it comes to QBs.

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:49:25) If I needed a QB, I'd trade up so you get the 5th yr option on a guy like Derek Carr...

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:49:20) I hope the Hawks trade out

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:46:52) Kenny Easley

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:46:51) Easley is a Patriot type of pick. Another guy they feel they can develop and plug into their unstoppable machine... I mean system.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:45:41) I like Tuitt, just have a few guys higher.

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:45:26) Good pick by Pats.. huge ceiling

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:45:17) I don't think either ND guys go to Seattle

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:45:14) Hageman or Ealy are guys for the Hawks... Those are Pete and John type selections... They love the diverse pass rush versatility.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:45:13) Pats: Nix, 49ers: Lee, Broncos: Kouandijo, Seahawks: Hageman

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 20:43:50) I dont like Hageman that much but can see Carroll turning him into the ceiling he has

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:42:47) I haven't seen Mallett since arkansas... He's not as big a statue as some believe and his play action is real sweet. Again this is vs Teddy.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 20:42:35) Not a fan of Tuitt Doug?

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 20:42:24) I got Lee, Ealy, Tuitt, Nix, and Carr

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:41:53) Pats, 9ers, Broncs and Hawks... Let's hear the selections.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:41:52) My best available: DE Kony Ealy, QB Derek Carr, DT Louis Nix, DT Ra'Shede Hageman, WR Marqise Lee

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:40:45) There's some real talent left on the board... who are your best left, Doug?

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:40:43) Every QB looks good in the Pats system. Take them out and you get Matt Cassel.

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:39:23) dam...

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:39:22) I'm just glad SF didn't get benjamin

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 20:39:02) I just dont see Benjamin as a reliable #1

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:38:04) Mallett torched Patrick Peterson and those LSU boys.. honey badger... i don't think claiborne was there

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 20:37:08) lol yeah

Brian Bailey     (05-08-2014 20:37:00) was he wearing a Reds hat?

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:36:57) I like Mallett. I don't like his hitch but he can sling it

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 20:36:19) Bucannon is underrated but still didnt see 3 safeties going in top 30

Brian Bailey     (05-08-2014 20:35:52) Arman Teddy B for me despite his poor Pro Day

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:35:34) Teddy B. I was never a Mallet fan.

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:35:34) a safety

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:35:02) David, Derek... they're all the same.. Cheap tent

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 20:34:23) who do you guys like better. Ryan Mallett or Teddy B?

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 20:34:06) Carr would be nice fit here.

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:33:58) Carr will crumble under Hawk pressure

Brian Bailey     (05-08-2014 20:33:51) they are in desperate need of a QB!

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:33:37) Carr !

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:32:41) So does AZ take Carr here or find another trade partner?

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:31:51) lol

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:31:43) it's my insecurity!

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:31:33) TZ (05-08-2014 19:56:45)It has to be Dennard here... or a reach at OLB... Hey, I hit it.... lol... an OLB reach !!

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:29:58) You beat me on that one, TZ! Yeah, I need to work on bragging more!!

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 20:29:47) Yeah, I like Murphy and Crichton better

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:29:32) i"m now at 3.. hooray! lol

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:29:27) I called the OLB for eagles... go look...

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:29:22) You're a pretty humble cat, doug...

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:29:15) I think that's a reach, even if they could use an edge rusher.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 20:29:07) Wow Marcus Smith, no one saw that one coming.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:27:32) One of former partners on this site now works for ESPN. Guess he was the better talent.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 20:26:56) lol well said!

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:26:39) Maybe you just have a face for radio, Doug... lol... j/k...

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:26:38) Thank you, I work hard at this. And some years things go my way... and some not so much. To quote Ice Cube, it was a good day.

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:25:06) I've never heard or read someone so precise before... and I've followed the draft for many years

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:25:03) Next CB on my list is Bradley Roby and a strong possibility for the Eagles.

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:24:04) Matt Ryan has won 1 playoff game and Hawks blew that with clemens out with an acl

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:23:57) This is jedi mind chit, doug...

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:23:54) I'd love to be on ESPN! Been on ESPN radio... but not quite the same thing. Who the hell is Mel Kiper anyway? haha

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:22:50) Good coin flip, doug... You should be on ESPN !! you'd be the guru of the night

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:22:44) Matt Ryan had 2 major issues: hurt weapons and a horrid line offering no protection.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 20:22:25) Wow Doug, teach me lol. You're on fire today

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:22:16) What's matt ryan's excuse, Doug?

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:22:13) or Vikings move up... Seattle deals with Vikes and Raiders quite a bit

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:21:42) or Oakland for Bridgewater...

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:21:26) Give Manziel that many weapons, and he better succeed! No excuses!

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:20:51) Then Seattle trades out of 1st rd so someone can get Savage.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:20:49) Best corner on my list is Verrett and about the only player left I can see SD going with.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 20:20:34) Browns trying to trade back up for wideout apparently. If they end up getting Lee, GM Farmer is my idol lol

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:19:43) I agree, Carr

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:19:34) Carr

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 20:19:03) Which QB goes next?

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:18:59) Lol yeah, Dalton is not the answer.

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:17:51) As long as Cincy has Andy Dalton, they won't make a dent in the playoffs...

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:17:26) Say dennard long enough....

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:16:11) Hawks need a LEO rush end. Clemons is gone and Avril only 1 more season.

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:15:45) Only 4 WR's ? Surprised... based on hype but it should be that way because of the supply...

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:15:06) I had Ealy going to the Seahawks in my mock today.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:14:35) Bengals won't pass on Dennard

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:14:12) I know they made my job as a LB much easier back when I played! lol

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:13:25) ha ha ha...

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:13:22) Ealy, Tuitt would be good for the Hawks. What do you know about DE's anyway, Doug?

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:13:19) They got one of the 3rd round picks (haven't seen which one yet).

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:12:36) What did the eagles get in the trade?

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:12:34) Not too early. Impact edge rushers are going to disappear over the next 15 picks.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 20:11:55) I truly think Nix, Ealy, Tuitt, and Ford are all values at this point.

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:11:42) I wanted seattle to get dee ford in rd 2 but this early to KC?

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:10:58) Check out Bowes cap hit. http://overthecap.com/cap.php?Name=Dwayne Bowe&Position=WR&Team=Chiefs

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:10:19) No the Bengals won't take a QB in the first round when their current one has taken them to the playoffs multiple times. Marvin Lewis still likes him. After this season I think that will change.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:09:10) I'm thinking Bowe will get the axe. He doesn't seem to be the restructuring type to me. Of course his agent may talk some sense into him.

Brian Bailey     (05-08-2014 20:08:56) do the Bengals draft Carr?

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:08:25) Bowe is ready to re-structure or be axed.. have you seen his cap hit? closing in on $12mm

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:08:23) I'd be shocked if he was there for them, but the draft is always full of surprises.

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:07:39) I want benjamin for seattle

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:07:03) Although I have Lee rated higher, I think Benjamin makes more sense for KC. Don't think they'll go with Dennard.

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:06:53) Good receivers are dropping down the board...

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:04:56) definitely not a bust in Canton !

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:04:53) Cleveland should've picked up Mike Evans earlier with 20/20 hindsight

Brian Bailey     (05-08-2014 20:04:20) I'm not looking forward to the Johnny Football hype surrounding the AFC North.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:03:27) Alright, I'm officially calling it now. Manziel will be a bust in the NFL!

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:03:07) KC goes WR or Dennard? I'm now 2 for 22... lol

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:01:35) and of course, Hawks draft last... = Trade the pick for tomorrow night? haha

TZ     (05-08-2014 20:00:44) That's just my self depracating humor... I'm supposed to be doing excel spreadsheets but have to wait for Seattle...

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:00:42) Wonder how he'll do running around in the slippery snow and ice, though.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 20:00:22) Yeah, Manziel's name is begging to be called here.

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:59:49) Johnny boy?

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:59:48) Trade down... hmmm. They needed picks with only 6 so that's not bad.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:59:38) Cleveland moves again.

Brian Bailey     (05-08-2014 19:59:33) "I figured if I just said Ha Ha with every selection, I'd eventually hit it... lol..." more of a comment on John Gruden's Manziel love.

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:58:56) Philly needs a CB

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:58:24) What's that Brian?

Brian Bailey     (05-08-2014 19:58:11) Bengals want them to pass on Dennard

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:58:05) To dump DJack only to draft a WR in rd 1 is foolish...

Brian Bailey     (05-08-2014 19:57:38) TZ been studying at the John Gruden Sports Analyst Camp

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:57:17) If they don't take Dennard, I'll be quite surprised.

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:56:45) It has to be Dennard here... or a reach at OLB...

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:56:16) I knew GB needed a safety

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 19:55:56) Philly should go Lee or Dennard

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:55:25) Well, that's another way to go!

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:55:10) I figured if I just said Ha Ha with every selection, I'd eventually hit it... lol...

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:55:05) Way to go! You're on the way to being a top expert!

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:54:10) I got GB

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:53:45) Philly needs to go D. I'd go Dennard as my 1st correct selection... Here's comes a WR now.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:53:44) Green Bay is actually pretty easy to guess. They are a BPA team and if it's close they hit the biggest need.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:52:34) Philly can really go best available and that will likely be a corner.

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:52:06) If you hit 1 in 4 that would be solid.. The way these GM's make selections. I haven't hit 1 guy... lol...

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:50:39) More than that. But I don't want to completely spoil the illusion. lol

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:50:08) The Packers could go a few directions, but the 2 I like here are HaHa or Nix.

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:48:39) If Philly goes WR, they will have screwed the pooch... Move DJack for nothing and have a weak secondary. Malcolm jenkins is whatever..

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:47:37) lol... 3 ? chit...

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:47:07) The Eagles are sitting pretty... They need either ha ha or Dennard and one will be there...

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:46:16) Plenty. I was wrong on the Bears, Cowboys and Dolphins.

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:45:31) 9ers should jump up and get dennard

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:45:29) are you ever wrong, doug?

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:44:34) Agreed and that's the other possibility.

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:44:22) dennard is grt value, though

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:43:05) My call is WR here. Probably Cooks.

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:42:51) picked up a 3rd...

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:42:37) A 3rd round pick for the trade down.

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:41:49) what did zona get for the trade down?

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:41:48) Of course a trade changes everything. Figured we were due for one. Just didn't expect AZ to be trading down.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:40:45) I don't think AZ can pass on a QB here as no one else really makes sense. I'm going to go with Manziel still.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 19:40:17) Who do the Saints pick? Louis Nix or Tuitt? possibly Manziel?

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 19:39:42) I guess Kouandjio scared them off...

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:39:17) Interesting selection, Ju'Wuan James addresses a need and I think they like that he could play different spots on the line for them.

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:38:22) Zona grabs a QB... Manziel keeps "free falling"? Derek Carr the guy?

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 19:38:13) Wow, James at 19 is very unexpected although i thought he could sneak in bottom of 1st.

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:37:44) Bryant sounds perfect for Seattle. They have the short slot guys with Harvin and Baldwin and kearse but need red zone size.

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:36:18) I love Benjamin for the Russell Wilson scrambles and chuck it deep. Benjamin drops but for the red zone. I'll trade a few drops for those acrobatic Td's he has. He had a double clutch grab vs Wake I believe that was jordonesque hops.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:36:16) I love MBryant as a redzone threat/safety valve. His ability to go up for the jump ball is fantastic. Just needs some stickum on his hands. And learn how to run routes.

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:34:23) What about MBryant ?

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:34:22) i was thinking Abbrederis with the 5th rd pick Seattle got in the matt flynn steal from Oakland

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 19:33:29) I have Lee, Cooks, Benjamin, Landry and Latimer

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:31:50) If the Dolphins don't trade, I like them for an Alabama player... namely HaHa. I think there's a drop off after the top 2.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:30:54) I only considered one worthy of the top half, and that was CJ Mosley. And since ILB tend to always fall, no surprises that none went.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 19:29:42) It goes to show that people arent as enamored with Alabama prospects as much as they used to be. None of them in first half of draft.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:28:51) Of course, makes sense. Pryor fits a Rex Ryan defense!

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:28:17) I love the questions, keep bringing them!

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:28:03) My top available WR: Cooks, Lee, Benjamin, Adams, Robinson, Matthews. I see Abbrederis more as a possession receiver that you should take in rounds 3-4.

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:26:47) who are your top 5 fave WR's remaining on the board? Do you like that abbrederis guy that played with Russell Wilson at UW? I thought he ran nice routes and beat up on Roby but i only saw a limited sample size? Thanks and sorry for all the ?'s.. If you want to respond later, that's cool...

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:26:34) If Hageman is available, I think they should jump on him. Else they should address the line. WR is deep enough to wait till next round.

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:24:39) Tell me which WR do you think Seattle should select if in rd 1 or rd 2? should they go Bitonio at #32?. Hageman for pass rush?

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:24:00) Thank you! Pass the word on about how good we do things here!

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:23:33) Good site

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:23:30) No wonder you have all the answers, Doug....

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:23:26) Niners need a secondary bad... Eric Reid is good but was burnt toast in the NFCCG. Corners are a need and Bethea isn't elite

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:23:23) I'm thinking Dennard over Cooks. Geno Smith needs lots of help.

Guest     (05-08-2014 19:22:48) can't believe Shazier went before Mosley!

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:22:23) Well you're on my website! Been running this site for years now.

Guest     (05-08-2014 19:21:40) Hope its Niners

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:21:37) no need to show humility here... should be promoting a website or you tube...

Guest     (05-08-2014 19:21:34) Cooks or Dennard?

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:21:19) We're about due for another trade.

Guest     (05-08-2014 19:21:01) yea cooks typo

Guest     (05-08-2014 19:20:38) maybe Dennard

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:20:37) But I do love when the picks match my mock!

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:20:22) Cooks?

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:20:17) It's a lot easier when you know who's available than guessing throughout a mock draft.

Guest     (05-08-2014 19:19:38) Jets will take Crooks if they don't trade him.

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:19:36) You're right, again... omg!

Guest     (05-08-2014 19:19:31) good call doug

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:18:00) I think SD will be the trade partner for someone looking for a QB, to get ahead of Cleveland.

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:17:31) This could set up Seattle to trade out of rd 1 for a QB needy team. Carr? Bridgwater?

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:16:30) His name is actually Ha'sean but he goes by HaHa. I think it's what he says after he blows someone up like that kid in the Simpsons. At least that's how I imagine it!

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:16:26) Smoking too much ganja name

Brian Bailey     (05-08-2014 19:16:24) I truly did not believe that was his real name at first.

Guest     (05-08-2014 19:16:17) agree doug Mosley is the pick

Brian Bailey     (05-08-2014 19:15:23) btw what kind of name is "Ha Ha"?

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 19:15:07) They should definitely move him inside to guard.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:15:05) I'm calling for Mosley to Baltimore although HaHa makes a lot of sense.

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:14:59) Ha Ha ?

Guest     (05-08-2014 19:14:31) Jets should take him and leave Crooks alone! lol

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:14:25) If you mean Manziel, it's not much of a fall. My last mock I had him going to Arizona at pick 20. Duplicating division leading Seattle and San Fran.

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:14:22) Never seen Martin play....

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:13:12) We all know that no matter which DB Baltimore drafts, he will be a bad@$$

Guest     (05-08-2014 19:13:09) MArtin is a steal at 16!

Brian Bailey     (05-08-2014 19:12:35) Oh My!!! The fall continues!

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:11:49) I hear ya... Didnt knwo if Pitt thought they could get better CB or S value vs the LB position. I have no idea.. Just trying to figure out why they went LB over Secondary, that's all.

Guest     (05-08-2014 19:11:30) here we go!

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:10:47) you can't go wrong with BPA.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:10:31) CB/S is deeper than LB for rounds 2-3 but there are still elite CB and S available right now.

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:10:03) i have it online and am listening to gruden right now

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:09:30) I'm a big supporter of BPA.

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:09:24) I don't know the positional depth besides WR. How is the depth of CB / S vs a stud LB? for round 2 or 3

Brian Bailey     (05-08-2014 19:08:45) Be happy you aren't watching Jay Gruden! He's been suggesting Johnny Manziel the entire draft!

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:07:50) If you can't trade back and love a guy.. what would you do?

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:07:48) I want Manziel to go so they stop talking about him!

Brian Bailey     (05-08-2014 19:07:37) Steelers should have gone secondary considering the age of Troy, Ike and co.

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:07:10) Pittsburgh has had LB's for 40 years

Guest     (05-08-2014 19:07:07) Is Jerry Jones really senile enough to take Johnny!!!??

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:07:04) He fits the Steeler defense, but surprised he went that high.

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:06:31) That is a Steeler !!

Guest     (05-08-2014 19:06:29) wow that's a bit of reach right now. But he's a baller.

Guest     (05-08-2014 19:06:28) steelers go Dennard

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:06:26) Cowboys will get Manziel... I can't pick my nose with out looking like a hemophiliac... I just want 1 call.. is that too much? lol

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:05:24) Steelers go defense, I'm thinking rush.

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:03:40) there's your link, 49er

Guest     (05-08-2014 19:03:38) Im worried Steelers night take Dennard now! :(

Guest     (05-08-2014 19:03:35) http://www.sfgate.com/49ers/article/49ers-Colin-Kaepernick-must-unlock-key-to-5167285.php

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:03:33) Good call on Fuller!

Guest     (05-08-2014 19:03:04) knew it would be Fuller

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:02:58) I agree, that's why I like Pryor. Give me a hard hitting safety that throws his body around. But I'm biased on the Bears.

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:02:11) Bears need to get the ferocity that's their trademark

Guest     (05-08-2014 19:02:09) Kap is fine, we're not worried about Shehawks!

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:02:06) The Rams should've beaten Seattle twice and now this? Seattle better get an OL or RWilson better get track shoes...

TZ     (05-08-2014 19:00:38) You still need a QB, 9er... lol... Kaep won't get it done... I'm warning you.. lol...

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 19:00:33) I'd be ok with the Fuller pick and there have been rumors of such.

Brian Bailey     (05-08-2014 19:00:02) TZ they should. They biggest issue is still Bradford's health!

Guest     (05-08-2014 18:59:56) bears will go Fuller 100%

Guest     (05-08-2014 18:59:22) Please let Crooks or Dennard be Niners after today! Lol

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:59:20) Rams worry me

Brian Bailey     (05-08-2014 18:59:18) Doug your team is on the clock. Are you nervous?

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 18:58:55) Bears look secondary in my book. Great talent available and they need help. Personally I'd take Calvin Pryor, he seems more of a Bear to me.

Guest     (05-08-2014 18:57:34) NFC WEst is the officially the nastiest division in football! The four nastiest defenses killing each other!

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:57:30) Doug is on FIRE

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 18:57:30) Would have loved Donald on the Bears, but never expected them to have a chance at him.

Brian Bailey     (05-08-2014 18:57:27) Defense still wins Championships!

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:56:35) fisher is good

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 18:55:59) Fisher catapulted the Rams. He's an excellent coach that the Titans should have never let go.

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:55:06) RG3 trade catipulted rams up.... Didn't they get Ogletree last year from that deal?

Guest     (05-08-2014 18:55:02) They might go Fuller

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:54:26) You already have problems with Seattle and now the Rams and Cardinals? geezzz

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 18:54:25) True, Manziel on indoor turf would be best for him and a nightmare for defenses!

Brian Bailey     (05-08-2014 18:54:18) I think Fisher won't be able to pass up on Aaron Donald. Let Manziel go to Jerry Jones.

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:53:57) If the Rams get Donald they will make the playoffs... Long, Donald, Quinn? omg! sick!

Guest     (05-08-2014 18:53:37) would hate to deal with Johnny in my division indoor on turf! Lol

Guest     (05-08-2014 18:52:29) or Johnny!

Guest     (05-08-2014 18:52:27) gotta be Donald!

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 18:52:25) Definitely the right side of the ball, but Fisher prefers line over secondary so I'll say Donald.

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:51:55) OK doug is it Donald or a Safety?

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 18:51:47) What I think they'll take. Rarely is it what I would pick. But I like to see how well the info I've gleaned is accurate.

Brian Bailey     (05-08-2014 18:51:27) TZ you absolutely can't pass when you are on your back! The Giants still need to address the OL. Hopefully Justin Pugh will take a step forward this fall.

Guest     (05-08-2014 18:51:21) Beckham is explosive! giants gona love him!

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:51:17) Doug... great calls....Are you picking what you think they should take or what you believe they will take? difference....

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:50:29) I'm glad he went to the NFCE.. and not the Rams

Guest     (05-08-2014 18:50:25) if Rams don't take Johnny then Cowboys will! Lol wowww

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 18:50:21) Haha, true... unless your Brady. I'll never forget that pass from his butt.

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:49:24) You can't pass if you're on your backside, though...

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 18:49:23) Lots of hours, late nights, and contacts with good info help. But thanks, Brian!

Guest     (05-08-2014 18:48:45) wow Niners have to get Crooks or Dennard now!

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:48:43) NYG face the NFCW and SEattle shut them out because they had no OL

Guest     (05-08-2014 18:48:39) gona be Doanld

Brian Bailey     (05-08-2014 18:48:28) Doug you are on a roll

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:47:38) Go look at the 2001 WR draft....

Guest     (05-08-2014 18:47:36) top 5 Donald, Dennard, Mazniel, Beckman and Crooks.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 18:46:28) Deep... yes. But only a few guys can make a difference this year.

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:45:32) WR is deep

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:45:24) Someone needs to protect Manning #1

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 18:45:17) My top 5 are: ILB CJ Mosley, CB Darqueze Dennard, DT Aaron Donald, QB Johnny Manziel, DE Kony Ealy

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:44:43) Gmen need both

PackerFan     (05-08-2014 18:44:22) Who's your best available?

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 18:43:15) I think Zack Martin and Odell Beckham are in play for the Giants.

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:42:58) Manziel to Dallas

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:42:22) Good call 9er and Doug

Guest     (05-08-2014 18:42:20) steal! for Titans

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:42:18) These GM's reach for TE's, give up valuable 5's to move 1 spot for a CB, reach for a raw OLB when vikes could trade back. John Scheider is smoking a cigar laughing at these clowns.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 18:40:53) I think the Titans do go Lewan.

Guest     (05-08-2014 18:40:30) Titans have to take Lewan

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:40:28) Ferocious attacking D's. Pound the rock O with a smart QB that doesn't turn it over... Great Pass Rush with a Ball hawk secondary.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 18:40:26) They definitely made some good moves in their picks, but they were also helped with a generous expansion program that year.

Guest     (05-08-2014 18:39:30) I can't wait for week 13 and 15 of this coming season! Can't Wait! No talk needed. The rivalry is already heated enough.

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:39:29) GM's haven't paid attention on how Pete and John Scheider took an expansion team in 2010 and turned them into SB champs

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:38:11) Don't you think the 9ers might want Derek Carr?

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:37:36) Greeny is a metro weirdo... he's so annoying....

Guest     (05-08-2014 18:37:31) Niners will jump. Its a given. but now that Evans is gone. I'd rather wait until like 16-20 range. for Beckman Jr. or Crooks.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 18:37:24) TZ, you nailed it on Detroit. Snyder already tried winning with a fantasy football team. Doesn't work.

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:37:23) who are these GM's? omg... None of 'em have ever played poker, that's for sure... insecure, worried, reaching..

Brian Bailey     (05-08-2014 18:36:48) Did you just see what Greeny posted on Twitter? #DraftDayCraze

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:35:50) This is where the 9ers should jump in there 9er fan

Guest     (05-08-2014 18:35:35) Lewan was the safe pick!

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:34:35) Detroit is a fantasy football team but won't win a SB.

Guest     (05-08-2014 18:34:32) Pettigrew never panned out.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 18:34:25) Ebron is an upgrade... but don't think this was the best pick for the Lions.

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:33:42) My favorite RB of all time is Eric Dickerson... Dude was smooth, fast and bad @$$

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 18:33:37) Pettigrew is the best 2nd TE in the league lol

Guest     (05-08-2014 18:33:21) wow calvin and Ebron!

Guest     (05-08-2014 18:32:44) so sick BARRY!!!! GOAT

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 18:32:40) This is about where I had Lewan.

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:32:12) Who needs a OT ?

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:32:11) couldve traded back... lol.. spielman needs to be fired

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 18:31:25) Lewan is falling way too far IMO

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:30:40) Spielman = joke

Guest     (05-08-2014 18:30:39) Manziel to boys would be CIRCUS!

Brian Bailey     (05-08-2014 18:29:07) If the Cowboys get Manziel, ESPN would do something inappropriate I shouldn't say. Let's just say the NFC media would absolutely love it!

Guest     (05-08-2014 18:28:19) Johnny with AP!

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:28:16) Sherman and Chancellor were 5th rd DB's and you give up a 5th to move up 1 spot? that's a desperate franchise going no where

Guest     (05-08-2014 18:28:15) and they traded up a spot too!

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 18:27:02) Haden and Gilbert is nice but dont like the pick this high.

Brian Bailey     (05-08-2014 18:26:04) I'm curious how the Browns players feel about that pick.

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:25:22) Cowboys get Manziel

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 18:25:20) I also have Dennard ahead of Gilbert.

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:24:30) lol... give away a 5th to move up 1 spot?

Guest     (05-08-2014 18:24:26) I don't like that move browns. Dennard best corner in draft in my view.

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:23:44) Niners need Derek Carr

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 18:23:22) Really, trade up for Justin Gilbert? Don't like that move.

Brian Bailey     (05-08-2014 18:22:27) for Johnny Football?

Guest     (05-08-2014 18:21:57) Niners will trade up for Beckman Jr. or Crooks now.

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:21:49) How much time / film study did it take to write your draft articles, AM ? I just noticed you have some articles. Nice... I'll have to check 'em out

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 18:21:00) Cleveland moves up one spot trading with the Vikings. Quarterback screams out to me with them making that move.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 18:19:07) older clone*

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 18:18:53) Amazing.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 18:18:46) So Mike Evans gets to learn from his ikder clone V-Jax

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 18:17:40) Lovie Smith wants a new QB and could take one very easily here.

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:16:44) Guest, you're the 9er guy, right?

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:14:54) Christine Michael... I like his running style... A bit like Frank Gore with a bit more wiggle.

Guest     (05-08-2014 18:14:53) Johnny might go now. Hope evans doesn't!

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 18:14:41) Yes, Sherman has really put together a great program.

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:13:43) And the best Aggie hasn't even seen the field much....

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 18:12:49) Wow 4 straight years with an Aggie in top 10. Great job by Mike Sherman

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:12:13) Niners need a QB

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 18:12:10) Solid pick by Atlanta. Could be another worst to first in the NFCS.

Guest     (05-08-2014 18:11:35) I agree with Doug

Guest     (05-08-2014 18:07:52) Niners want Mike Evans.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 18:07:50) Great move by Cleveland, though. They need so many picks, they'll love those extra picks next year. Especially when they'll be picking high with their pick and the Bills pick next year.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 18:06:30) Bills moving up for Watkins is a reach to me for them. They have so many holes, that even an elite receiver won't save them.

Guest     (05-08-2014 18:02:44) Hope Raiders don't take Evans!

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:02:22) Keep all the playmakers out of the NFCW.... Will Zona get a new QB? Thoughts?

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:02:20) Name the last premier WR to be part of a winning SB team? Buffalo needs as many draft picks as they can harness.

TZ     (05-08-2014 18:01:58) Way too many WR's to move up 5 spots and give up a 1st and 4th for sammy... not smart...

Guest     (05-08-2014 17:58:41) good move for both teams.

TZ     (05-08-2014 17:58:39) I love the music.. Gets me jacked up for football

TZ     (05-08-2014 17:58:38) to go up 5 spots? omg... Bills got ripped...

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 17:56:36) They got 9th pick, first next year, and a 4th next year i believe

Guest     (05-08-2014 17:56:15) I can't believe Bradley wanted Bortles...

Guest     (05-08-2014 17:56:14) what did the browns receive as comp?

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 17:56:07) wow, i cant believe they got me again! great smoke screen by Buffalo

Guest     (05-08-2014 17:55:19) Niners next to trade up!

Guest     (05-08-2014 17:55:11) Browns got a great DEAL!

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 17:55:07) Wow a first next year? crazy...great trade for Browns

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 17:52:59) Wow, I guess Bills will get Mack instead. Here we go with the trades...

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 17:52:18) If Mack falls to 6, Dimitroff should run to Vegas.

Guest     (05-08-2014 17:51:20) big mistake!!! Take WAtkins or Mack!

Guest     (05-08-2014 17:51:18) Lewan most technically sound out of the group.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 17:51:16) I like this pick for Jacksonville, though. They needed a QB desperately.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 17:50:58) Goodell loves this

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 17:50:22) Manziel looks pissed that Bortles was taken ahead of him.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 17:50:07) Wow!

Guest     (05-08-2014 17:48:10) bridgewater end of the round maybe

TZ     (05-08-2014 17:48:00) I don't watch Tackles to give any opinion on Lewan vs Rob vs Mathews. I haven't seen any slide step, arm punch, nothing. so someone please educate me. I appreciate it.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 17:47:53) Awesome, well i guess I'll see

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 17:47:42) Wow, hes going start out as guard...

TZ     (05-08-2014 17:46:35) I see the Texans trading with Seattle to sneak in rd 1 to get a QB... someone will slide

Guest     (05-08-2014 17:46:33) haha he's no Larry Allen!

Guest     (05-08-2014 17:45:58) I would take Lewan over Robinson.

Guest     (05-08-2014 17:45:56) definitely trade down and take Lewan!

TZ     (05-08-2014 17:45:54) Rams are getting real good. The NFCW is outrageously competitive now. Wow. With the Rams having #13, take the OT and you can wheel and deal #13.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 17:45:49) No, great pick. I know this sounds idiotic but the comparison people see in him to Larry Allen makes me wonder how great he could be if moved inside to guard. but just hypothetical..

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 17:44:23) I'm surprised by the lack of trade, too. But not by the pick.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 17:43:46) Oh wow, no trade. I'm surprised.

TZ     (05-08-2014 17:43:32) What have you seen to give you the idea that Manziel will get down, go out of bounds, throw the ball away vs getting smashed?

Guest     (05-08-2014 17:43:30) Texans need QB and lost Tate which will cost them when Arian gets hurt.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 17:43:27) Atlanta moves up for Mack is my prediction here.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 17:42:39) Manziel is intelligent, but immature in my book. I see bust written all over him. But have to wait and see where he lands before I lock that in.

NinersDynasty     (05-08-2014 17:42:01) No Colts

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 17:41:43) Now the question is can Watt and Clowney take the Texans to the top of the AFC South.

NinersDynasty     (05-08-2014 17:41:33) lol all in good fun i wrote the texans are scarred comment but it posted as guest lol

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 17:40:52) I disagree with TZ, I think Manziel is highly intelligent. But teams like the Seahawks aren't out there. Manziel on a team like the Seahawks with that coach would do the same. IMO

TZ     (05-08-2014 17:40:34) Niner.. I was just ball bustin'...

Guest     (05-08-2014 17:40:31) Texans are scarred from when they passed on Peppers for Carr.

TZ     (05-08-2014 17:40:28) You don't even know what a SB victory looks like.... you were too young...

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 17:39:09) Clowney is definitely in the moment. But he has to take his game to the next level or he will quickly be labeled a bust.

NinersDynasty     (05-08-2014 17:38:51) It's coming lol and I'm 25

TZ     (05-08-2014 17:37:47) Niners Dynasty? You must be 50 years old... When is this dynasty happening?

TZ     (05-08-2014 17:37:45) The Russell Wilson effect isn't going to work for Manziel because he's reckless. Wilson is extremely smart. Manziel is a prima dona hot dog. JM will be hurt like a Vick, unfortunately.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 17:37:43) Him crying is a positive sign to me. Seeing it means that much to him is important and scary to everyone hoping he becomes a bust.

NinersDynasty     (05-08-2014 17:35:58) You can't pass on next Julius Peppers

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 17:35:50) Yep, the RG3 trade was huge for the Rams. I'm calling for Matthews since Fisher has known him since he was a kid. But really, I expect a trade here.

Guest     (05-08-2014 17:34:43) Why doesn't Texas take Manziel? They suck at quarterback and he's amazing!

TZ     (05-08-2014 17:34:31) The RG3 trade is going to set the Rams up for the rest of the decade. Robinson or Mathews?

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 17:32:28) Of course, if the right deal is offered I'm moving out. It'll pay off in the long run for Houston.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 17:32:27) Pick is in!

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 17:32:22) No, definitely not. Agreed.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 17:31:49) I don't know if they have that option though...

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 17:31:43) I'm not a fan of making Clowney stand up though.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 17:31:14) Yeah, but i would budge with the Flacons and just swap 1sts, take their 2nd this year and 1st next year

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 17:30:15) If I'm the Texans, I work the phones till the last second and then take Clowney.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 17:27:02) hah! guess not.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 17:25:06) Ok so anyone going out on a limb and wanna predict anything but Clowney to Houston?

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 17:24:11) And the Texans are officially on the clock!

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 17:22:08) Wheres Ric Flair when ya need him for a good WOOOOOO! lol lets do it boys

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 17:21:27) MERRY Draftmas!! It is here, let's get our presents!!

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 17:21:09) Ponder was a big one for me. But Dalton was also quite a surprise. I still think he's overrated and that he'll get exposed this year with Jay Gruden to hide his deficiencies.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 17:18:20) Oh man, I love this day!

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 17:18:02) What was the biggest draft surprise you guys have ever saw? Bruce Irvin? Ted Ginn? Locker and Ponder?

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 17:16:04) Joel Bitonio has had some rumors, but I have him as 3rd round talent. Garoppolo would be a big surprise for me. Any running back.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 17:15:39) Also would be surprised if Marcus Martin went although hes in attendance...

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 17:14:33) Garoppolo, Jawuan James if there is a run on tackles, and Demarcus Lawrence if someone falls in love that much with his potential

Mike     (05-08-2014 17:13:52) Draft Challenge: Manziel-Browns, Carr-Raiders, Bortles-Titans, Bridgewater-Cardinals, Garoppolo-Jaguars

Kevin     (05-08-2014 17:11:42) Think anyone could surprise by being picked today?

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 17:09:02) Hard to predict Rookie Of the Year until you know who's on which team. Without that info, I'll say Sammy Watkins since I think he ends up in a good situation where he can thrive.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 17:08:55) I'll take Carlos Hyde as ROY. I don't think many had Lacy winning so Ill go with another rb. in this case my best overall rb in this class.

Mike     (05-08-2014 17:07:34) Who do you think is going to be ROY?

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 17:07:17) I like Mack a lot, but Clowney has such incredible upside. I think the fear of what he could be would keep teams from passing on him.

Dan     (05-08-2014 17:05:12) My bold prediction's: Johnny Manziel will not get drafted in round 1 and will go to jacksonville round 2. Derek carr will go number 11 to tennessee. The cowboys will trade into the top 10 to get Aaron Donald.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 17:04:38) I feel like Mack being #1 could be more likely than 10% but it's tough to argue with the other scenarios ahead in your scenarios. Bortles going 1st would be nuts.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 17:01:05) I place the odds for the first pick at: 40% Texans-Jadeveon Clowney, 25% Falcons-Clowney, 20% Texans-Blake Bortles, 10% Texans-Khalil Mack, 5% Browns-Bortles

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 16:55:07) With the first pick, the Houston Texans select...Chris Borland haha

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 16:52:39) I wouldn't be surprised. I like his upside more than most, but there are some who aren't sold on him.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 16:51:40) Blake Bortles: Tennessee Titans Johnny Manziel: The Oakland Raiders Derek Carr: Arizona Cardinals Teddy Bridgewater: Cleveland Browns Jimmy Garoppolo: Jacksonville Jaguars

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 16:49:19) I see that you have Hageman in your top 15. Would you be surprised if he fell out of first round?

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 16:48:30) Manziel-Vikings, Bortles-Titans, Carr-Cardinals, Browns-Bridgewater, and Jax-Garoppolo

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 16:46:24) Draft day 1 challenge: Match your top 5 QB's to their NFL team.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 16:43:23) Lewan ahead of Matthews is a possibility, although I could easily see St. Louis taking Matthews over Robinson if they can't find a trade partner.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 16:41:40) Some bold predictions: More DB's are taken in the first round than WR's with over half the picks being DB's and WR's. No quarterbacks are taken in top 10 and only 3 get taken in the first round.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 16:38:04) What are your surprises?

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 16:37:42) Also, again although I dont agree, it's possible that Evans could go above Watkins and Lewan ahead of Matthews.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 16:36:17) Well, I'm a fan of Garoppolo so personally if he went in the late 1st I lim sure it would surprise many but I do like him enough to take him there.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 16:34:24) Do you have some bold predictions for this year's draft?

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 16:32:20) I have Garoppolo outside the "elite" QB's in this class. He's solid and could go late in the 2nd as a team who didn't get their QB moves up for him.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 16:31:08) This is the most interesting draft I've seen in years. The top 5 is full of question marks. And with the new agreement, trades at the top are much more do-able.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 16:30:27) You studied qbs, where is garoppolo in your rankings?

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 16:28:28) I agree, but think someone will grab him a little sooner than Dallas.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 16:27:55) Yeah, Barr seems to be a popular pick to drop. Someone will be happy getting him later on if he does.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 16:27:20) Yeah, I think Dallas is hoping they can cash in on a trade down for someone coming up for JM.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 16:26:24) Thinking it's becoming a possibility that Shazier goes ahead of Barr. Not saying I agree, but hey, to each their own.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 16:25:36) I think he lasts past the top 10, but someone trades into the early teens to grab him.

Arman Markazi     (05-08-2014 16:24:30) Manziel making the money sign with his hands is just awesome. He's made for the bright lights of New York and draft night. Let's see how long he lasts...

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 16:22:11) Love the players showing up with their moms. What a great treat for the moms.

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 16:20:19) Welcome everyone! Let's talk draft!!

Doug Lancy     (05-08-2014 10:01:50) Live coverage will begin at 7 PM! Join us as we discuss the picks, best players available, the trades and everything else about the draft!

Week 17 Fantasy Studs

QBGeno SmithNYJ26.12
RBC.J. AndersonDEN28.70
WREric DeckerNYJ28.10
TECoby FleenerIND17.60
KConnor BarthDEN18.00
DEFCarolina PanthersCAR31.00
Weekly Fantasy Rankings

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