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Draft Comments

Doug Lancy     (04-24-2013 15:28:33) Live coverage will begin at 7 PM! Join us as we discuss the picks, best players available, the trades and everything else about the draft!

Dan Carey     (04-24-2013 21:34:09) Less than 24 hours!

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 16:01:37) Welcome everyone! The draft is nearly here!

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 16:10:46) Do you think they'll have Leon Sandcastle make an appearance during the draft?

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 16:21:58) DJ Hayden continues to have huge buzz with rumors of him being the first CB taken. I'm still not sold on him.

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 16:26:43) Frank Calliendo just nailed Mel Kiper! That was hilarious!

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 16:40:06) Ok how many QBs in round 1 this year? I'm saying 3.

Mike     (04-25-2013 16:40:43) 2 QB in Rnd 1

Brian Bailey     (04-25-2013 16:55:13) The best QB's in this draft were already on other teams last year. Alex Smith and Matt Flynn will be more vulable than any of this QB's this year.

Chris Wilson     (04-25-2013 16:56:19) 2 QB's in the first round, name Geno Smith and Ryan Nassib

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 16:59:08) I'm not sold on Matt Flynn.

Brian Bailey     (04-25-2013 17:02:10) But yes teams will reach out of need because they are desperate to find a Franchise QB. I think the Bills and Jets draft QB's tonight

Brian Bailey     (04-25-2013 17:07:41) I think 3 is the right number in round 1 but I think 2 more go in top 5 of round

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 17:08:15) And the draft has started... KC is on the clock!

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 17:20:50) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects OT Eric Fisher of Central Michigan ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 17:20:52) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects OT Eric Fisher of Central Michigan ***

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 17:23:43) Congrats to Fisher. Definitely has more upside than Joeckel, but not as polished. First non-QB to #1 since Jake Long to Miami in 2008.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 17:24:47) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects OT Luke Joeckel of Texas A&M ***

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 17:25:57) Oakland could be the first trade of the draft. Suspect there will be a lot of action this year with numerous trades.

Brian Bailey     (04-25-2013 17:26:42) Perhaps Luke Joeckel's fall behind Eric Fisher will motive future prospects to attend and compete at the Senior Bowl.

Brian Bailey     (04-25-2013 17:33:37) Miami on the clock.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 17:35:10) *** Miami Dolphins selects DE/34LB Dion Jordan of Oregon ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 17:42:48) *** Philadelphia Eagles selects OT Lane Johnson of Oklahoma ***

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 17:45:52) I like Lane Johnson to Eagles. Good fit for Chip Kelly's offense.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 17:50:48) *** Detroit Lions selects DE/34LB Ezekiel Ansah of BYU ***

Brian Bailey     (04-25-2013 17:52:09) He was very productive on Gameday at the Senior Bowl, practice not so much.

dan wernery     (04-25-2013 17:52:21) thank god I finally have nfl network. I couldn't take 3 hours of Chris Berman and Jon Gruden

Dan Carey     (04-25-2013 17:52:34) Hell, gentlemen.

Brian Bailey     (04-25-2013 17:53:00) Hello boys.

Dan Carey     (04-25-2013 17:53:00) hello**

dan wernery     (04-25-2013 17:54:30) I don't expect too many trades until later in the round with all three tackles off the board

Dan Carey     (04-25-2013 17:54:58) I expect first trades around 10-13.

Brian Bailey     (04-25-2013 17:55:07) what do you think of the Dolphins trade?

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 17:55:11) Ansah has such huge upside, but going to Detroit could mean a future bust. Not a good track record on developing rushers.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 17:55:34) *** Cleveland Browns selects DE/34LB Barkevious Mingo of LSU ***

Brian Bailey     (04-25-2013 17:55:36) I think 49ers will move up to get whoever they want.

Guest     (04-25-2013 17:55:45) who do you think the Packers are going to choose in round 1

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 17:56:37) I think the Pack will go with Eddie Lacy.

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 17:56:40) I expect the Packers to defense. A safety like Matt Elam or Jordan Cyprien makes sense

Dan Carey     (04-25-2013 17:57:24) Datone Jones is my choice.

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 17:57:36) Arizona would smart to grab Cooper with this pick

Dan Carey     (04-25-2013 17:57:47) Sly Williams would also be plausible.

Dan Carey     (04-25-2013 17:58:19) Sly for GB not ARI

Guest     (04-25-2013 17:58:33) what about montee ball

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 17:58:57) Ball will go on Day Two

Brian Bailey     (04-25-2013 17:59:27) I think it is hilarious that ESPN and the NFL Network feel threatened by the instantaneous information sharing of Twitter. Rich Eisen has been talking about it all week

Guest     (04-25-2013 17:59:53) for the packers right

Dan Carey     (04-25-2013 18:00:16) It's the new media mindset of being first...not correct.

Dan Carey     (04-25-2013 18:00:54) I'm looking at you, CNN...

Guest     (04-25-2013 18:01:17) lol

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 18:01:47) Good pick by Arizona

Guest     (04-25-2013 18:01:49) i am watching to it on NFL Network

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 18:01:53) *** Arizona Cardinals selects G Jonathan Cooper of North Carolina ***

Guest     (04-25-2013 18:02:14) yep

Brian Bailey     (04-25-2013 18:02:21) Bills run to pick Travon Austin

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 18:03:14) I'm not so sure on that. Could easily trade down letting someone else getting Tavon while they take a QB later.

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 18:03:22) Don't be surprised if they go for Geno Smith. I agree Tavon Austin is the best fit.

Guest     (04-25-2013 18:03:53) yea

Guest     (04-25-2013 18:03:54) who do you think JJ Watts brother will go to?

Guest     (04-25-2013 18:03:55) oh

Dan Carey     (04-25-2013 18:04:32) Trade

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 18:04:36) good call Doug

Guest     (04-25-2013 18:04:51) trade

Guest     (04-25-2013 18:04:51) booo

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 18:04:53) The Rams will take Tavon Austin

Guest     (04-25-2013 18:04:54) what does that mean

Dan Carey     (04-25-2013 18:05:21) Means Austin to Rams

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 18:05:44) Rams makes sense to make this move up for Tavon Austin.

Brian Bailey     (04-25-2013 18:05:57) Yep yep. another weapon for Sam Bradford.

Guest     (04-25-2013 18:06:50) where would jj watts nrother go to? i think he should go to the packers

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 18:06:51) The Rams are quietly assembling a team that could make a playoff run next year

Dan Carey     (04-25-2013 18:07:02) Bradford needs to take it to the next level this year.

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 18:07:20) Jets now have interesting choices: Warmack, Milliner, and Loutlelei... and of course Geno Smith.

Dan Carey     (04-25-2013 18:09:12) Milliner would be my guess.

Dan Carey     (04-25-2013 18:09:22) "Replace" Revis

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 18:09:46) If they want warmack he won't be there when they pick again

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 18:09:50) *** St. Louis Rams selects WR Tavon Austin of West Virginia ***

Brian Bailey     (04-25-2013 18:12:10) from Karen Henderson Snead (wife of GM) ....Kara Henderson Snead ?@KaraHenderson 1m When Les worked out Tavon... His text afterwards to me... "This guy is from another planet" ... Get psyched people!! #GoRams

matt     (04-25-2013 18:12:33) dan carey

matt     (04-25-2013 18:12:34) Dan, where are you and what is the reason we couldn't have a dp tonight? you lied to me

Dan Carey     (04-25-2013 18:12:50) You said you have class tomorrow, homie.

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 18:14:39) If the Jets don't want Warmack, they should trade down with Tennessee or San Diego

matt     (04-25-2013 18:16:00) could've held the annual DP, darn it

Brian Bailey     (04-25-2013 18:16:14) I think the Jets should Eifert. They need some kind of offensive weapon!

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 18:16:28) Chip Kelly on #4 pick Lane Johsnon "is everything you love in a football player"

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 18:17:44) *** New York Jets selects CB Dee Milliner of Alabama ***

matt     (04-25-2013 18:18:12) had class until 7 TONIGHT...not tomorrow

Dan Carey     (04-25-2013 18:18:28) damnit...

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 18:19:29) I like Milliner. As long as he was cleared by the doctors, he's an impressive cover corner. Not sure he's can replace Revis Island, though.

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 18:24:35) Warmack is a slam dunk pick here

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 18:26:16) *** Tennessee Titans selects G Chance Warmack of Alabama ***

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 18:26:35) Could SD make it 3 in a row for Bama with Fluker?

Guest     (04-25-2013 18:27:15) yes

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 18:27:16) The Raiders could still get Sharif Floyd after moving down 9 spots

Guest     (04-25-2013 18:27:16) yea

Brian Bailey     (04-25-2013 18:30:46) Who would have guess that Dan Wernery? Very good decision that could help them rebuild a competitive team.

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 18:30:56) Chris Johnson liked that pick, tweeted "THANK GOD"

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 18:31:20) *** San Diego Chargers selects OT D.J. Fluker of Alabama ***

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 18:31:42) And it's official, 3 Tide players in a row.

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 18:32:01) As a Bengals fan I am happy Fluker is off the board

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 18:33:58) Now when does the first QB come off the board? I think at 16 with Buffalo.

Brandon     (04-25-2013 18:34:43) DC where the draft party at homie?

Dan Carey     (04-25-2013 18:34:53) At the Baylor Crib, B.

Dan Carey     (04-25-2013 18:35:50) It must be nice for Raider fans knowing the Raiders won't be taking the B4A...Best 40-time available.

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 18:37:55) Not a single DT taken yet is a bit surprising.

Brian Bailey     (04-25-2013 18:38:01) Twitter comment from Nate Ravitz ESPN FAntasy Focus: Free advice to Geno Smith: If the Raiders call, pick up and say "Who? Geno Smith? Sorry, he moved"

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 18:38:46) *** Oakland Raiders selects CB D.J. Hayden of Houston ***

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 18:39:17) The ghost of Al Davis intercepted the call from the Raiders war room to the commissioner

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 18:40:17) Wow, I know Mayock fell in love with Hayden. But I have to many red flags to take him this high.

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 18:40:46) I will say this, Hayden is not a bad pick, but its hard to pass on a value like Floyd

Dan Carey     (04-25-2013 18:41:00) Typical Raider pick...

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 18:41:32) I agree, Dan. Floyd is becoming a great value as he continues to drop.

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 18:42:02) The Jets need to take Tyler Eifert with this pick.

Dan Carey     (04-25-2013 18:43:16) Too bad he won't fall to my Vikings

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 18:44:02) Eifert or Lotulelei would be great fits for the Jets.

Guest     (04-25-2013 18:45:18) 1st one

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 18:46:48) *** New York Jets selects DT Sheldon Richardson of Missouri ***

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 18:47:31) The Jets blew it again. I'm not a Sanchez fan, but you have to give him a fighting chance

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 18:48:36) Not liking this pick by the Jets. Richardson isn't the best pick on the defensive line let alone overall they could have made.

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 18:49:04) If Floyd is not picked here, something is wrong. Carolina desperately needs a defensive tackle

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 18:49:31) I think the Panthers ran up for Floyd, that was a quick pick.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 18:52:11) *** Carolina Panthers selects DT Star Lotulelei of Utah ***

Dan Carey     (04-25-2013 18:52:36) Wow...another DT ahead of Floyd

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 18:53:01) I like Lotulelei a lot. Had him as the number 1 DT until the medical report at the combine. With him cleared, he's a great value.

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 18:53:16) I like Lotulelei better than Floyd. Health is the key

Dan Carey     (04-25-2013 18:57:18) Sorry for my silence. I'm trying to pound down dinner.

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 18:57:36) First DT taken by the Panthers in the first round.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 18:59:55) *** New Orleans Saints selects S Kenny Vaccaro of Texas ***

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 19:00:34) Nice pick by the Saints based upon what fell to them.

Brian Bailey     (04-25-2013 19:01:10) Geno Smith to the Bills?

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 19:01:39) QB is likely and could begin a small QB run.

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 19:04:30) EJ Manuel?

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 19:04:40) *** Buffalo Bills selects QB EJ Manuel of Florida State ***

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 19:05:13) Did I miss something the last 4 years at Florida St. Manuel was an average quarterback at best in college

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 19:05:13) Yep, he had been rising quietly. A kind of stealth buzz.

Brian Bailey     (04-25-2013 19:06:13) Dan it has more to do with his size and athleticism than his tape I think.

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 19:07:41) He can do everything. Maybe doesn't do any of it great, but he can throw, run and make plays. But he's not ready to take games over yet.

matt     (04-25-2013 19:08:13) BUST

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 19:09:11) As Hunter Ansley says, "Like Cam Newton light with more experience and fewer stats."

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 19:09:36) You don't take raw talent as a franchise qb at #16. He looks good in shorts at the Senior Bowl and the combine, but to me its a red flag that he only 3 300 yard passing games playing against weak ACC competition in 2012.

Brian Bailey     (04-25-2013 19:11:18) trade coming up

Kell     (04-25-2013 19:11:42) Should have got gino smith smh he mightt go right to houston matt schaub getting old

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 19:12:07) DAL traded next pick (after PIT) to SF

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 19:12:13) This is where Tyler Eifert comes off the board

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 19:12:44) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects 34LB/OLB Jarvis Jones of Georgia ***

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 19:13:18) Jones looks the part of a Steeler OLB

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 19:13:59) Great fit for the Steelers, Can be utilized well in their scheme without being asked to do things he can't.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 19:14:43) *** San Francisco 49ers selects S Eric Reid of LSU ***

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 19:16:24) Reid should start right away for the Niners. Very underated

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 19:17:10) Bengal fans must be a little upset with that pick. We're probably hoping for Reid.

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 19:18:04) If Eifert is still there, the Bears should draft him.

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 19:19:36) Jordan Cyprien is still good safety fit for the Bengals and could be available when they pick early in round 2

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 19:21:12) *** New York Giants selects OT/G Justin Pugh of Syracuse ***

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 19:21:31) Great call by Mayock. Pugh was nowhere to be found in most mocks

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 19:22:01) I'm not a Pugh fan. I think he's over rated and will have to play guard at the next level.

Brian Bailey     (04-25-2013 19:25:57) I disagree with Doug but that is just me. I like what I saw at the Senior Bowl overall.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 19:28:42) *** Chicago Bears selects OT Kyle Long of Oregon ***

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 19:29:29) The Bears needed to improve the line, but this is a bit of a reach.

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 19:29:30) Not a good value pick here. The Bears could have picked the same caliber of lineman in round 2.

Brian Bailey     (04-25-2013 19:30:09) Alec Ogletree

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 19:30:45) Either Ogletree of Eifert based on the quickness of this pick.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 19:34:26) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects TE Tyler Eifert of Notre Dame ***

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 19:34:52) Another playmaker for Andy Dalton

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 19:40:02) Xavier Rhodes should be the pick for the Falcons

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 19:40:41) *** Atlanta Falcons selects CB Desmond Trufant of Washington ***

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 19:40:54) Right position, wrong player, Dan

Brian Bailey     (04-25-2013 19:42:00) personal fouls coming from his fiery spirit

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 19:42:48) Trufant is a talker, a leader and a fighter. A great pick by Atlanta.

Anonymous     (04-25-2013 19:45:08) ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod

Dan Carey     (04-25-2013 19:45:49) Floyd's fall should finally end at Minnesota.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 19:46:02) *** Minnesota Vikings selects DT Sharrif Floyd of Florida ***

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 19:47:01) Great value, and can line up next to some experienced players that can help him become a dominant inside man.

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 19:47:26) Now Xavier Rhodes should be the pick here. The Colts have nobody opposite Vontae Davis

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 19:50:28) Hopefully Mant'i Teo's new imaginary girlfriend is helping him through the waiting game.

Dan Carey     (04-25-2013 19:51:06) Aww. That's good he got a girl on his rebound.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 19:51:49) *** Indianapolis Colts selects DE/34LB Bjoern Werner of Florida State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 19:54:12) I think Werner is going to be a stud, and definitely will be a huge impact on offenses for the Colts D.

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 19:54:21) Keenan Allen would be a good fit for the Vikings after losing Percy Harvin

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 19:54:48) *** Minnesota Vikings selects CB Xavier Rhodes of Florida State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 19:55:35) Best corner on the board after taking the best tackle on the board. Seem to be following the more old school format of drafting for the Vikings.

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 19:55:50) Good value pick by the Vikings.

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 19:56:56) Doug, your scenario of Eddie Lacy makes sense here for Green Bay

Dan Carey     (04-25-2013 19:57:42) Little surprised Vikings went corner. They must have looked at WR and saw just about everyone sitting there figuring they can snag one tomorrow.

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 19:58:32) Yeah, no one I really like better for the Pack at this point.

Brian Bailey     (04-25-2013 20:00:00) Packers do need a running game!

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 20:01:20) *** Green Bay Packers selects DE Datone Jones of UCLA ***

Brian Bailey     (04-25-2013 20:01:22) or not

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 20:02:20) Well, I did have him rated higher than Eddie Lacy. Just not sure how much playing time he can get.

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 20:04:05) There really aren't too many every down backs in the draft. I would not be surprised if zero running backs go in round 1.

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 20:05:26) If Philly wants Geno Smith, they may need to trade up. Jacksonville is also high on Geno Smith.

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 20:08:50) I think someone will trade up and get a QB before the night is over. Most likey Geno.

Dan'sSecretMaleLover     (04-25-2013 20:09:19) Where my T'eo at?!

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 20:09:33) *** Green Bay Packers selects WR DeAndre Hopkins of Clemson ***

Dan Carey     (04-25-2013 20:09:41) Day 2

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 20:10:46) That should be Houston selects DeAndre Hopkins

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 20:10:59) *** Green Bay Packers selects DE Datone Jones of UCLA ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 20:11:15) *** Houston Texans selects WR DeAndre Hopkins of Clemson ***

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 20:14:29) Hopkins will be good lining up opposite Johnson. Houston has been searching for a second receiver for years.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 20:16:03) *** Denver Broncos selects DT Sylvester Williams of North Carolina ***

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 20:17:42) Bet the Patriots trade down.

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 20:18:12) Vikings = Te'o else Geno

Dan Carey     (04-25-2013 20:22:28) Won't be Geno. Manti or WR.

Dan Carey     (04-25-2013 20:23:43) 80% Patterson...20% Manti

Brian Bailey     (04-25-2013 20:23:53) Manti Te'o

Dan Carey     (04-25-2013 20:24:33) I'd be shocked

Guest     (04-25-2013 20:28:01) So how far is Geno going to fall

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 20:28:41) I think Geno goes to either Jacksonville or Philly in early round 2

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 20:30:21) *** Minnesota Vikings selects WR Cordarrelle Patterson of Tennessee ***

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 20:33:12) Great pick by Vikings. Patterson has a similar skill set to Percy Harvin

Chris Wilson     (04-25-2013 20:34:40) A little steep for a wideout

Brian Bailey     (04-25-2013 20:34:45) I hope so the Vikings gave a lot to get him.

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 20:35:26) They spent a lot for a project receiver that still needs to develop. He is going to have work to replace Percy Harvin.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 20:37:05) *** St. Louis Rams selects ILB Alec Ogletree of Georgia ***

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 20:38:29) Jeff Fisher is not afraid to draft players with character issues. See Janoris Jenkins last year

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 20:39:42) I like Ogletree, someone I was hoping for in Chicago.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 20:42:52) *** Dallas Cowboys selects G/C Travis Frederick of Wisconsin ***

Dan Wernery     (04-25-2013 20:44:01) Has Jerry Jones replaced Al Davis as the worst owner/GM?

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 20:44:43) Looks that way

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-25-2013 20:44:56) *** Baltimore Ravens selects S Matt Elam of Florida ***

Brian Bailey     (04-25-2013 20:45:09) the answer to the QB is 1. nd not Manti Te'o

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 20:45:41) So who's the top 3 and bottom 3 teams from day 1?

Brian Bailey     (04-25-2013 20:49:02) Not a sexy draft but games are won and lost in the trenches. Many teams were able to improve in the trenches.

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2013 20:50:30) My Top 3: St Louis, Minnesota and Baltimore. My Bottom 3: Dallas, New York Giants, and Chicago.

Chris Wilson     (04-25-2013 21:02:45) The Rams, Patriots, and 49's(for trading up and getting a starter) for the winners. The Chicago Bears(over drafted and other needs), the Dallas Cowboys(for trading down and missing out on a need at starter), and last The Giants(they over drafted and missed the boat on play makers on either side of the ball)

Brian Bailey     (04-25-2013 21:07:03) Top 4: Phi, St. Louis, Buffalo, Minnesota Bottom 3: Dallas, Chicago, GB

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 15:18:32) Getting ready for rounds 2 and 3!

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 15:27:46) Some top players available: QB Matt Barkley, WR Keenan Allen, QB Geno Smith, CB Johnathan Banks, RB Eddie Lacy, ILB Manti Te'o

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 15:37:50) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects S Jonathan Cyprien of Florida International ***

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 15:39:36) A nice pick, the Jaguars defense needed some secondary help.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 15:43:36) *** Tennessee Titans selects WR Justin Hunter of Tennessee ***

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 15:45:26) Not sure it was worth moving up for the Titans, I have a few receivers graded about the same.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 15:49:25) *** Philadelphia Eagles selects TE Zach Ertz of Stanford ***

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 15:50:36) Kelly may not be able to run the same offense that he ran at Oregon, but he is putting together an athletic offense.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 15:55:38) *** Detroit Lions selects CB Darius Slay of Mississippi State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 15:57:22) Some depth at CB was needed, but his medical concern makes me wonder on this pick at this point.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 15:59:48) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects RB Giovani Bernard of North Carolina ***

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 16:00:49) A change of pace back with return skills. Needs to improve his pass blocking skills.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 16:02:59) *** San Diego Chargers selects ILB Manti Te'o of Notre Dame ***

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 16:04:41) Te'o is a much better fit for SD than he ever was for MIN or CHI. His skills fit a 3-4 much better.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 16:08:28) *** New York Jets selects QB Geno Smith of West Virginia ***

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 16:09:14) I'm not sold on Geno Smith, but he's a good value here. Problem, is the rest of the offense still sucks.

chris wilson     (04-26-2013 16:09:18) LACEY for the bengals

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 16:14:38) Everyone knew Jets wanted Geno Smith at 39, and no one tried to cut the line in front of them to get him.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 16:16:05) *** San Francisco 49ers selects DE Cornellius Tank Carradine of Florida State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 16:18:19) *** Buffalo Bills selects WR Robert Woods of USC ***

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 16:18:57) I like Tank, a nice rusher and a decent value in round 2. 49ers having a solid draft.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 16:20:02) Bills make the necessary pick to help the offense and their QB situation by adding Woods who will work opposite Stevie Johnson.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 16:21:29) Suspect Oakland will take CB Johnathan Banks here.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 16:24:08) *** Oakland Raiders selects OT Menelik Watson of Florida State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 16:25:10) Watson is a true athlete, but extremely raw with only 1 year of experience at right tackle.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 16:26:14) *** Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects CB Johnthan Banks of Mississippi State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 16:26:56) Banks opposite Revis, this can be a huge upgrade for the Bucs secondary after a dismal season last year.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 16:32:23) *** Carolina Panthers selects DT Kawann Short of Purdue ***

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 16:33:59) Great player when he puts the effort in. Just doesn't always play.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 16:34:15) *** Arizona Cardinals selects ILB Kevin Minter of LSU ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 16:35:48) *** Buffalo Bills selects ILB Kiko Alonso of Oregon ***

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 16:38:56) LB Kevin Minter: Instinctive and physical, Minter proved the most consistent player for ultra-talented LSU defense in 2012

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 16:39:36) Besides the maturity concerns off the field. Kiko Alonso possesses significant range, athleticism, and closing speed in short areas

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 16:41:16) *** Dallas Cowboys selects TE Gavin Escobar of San Diego State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 16:43:37) A big slow tight end, who does catch everything. As a second TE, not a bad move... but I don't think he's a number 1.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 16:43:46) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects RB Le'Veon Bell of Michigan State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 16:44:52) RB Le'Veon Bell: Big man w/forward lean & pop, light feet; average speed won?t translate well; reliable receiving, pass pro

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 16:45:16) *** New York Giants selects DT Johnathan Hankins of Ohio State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 16:46:50) Hankins is a 2-down run-stopping tackle that can needs to develop a more consistent work ethic.

Brian Bailey     (04-26-2013 16:47:05) Did Moneyball just get a reference on the NFL Network Draft coverage? I think so.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 16:50:13) *** Chicago Bears selects ILB Jonathan Bostic of Florida ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 16:52:02) *** Washington Redskins selects CB David Amerson of North Carolina State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 16:53:49) Bostic's stock has been rising, but I'm not sold on him. Still seems more like a 3rd round pick. I think Arthur Brown would have been a better selection at LB.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 16:54:09) CB David Amerson: Emerged last year w/NCAA-record 13 INTs; aggressive nature, mental errors get him in trouble in coverage

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 16:56:55) *** New England Patriots selects 34LB/OLB Jamie Collins of Southern Miss ***

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 16:59:46) Jamie Collins is one of the last pure pass rushers left. And Belichick loves to get after the QB.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 17:02:02) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects DE Margus Hunt of SMU ***

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 17:03:12) Magus Hunt is a beast, a giant of a man who blocks kicks along with pass rushing. Very raw and will need to be coached up.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 17:03:31) *** Miami Dolphins selects CB Jamar Taylor of Boise State ***

Brian Bailey     (04-26-2013 17:08:25) this is where the Draft coverage fails to cover the Draft. Instead they cove the three stories they wanted to cover to get the highest ratings

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 17:10:08) *** San Francisco 49ers selects TE Vance McDonald of Rice ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 17:11:40) *** Baltimore Ravens selects OLB/ILB Arthur Brown of Kansas State ***

Brian Bailey     (04-26-2013 17:12:14) Vance McDonald will be a great redzone weapon for Kaepernick and the 49ers.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 17:12:51) Arthur Brown is a great selection, and may not replace Ray Lewis, but will be an impact player for the Ravens.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 17:13:05) TE Vance McDonald: WR-TE hybrid. Flashed at Sr. Bowl and offers exciting upside - just don't expect much as an in-line blocker

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 17:17:05) *** Houston Texans selects S D.J. Swearinger of South Carolina ***

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 17:19:15) Swearinger is a hitter and can really tackle. He isn't the most versatile safety out there, but he plays on special teams and is rock-solid

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 17:20:32) *** Denver Broncos selects RB Montee Ball of Wisconsin ***

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 17:23:09) I really like Montee Ball, a solid runner who gets better the more he gets the rock.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 17:26:40) *** New England Patriots selects WR Aaron Dobson of Marshall ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 17:28:43) *** Atlanta Falcons selects CB Robert Alford of Southeastern Louisiana ***

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 17:29:32) CB Robert Alford: Dominated lower level and impressed w/athleticism and physicality against top competition at the SR Bowl

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 17:34:15) *** Green Bay Packers selects RB Eddie Lacy of Alabama ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 17:37:31) *** Seattle Seahawks selects RB Christine Michael of Texas A&M ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 17:42:25) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects TE Travis Kelce of Cincinnati ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 17:43:52) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects CB Dwayne Gratz of Connecticut ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 17:45:53) *** Detroit Lions selects G Larry Warford of Kentucky ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 17:52:15) *** Oakland Raiders selects 34LB/OLB Sio Moore of Connecticut ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 17:52:28) *** Philadelphia Eagles selects DT Bennie Logan of LSU ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 17:58:13) *** Cleveland Browns selects CB Leon McFadden of San Diego State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 18:00:21) *** Arizona Cardinals selects CB Tyrann Mathieu of LSU ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 18:07:12) *** Tennessee Titans selects CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson of Connecticut ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 18:07:27) *** St. Louis Rams selects S T.J. McDonald of USC ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 18:11:23) *** New York Jets selects OT/G Brian Winters of Kent State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 18:12:58) *** Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects QB Mike Glennon of North Carolina State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 18:16:51) *** Dallas Cowboys selects WR Terrance Williams of Baylor ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 18:24:37) *** New Orleans Saints selects OT Terron Armstead of Arkansas Pine Bluff ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 18:27:00) *** San Diego Chargers selects WR Keenan Allen of California ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 18:31:14) *** Miami Dolphins selects OT/G Dallas Thomas of Tennessee ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 18:36:19) *** Buffalo Bills selects WR Marquise Goodwin of Texas ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 18:36:29) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects WR Markus Wheaton of Oregon State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 18:36:41) *** Dallas Cowboys selects S J.J. Wilcox of Georgia Southern ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 18:36:48) *** New York Giants selects DE/34LB Damontre Moore of Texas A&M ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 18:38:40) *** New Orleans Saints selects DT John Jenkins of Georgia ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 18:41:22) *** New England Patriots selects CB Logan Ryan of Rutgers ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 18:46:32) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects S Shawn Williams of Georgia ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 18:47:54) *** Washington Redskins selects TE Jordan Reed of Florida ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 18:49:49) *** Indianapolis Colts selects G Hugh Thornton of Illinois ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 18:52:29) *** Seattle Seahawks selects DT Jordan Hill of Penn State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 18:55:24) *** San Francisco 49ers selects DE/34LB Corey Lemonier of Auburn ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 19:00:14) *** Houston Texans selects OT Brennan Williams of North Carolina ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 19:02:53) *** Denver Broncos selects CB Kayvon Webster of USF ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 19:11:51) *** New England Patriots selects S Duron Harmon of Rutgers ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 19:12:57) *** St. Louis Rams selects WR Stedman Bailey of West Virginia ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 19:14:37) *** Miami Dolphins selects CB Will Davis of Utah State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 19:17:48) *** Baltimore Ravens selects DT Brandon Williams of Missouri Southern State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 19:23:42) *** Houston Texans selects DE Sam Montgomery of LSU ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 19:26:31) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects RB Knile Davis of Arkansas ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2013 19:29:12) *** Tennessee Titans selects OLB Zaviar Gooden of Missouri ***

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 19:31:42) Day 2 Winners and Losers coming up...

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2013 19:39:39) 3 Winners for Day 2: Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, Green Bay Packers and 3 Losers for Day 2: Chicago Bears, New England Patriots, New York Jets,

Chris Wilson     (04-26-2013 19:44:25) The three losers: Cowboys(over drafted every player), Chicago bears(continue to miss drafting starting talent), New York Jets(need play makers on offense and should have waited to draft a QB)

Brian Bailey     (04-26-2013 19:45:05) Winners of Day 2: Rams, 49ers, Bengals, GB turned their draft around getting Lacy in the 3rd round instead of getting him in the first round. GB desperately needs to improve their running game. Losers: Cardinals drafting Honey Badger in the 3rd round, Jets made the starting QB position more complicated by drafting Geno Smith without adding any WR to throw to. Raiders are falling behind in the AFC West.

Chris Wilson     (04-26-2013 19:48:29) The three winners: San Francisco(rich gets richer), St. Louis(amazing what a real football guy can do), The Bengals(got what they needed and at great value)

Guest     (04-27-2013 06:30:16) Did Ben Obaseki from Indiana state university get drafted?

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 06:30:46) Ben Obaseki has not been drafted as of yet.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 09:05:01) Draft day 3 kicks off with a trade!

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 09:06:48) *** Philadelphia Eagles selects QB Matt Barkley of USC ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 09:09:38) Great value. Chip Kelly knows Barkley well and will know how to utilize him.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 09:11:04) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects ILB Nico Johnson of Alabama ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 09:15:15) *** Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects DT Akeem Spence of Illinois ***

Guest     (04-27-2013 09:17:42) What does Barkley pick mean for Nick Foles

Steve     (04-27-2013 09:17:43) What does Barkley pick mean for Nick Foles? Does it say anything about the future of the Eagles offense under Chip Kelly?

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 09:19:14) Says Nick Foles is likely out in Philly. Kelly will give him a chance to compete with Barkley for a spot on the roster, and there is a slim chance both make it.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 09:21:05) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects WR Ace Sanders of South Carolina ***

Steve     (04-27-2013 09:21:21) who are the top guys left on your board?

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 09:21:30) *** New England Patriots selects WR Josh Boyce of TCU ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 09:22:36) Top Players Available on our Board: OLB Khaseem Greene, DT Jesse Williams, CB Jordan Poyer, QB Tyler Wilson, 34LB Alex Okafor

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 09:23:23) *** Arizona Cardinals selects DE/34LB Alex Okafor of Texas ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 09:27:25) *** Miami Dolphins selects OLB Jelani Jenkins of Florida ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 09:30:14) Think Buffalo will be looking defensive with this pick, maybe Greene, OLB Sean Porter, or CB Nickell Robey

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 09:31:16) *** Buffalo Bills selects S Duke Williams of Nevada ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 09:33:43) *** Miami Dolphins selects TE Dion Sims of Michigan State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 09:35:42) I like the Sims pick. They can use him to help block and still be an outlet for Tannehill.

Patrick     (04-27-2013 09:35:53) What do you think of the Dolphins draft so far?

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 09:36:52) I like the Dolphins draft, a solid one with getting good talent at proper value that meet their needs.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 09:37:01) *** Tennessee Titans selects C Brian Schwenke of California ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 09:39:12) I was not impressed with Schwenke at the Senior Bowl. He dropped in rankings from what I saw there.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 09:40:51) *** Carolina Panthers selects G Edmund Kugbila of Valdosta St. ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 09:42:16) *** Green Bay Packers selects OT David Bakhtiari of Colorado ***

Patrick     (04-27-2013 09:42:22) Who lasts longer on the Jets roster: Tebow or Sanchez?

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 09:43:16) Sanchez lasts longer. Tebow hasn't been given a chance in NY, and I don't think that will change. Rex obviously doesn't think highly of Tebow.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 09:45:01) *** New York Giants selects QB Ryan Nassib of Syracuse ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 09:48:33) A bit surprising that the Giants moved up for Nassib to me. A decent value in the 4th round and could develop behind Eli.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 09:49:21) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects S Shamarko Thomas of Syracuse ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 09:50:53) Shamarko Thomas is a hard hitting safety who likes contact. A definite Steeler mindset.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 09:51:52) *** Oakland Raiders selects QB Tyler Wilson of Arkansas ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 09:53:15) Great move by Oakland. I'm not sold on Matt Flynn, and Wilson is someone who can challenge him for the start.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 09:54:04) *** St. Louis Rams selects G/C Barrett Jones of Alabama ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 09:54:57) Fantastic pick by the Rams. Jones has played every position on the O-Line. Offers great versatility and intelligent player.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 09:55:43) *** Dallas Cowboys selects CB B.W. Webb of William & Mary ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 09:57:09) A nice pick by Dallas, one of their better ones. BW Webb offers return skills along with nickel corner that could develop into a guy who can handle the outside.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 09:58:23) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects QB Landry Jones of Oklahoma ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 10:01:08) Intriguing pick by the Steelers. I think this was a little high for Landry who doesn't offer much upside in my opinion. Better QB picks for them would have been Tyler Bray or Brad Sorenson.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 10:01:23) *** Arizona Cardinals selects G Earl Watford of James Madison ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 10:03:09) Top Players on the board: OLB Khaseem Greene, DT Jesse Williams, CB Jordan Poyer, RB Andre Ellington, WR Quinton Patton, WR Da'Rick Rogers

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 10:03:23) *** Chicago Bears selects OLB Khaseem Greene of Rutgers ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 10:04:00) Best pick by the Bears so far. Getting value with Greene instead of reaching like their last picks.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 10:08:15) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects OLB Sean Porter of Texas A&M ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 10:09:25) Porter started the season higher on the board, but some struggles and lack of speed caused him to drop. However, he's a talented OLB who is better in zone coverage than man and is strong against the run.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 10:09:59) *** Washington Redskins selects S Phillip Thomas of Fresno State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 10:12:14) *** Minnesota Vikings selects OLB Gerald Hodges of Penn State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 10:13:50) LB Gerald Hodges: Not as flashy as stars from Linebacker U have been, but proved more than product of system at Shrine Game

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 10:19:29) *** Indianapolis Colts selects C Khaled Holmes of USC ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 10:19:52) *** Green Bay Packers selects G JC Tretter of Cornell ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 10:20:05) *** Seattle Seahawks selects WR Chris Harper of Kansas State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 10:24:33) *** Houston Texans selects 34LB/OLB Trevardo Williams of Connecticut ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 10:27:35) *** Green Bay Packers selects RB Johnathan Franklin of UCLA ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 10:28:35) Packers back up their Lacy pick with Franklin, one of the best pass blocking backs in the draft and will be a nice change of pace from Lacy.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 10:31:46) *** Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects DE William Gholston of Michigan State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 10:34:11) DE William Gholston: Powerfully-built 5Tech DE. Ran hot and cold at MSU. Cousin of notable Jets bust Vernon Gholston

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 10:34:24) *** Atlanta Falcons selects DE/34LB Malliciah Goodman of Clemson ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 10:34:49) Trevardo Williams is smallish so may project inside or be able to rush outside in sub packages.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 10:37:44) I'm not high on Goodman, seems to lack the instincts of DE. Thought he might have been better lining up outside.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 10:37:50) *** San Francisco 49ers selects WR Quinton Patton of Louisiana Tech ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 10:39:41) Great value for the 49ers, I had Patton with a second round grade. Not sure why he dropped, had to either be medical or interviews.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 10:39:52) WR Quinton Patton: Slippery route-runner w/soft hands, surprising physicality as a downfield blocker. Highly competitive

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 10:42:15) *** Baltimore Ravens selects DE John Simon of Ohio State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 10:43:45) *** Baltimore Ravens selects FB Kyle Juszczyk of Harvard ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 10:44:10) Like the pick by the Ravens. Don't drop Simon in coverage, but few work harder on the field. And off it.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 10:46:42) *** San Francisco 49ers selects RB Marcus Lattimore of South Carolina ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 10:47:27) Juszczyk is a nice H-Back with solid blocking that is comfortable in space.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 10:48:31) Great pick by the 49ers who can "red-shirt" Lattimore while he recovers from one of the worst knee injuries I've watched. His upside is worth the risk that they can take.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 10:50:14) *** Detroit Lions selects DE Devin Taylor of South Carolina ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 10:53:49) *** Atlanta Falcons selects TE Levine Toilolo of Stanford ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 10:54:09) DE Devin Taylor: Better-looking player on paper than on field due to rough flexibility. Boosted cause with strong Shrine Game

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 10:58:01) TE Levine Toilolo: Imposing blocker, short-area receiver who'd earned starting job over Fleener, Ertz before ACL

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 10:58:21) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects CB Sanders Commings of Georgia ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 11:00:56) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects RB/WR Denard Robinson of Michigan ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 11:03:38) *** Philadelphia Eagles selects S Earl Wolff of North Carolina State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 11:05:58) S Earl Wolff: Aggressive defender who plays up to his surname. Former RB w/solid build despite less-than-ideal height

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 11:06:50) It will be interesting to see how Jacksonville uses Denard Robinson. A talented athlete who will be making the change from QB... or will he?

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 11:08:43) *** Seattle Seahawks selects DT Jesse Williams of Alabama ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 11:09:24) Top Players on the Board: CB Jordan Poyer, RB Andre Ellington, WR Da'Rick Rogers, ILB Kevin Reddick, OLB Chase Thomas

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 11:09:54) *** Seattle Seahawks selects CB Tharold Simon of LSU ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 11:12:03) DT Jesse Williams: Stout run defender w/exp. at NG, 5-tech DE. Offers unusual strength, athleticism, but durability concerns.

Guest     (04-27-2013 11:12:07) Who was your favorite 4th round pick?

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 11:13:59) That's tough, it would probably be one of the two RBs. Lattimore getting a chance to slowly return and build up and take over for in Gore the following year could be huge. Also Franklin is a talented back and with Lacy makes Green Bay's weakness last year a strength this year.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 11:15:19) *** Indianapolis Colts selects DT Montori Hughes of UT-Martin ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 11:19:03) DT Montori Hughes: Intriguing talent boasting size, athleticism. Originally signed with Tennessee. Character red-flags

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 11:21:08) *** Arizona Cardinals selects RB Stepfan Taylor of Stanford ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 11:22:42) *** New York Jets selects OT Oday Aboushi of Virginia ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 11:25:58) RB Stepfan Taylor: Star of Stanford offense w/o Luck; not fastest or strongest, but tough who won?t leave yards on field

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 11:26:07) Oday Aboushi: Combative LT whose lack of athleticism, balance was exposed in Mobile. Potential starter at G in power scheme.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 11:26:15) *** Tennessee Titans selects DE Lavar Edwards of LSU ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 11:29:01) *** Buffalo Bills selects S Jonathan Meeks of Clemson ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 11:29:36) DE Lavar Edwards: Relegated to backup duties but flashed enough burst, physicality to intrigue, tied with Mingo in sacks in 2012.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 11:30:55) Best Players Available: CB Jodan Poyer, RB Andre Ellington, WR Da'Rick Rogers, ILB Kevin Reddick, OLB Chase Thomas

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 11:32:43) *** New Orleans Saints selects WR Kenny Stills of Oklahoma ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 11:34:43) *** San Diego Chargers selects CB Steve Williams of California ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 11:37:11) *** Miami Dolphins selects DE/34LB Quanterus Smith of Western Kentucky ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 11:38:11) DE Quanterus Smith: Led NCAA in sacks (including 3 vs. Alabama) before ACL tear.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 11:38:53) Jonathan Meeks: Physical, tough safety who showed ability to hold up against the run and pass; productive 2012

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 11:39:02) WR Kenny Stills: Highly productive player with impressive measureables. Some character red-flags, but no questioning talent

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 11:39:11) CB Steve Williams: Started every game last 2 years w/good production; doesn?t look like much physically, but has NFL speed

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 11:44:40) *** Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects DE Steven Means of Buffalo ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 11:44:50) *** Carolina Panthers selects ILB A.J. Klein of Iowa State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 11:45:14) *** St. Louis Rams selects CB Brandon McGee of Miami (FL) ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 11:47:47) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects CB Terry Hawthorne of Illinois ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 11:48:49) DE Steven Means: Stood out as a senior (78 tackles, 12 TFL) with tweener skill-set but NFL speed (4.68) and upside

Guest     (04-27-2013 11:48:50) You would think that Jacksonville would have learned from the last converted QB.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 11:49:34) Jacksonville has shown they have a very short memory. Guess losing so much does that.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 11:49:45) *** Dallas Cowboys selects RB Joseph Randle of Oklahoma State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 11:52:56) LB AJ Klein: Battle-tested with productive resume...hard-nosed tackler with good instincts and underrated play speed

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 11:53:18) CB Brandon McGee: Athletic specimen with fluidity, but beat too often; needs to develop his instincts; up/down career, NFL upside

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 11:53:35) CB Terry Hawthorne: 4-year starter, but durability is a red flag; versatile athleticism with aggressiveness and timing

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 11:54:56) *** New York Giants selects S Cooper Taylor of Richmond ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 11:56:56) *** Atlanta Falcons selects RB Chris Thompson of Florida State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 11:57:22) RB Joseph Randle: Faster on the field than in workouts due to the fact that he played at 195. Good quickness and vision.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 11:57:58) S Cooper Taylor: Tall, long athlete looks like LB; Ex-Ga Tech, dealt with a heart issue; physical downhill, plays with high aggression

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 11:58:50) *** Atlanta Falcons selects DE/34LB Stansly Maponga of TCU ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 11:59:05) *** Washington Redskins selects RB Chris Thompson of Florida State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 11:59:32) DE Stansly Maponga: Good blend of quickness/power with NFL size, but needs to stay healthy.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 11:59:46) *** Minnesota Vikings selects P Jeff Locke of UCLA ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 12:01:05) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects OT Tanner Hawkinson of Kansas ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 12:03:55) *** San Francisco 49ers selects DE Quinton Dial of Alabama ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 12:05:17) *** Seattle Seahawks selects TE Luke Willson of Rice ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 12:08:14) RB Chris Thompson: Speedy back with nice acceleration. Can take it all the way, but struggles to stay healthy.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 12:08:44) P Jeff Locke: A strong punter with toughness as he played through a shoulder injury.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 12:08:57) *** Green Bay Packers selects CB Micah Hyde of Iowa ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 12:09:38) OT Tanner Hawkinson: Experienced (4 year starter) with good footwork. Needs to get stronger to compete in the NFL.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 12:10:47) DE Quinton Dial: A technician JUCO transfer that was part of a great rotation at Alabama.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 12:12:22) *** St. Louis Rams selects RB Zac Stacy of Vanderbilt ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 12:14:13) TE Luke Wilson: A speedy tight end that can get down the seam. Not much production in 2012.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 12:14:25) *** Denver Broncos selects WR Tavarres King of Georgia ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 12:15:21) CB Micah Hyde: A zone corner with excellent instincts and strength.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 12:17:05) RB Zac Stacy: Rushed for over 1000 yards the last 2 years. Is a decisive, tough downhill runner.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 12:17:41) *** Washington Redskins selects DE/34LB Brandon Jenkins of Florida State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 12:18:35) WR Tavarres King: A tall WR that has a large target zone, but can loose concentration.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 12:20:08) *** Chicago Bears selects OT Jordan Mills of Louisiana Tech ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 12:24:43) *** Miami Dolphins selects RB Mike Gillislee of Florida ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 12:26:39) DE/34LB Brandon Jenkins: Missed 2012 with Lisfranc injury. Dominant in 2010, but not as impressive in 2011. Not sure which Jenkins the Redskins will get.

Guest     (04-27-2013 12:26:42) Who are your best available prospects?

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 12:28:37) My best available: CB Jordan Poyer, RB Andre Ellington, WR Da'Rick Rogers, ILB Kevin Reddick, OLB Chase Thomas, S Tony Jefferson, G Alvin Bailey, WR Ryan Swope, DE Michael Buchanan, OT Ricky Wagner

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 12:30:28) *** Detroit Lions selects P Sam Martin of Appalachian State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 12:31:29) *** Miami Dolphins selects K Caleb Sturgis of Florida ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 12:32:26) OT Jordan Mills: Athletic right tackle with a great base that can open up lanes.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 12:34:00) RB Mike Gillislee: A shifty runner that keeps moving downfield.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 12:35:10) P Sam Martin: Was both kicker and punter for App St. Very consistent and accurate punter.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 12:35:22) *** Green Bay Packers selects DT Josh Boyd of Mississippi State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 12:36:41) K Caleb Sturgis: Strong legged kicker (has a long of 56-yards) who hit 24 of 28 field goals in 2012.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 12:37:04) *** Baltimore Ravens selects OT Ricky Wagner of Wisconsin ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 12:41:42) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects S Josh Evans of Florida ***

Marc Sluis     (04-27-2013 12:42:18) Chip Kelly said he'd take Rajon Rondo as ultimate QB. Probable 5th Rounder #Kentucky QB Rondo, good height, speed, vision. Major project tho

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 12:42:42) DT Josh Boyd: Better in space. Struggles to shed blocks. Needs talent around him.

Guest     (04-27-2013 12:43:16) Any potential gems selected in round 5?

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 12:43:35) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects C Eric Kush of California (PA) ***

Marc Sluis     (04-27-2013 12:44:16) Tyler Bray with Gruden. Doesn't want to be there. Admitted his preperation was 7 or 8 out of 10. Arm Talent: A+ Intangibles/Interview Grade: D-

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 12:46:05) 5th Round Potential Gems: RB Stepfan Taylor ARI, WR Kenny Stills NO, WR Tavarres King DEN. Each of these guys could make a big impact and become a stud, but none are guaranteed.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 12:47:01) OT Ricky Wagner: A solid player that will be best either at RT or G. Won't be making pro-bowls.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 12:47:13) *** Detroit Lions selects WR Corey Fuller of Virginia Tech ***

Marc Sluis     (04-27-2013 12:48:00) Andre Ellington is so much faster than the 4.61 he ran. Could be great value for anyone here. Ryan Swope ran 4.34 and a hard working slot specialist. Da'Rick Rogers is 6'2, 4.52 explosive leaper and proven toughness. Unproven off field maturity. Three potential steals

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 12:49:25) S Josh Evans: Good reaction speed, but lacks NFL instincts. Not sure he'll be able to compete in the Jaguars system.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 12:51:43) *** Oakland Raiders selects TE Nick Kasa of Colorado ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 12:52:44) C Eric Kush: Excellent blocker with quick feet.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 12:53:33) WR Corey Fuller: Track guy with speed, but lacks experience. Lots of potential here.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 12:54:07) *** Denver Broncos selects OT Vince Painter of Virginia Tech ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 12:56:27) TE Nick Kasa: Nice size from a former DE with decent speed. Poor inline blocker but experience could help.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 12:56:43) *** Arizona Cardinals selects WR Ryan Swope of Texas A&M ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 12:57:25) *** Cleveland Browns selects S Jamoris Slaughter of Notre Dame ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 13:01:38) *** Houston Texans selects OT/G David Quessenberry of San Jose State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 13:02:21) OT Vince Painter: High upside player that made the switch from DT to OT.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 13:03:26) WR Ryan Swope: Ran a 4.34 at the combine and is the all-time leading receiver at Texas A&M with 252 catches.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 13:03:50) *** Buffalo Bills selects K Dustin Hopkins of Florida State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 13:05:00) S Jamoris Slaughter: Instinctive safety with good range, but missed most of 2012 with a torn achilles.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 13:06:16) OT David Quessenberry: Can play at the next level and shows positional diversity that could develop into a LT.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 13:07:54) *** New York Jets selects DT William Campbell of Michigan ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 13:08:53) K Dustin Hopkins: Went 25 for 30 in field goals in 2012. Strong leg that can hit long field goals and kick off.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 13:09:47) *** San Diego Chargers selects DE Tourek Williams of Florida International ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 13:11:30) DT William Campbell: Was a highly touted high school player that never made the impact expected, but has the size to still develop into an impact player.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 13:12:36) DE Tourek Williams: 6.5 sacks from FIU in 2012 showing good production.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 13:13:15) *** San Francisco 49ers selects OLB Nick Moody of Florida State ***

Marc Sluis     (04-27-2013 13:16:14) Don't get Blount trade for Patroits. I trust Belichik but this one raises an eyebrow. I'd rather have Jeff Demps, let alone Demps + 7th rounder IMO

Marc Sluis     (04-27-2013 13:17:53) Swope was a nice pick to pair with Fitzgerald & Floyd. Good slot receiver with speed and hands. Was productive as well. Love it!!

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 13:20:07) *** Oakland Raiders selects RB Latavius Murray of UCF ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 13:20:19) *** Carolina Panthers selects RB Kenjon Barner of Oregon ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 13:21:05) Seems he felt Demps wasn't going to stick around with his desire to run track. So if you're going to lose him anyway, might as well try to get something for him.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 13:22:29) OLB Nick Moody: Inconsistent OLB that has good range and speed, but needs to get stronger.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 13:23:22) I agree, a nice pick for Arizona. They needed some help to have a chance to compete in the NFC West, and Swope helps.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 13:24:11) RB Latavius Murray: A late draft riser who projects as a speedy change of pace back.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 13:27:04) *** New Orleans Saints selects DE Rufus Johnson of Tarleton State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 13:27:22) *** Houston Texans selects TE Mychal Rivera of Tennessee ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 13:28:10) RB Kenjon Barner: Big play threat with combined quickness and speed at both RB and KR.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 13:30:35) DE Rufus Johnson: Extremely productive at Tarleton St, but hasn't shown he can compete against top talent yet.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 13:31:22) *** Dallas Cowboys selects OLB DeVonte Holloman of South Carolina ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 13:32:45) TE Mychal Rivera: Solid receiving TE with soft hands who has excellent athleticism.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 13:33:46) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects WR Justin Brown of Oklahoma ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 13:36:16) LB DeVonte Holloman: Originally played strong safety and may be more of a tweener LB/SS.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 13:37:15) *** Arizona Cardinals selects RB Andre Ellington of Clemson ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 13:39:40) WR Justin Brown: One of the kids that left Penn St after the scandal, he is an athletic receiver who can also play on special teams.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 13:40:00) *** Chicago Bears selects 34LB/OLB Cornelius Washington of Georgia ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 13:44:16) *** Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects RB Mike James of Miami (FL) ***

Marc Sluis     (04-27-2013 13:44:31) Da'Rick Rogers still available....unbelievable. Hate to speculate but is there some off field issue we don't know about beyond UT exit?

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 13:45:49) That or he didn't interview very well. I'm shocked he's still available too. Probably will get picked by the 49ers.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 13:46:56) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects RB Rex Burkhead of Nebraska ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 13:49:49) RB Andre Ellington: A great value pick, Ellington plays with a great burst and agility to get downfield.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 13:51:43) 34LB/OLB Cornelius Washington: Inconsistent and streaky, will be expected to step up in Chicago or will be discarded.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 13:52:58) RB Mike James: A decent back that can do it all (run/catch/block), but isn't great at anything.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 13:53:51) RB Rex Burkhead was rising up draft boards before a knee injury. A tough runner that can get the yards between the tackles.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 13:54:25) *** Washington Redskins selects S Bacarri Rambo of Georgia ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 13:54:59) *** Indianapolis Colts selects S John Boyett of Oregon ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 13:58:40) *** Green Bay Packers selects DE Nate Palmer of Illinois State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 13:58:59) *** Seattle Seahawks selects RB Spencer Ware of LSU ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 13:59:24) *** Houston Texans selects WR Alan Bonner of Jacksonville State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 14:01:38) *** Minnesota Vikings selects G Jeff Baca of UCLA ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 14:02:38) S Bacarri Rambo: Aggressive playmaker that takes risks going for the ball or big hit too often.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 14:03:20) S John Boyett: Physical safety that missed most of 2012 with knee injuries.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 14:03:28) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects WR Cobi Hamilton of Arkansas ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 14:05:35) DE Nate Palmer: Will play 34LB for the Packers with good pass coverage skills.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 14:06:52) RB Spencer Ware: Hard nose runner that was a surprise early entrant. More of a goal line/short yardage back at this point.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 14:07:07) *** Houston Texans selects DT Chris Jones of Bowling Green ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 14:08:09) WR Alan Bonner: An average receiver that is very dependable.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 14:09:08) G Jeff Baca: Smart offensive lineman that plays with a mean streak.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 14:10:02) WR Cobi Hamilton: A good value pick here, a slot receiver who can make plays while catching the ball in stride.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 14:11:11) DT Chris Jones: Overly aggressive defensive tackle with a non-stop motor that can over commit.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 14:11:19) *** Detroit Lions selects RB Theo Riddick of Notre Dame ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 14:11:56) Seeing a major run of RBs here in the 6th. Some good value for these teams.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 14:13:28) *** Baltimore Ravens selects DE Kapron Lewis-Moore of Notre Dame ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 14:14:26) For a second I though ESPN wasn't going to cover Te'o... but they broke away last minute. Oh well.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 14:14:53) *** Houston Texans selects TE Ryan Griffin of Connecticut ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 14:16:02) RB Theo Riddick: A versatile player who can line up in the backfield or move out to the slot with better than average pass catching ability. Lacks break away speed.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 14:18:03) *** Tennessee Titans selects CB Khalid Wooten of Nevada ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 14:19:18) DE Kapron Lewis-Moore: A versatile defensive lineman that can play inside or out, but struggles with injuries.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 14:19:52) TE Ryan Griffin: Receiving tight end with strong reliable hands.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 14:24:37) *** Baltimore Ravens selects OT Ryan Jensen of Colorado St.-Pueblo ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 14:24:50) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects FB Braden Wilson of Kansas State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 14:26:07) CB Khalid Wooten: More quick than fast, will need support over the top.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 14:27:27) OT Ryan Jensen: Small school guy that should have received more recognition. Has strength but may have to move inside at the next level.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 14:29:33) FB Braden Wilson: A throw back fullback that is an excellent blocker, but limited in carries and catches.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 14:29:44) *** Oakland Raiders selects DT Stacy McGee of Oklahoma ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 14:30:11) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects ILB Vince Williams of Florida State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 14:32:26) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects DE Mike Catapano of Princeton ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 14:35:28) DT Stacy McGee: Talented player with off-field issues and lack of concentration during games.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 14:37:58) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects CB Jeremy Harris of New Mexico State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 14:40:58) *** Oakland Raiders selects WR Brice Butler of San Diego State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 14:43:36) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects CB Demetrius McCray of Appalachian State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 14:43:48) *** Detroit Lions selects TE Michael Williams of Alabama ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 14:44:42) *** Philadelphia Eagles selects DE Joe Kruger of Utah ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 14:45:35) LB Vince Williams: Two-down linebacker with a good frame and strength. Ok speed.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 14:51:52) *** Minnesota Vikings selects ILB Michael Mauti of Penn State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 14:53:02) *** Minnesota Vikings selects G Travis Bond of North Carolina ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 14:55:54) *** New York Jets selects FB Tommy Bohanon of Wake Forest ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 15:02:51) *** Green Bay Packers selects WR Charles Johnson of Grand Valley State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 15:05:48) *** Cleveland Browns selects DE Armonty Bryant of East Central ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 15:06:04) *** Philadelphia Eagles selects CB Jordan Poyer of Oregon State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 15:06:31) *** Arizona Cardinals selects TE D.C. Jefferson of Rutgers ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 15:09:23) *** Seattle Seahawks selects G Ryan Seymour of Vanderbilt ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 15:09:35) *** San Diego Chargers selects QB Brad Sorensen of Southern Utah ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 15:12:15) *** Buffalo Bills selects TE Chris Gragg of Arkansas ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 15:13:44) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects DE Nick Williams of Samford ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 15:19:22) *** Green Bay Packers selects WR Kevin Dorsey of Maryland ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 15:19:35) *** New York Giants selects G Eric Herman of Ohio ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 15:20:19) *** New England Patriots selects DE/34LB Michael Buchanan of Illinois ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 15:21:58) Best Available Players: WR Da'Rick Rogers, ILB Kevin Reddick, OLB Chase Thomas, S Tony Jefferson, G Alvin Bailey, TE Joseph Fauria, C Matt Stankiewitch, QB Tyler Bray, G Garrett Gilkey, DT Kwame Geathers

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 15:22:16) *** Cleveland Browns selects G Garrett Gilkey of Chadron St. ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 15:23:21) *** Washington Redskins selects RB Jawan Jamison of Rutgers ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 15:25:29) *** Minnesota Vikings selects DT Everett Dawkins of Florida State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 15:28:32) *** Indianapolis Colts selects RB Kerwynn Williams of Utah State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 15:33:05) *** Seattle Seahawks selects DE Ty Powell of Harding ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 15:36:25) *** Green Bay Packers selects ILB Sam Barrington of USF ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 15:40:12) *** Oakland Raiders selects DE David Bass of Missouri Western ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 15:43:03) *** Denver Broncos selects QB Zac Dysert of Miami (OH) ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 15:45:05) *** New England Patriots selects ILB Steve Beauharnais of Rutgers ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 15:48:14) *** Chicago Bears selects WR Marquess Wilson of Washington State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 15:51:56) *** San Francisco 49ers selects QB B.J. Daniels of USF ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 15:52:11) *** Baltimore Ravens selects WR Aaron Mellette of Elon ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 15:55:16) *** Philadelphia Eagles selects DE David King of Oklahoma ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 15:56:57) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects OT Reid Fragel of Ohio State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 16:03:01) *** Seattle Seahawks selects DT Jared Smith of New Hampshire ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 16:16:57) *** Atlanta Falcons selects S Kemal Ishmael of UCF ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 16:17:09) *** Atlanta Falcons selects S Zeke Motta of Notre Dame ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 16:17:24) *** Detroit Lions selects ILB Brandon Hepburn of Florida A&M ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 16:19:03) *** San Francisco 49ers selects OT Carter Bykowski of Iowa State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 16:19:16) *** Baltimore Ravens selects CB Marc Anthony of California ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 16:19:29) *** Tennessee Titans selects S Daimion Stafford of Nebraska ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 16:19:39) *** Atlanta Falcons selects QB Sean Renfree of Duke ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 16:22:19) *** Miami Dolphins selects S Don Jones of Arkansas State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 16:23:11) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects C T.J. Johnson of South Carolina ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 16:25:39) *** San Francisco 49ers selects CB Marcus Cooper of Rutgers ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 16:27:51) *** New York Giants selects RB Michael Cox of Massachusetts ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 16:28:30) And the 2013 Mr. Irrelevant is...

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2013 16:30:38) *** Indianapolis Colts selects TE Justice Cunningham of South Carolina ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 19:39:32) Best Players Not Drafted: WR Da'Rick Rogers, ILB Kevin Reddick, OLB Chase Thomas, S Tony Jefferson, G Alvin Bailey, TE Joseph Fauria, QB Tyler Bray, DT Kwame Geathers, OT Xavier Nixon, and S Robert Lester

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 19:57:12) Draft Winners: San Francisco - hard to lose with 13 picks coming in, but managed the draft well getting players that can make an impact for years. St Louis - made the moves necessary to get difference makers they needed. Green Bay - moved down multiple times garnering more picks while still getting great value with their picks.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2013 20:08:37) Draft Losers: New York Jets - although they had multiple early picks, taking Geno Smith and adding a 6th QB declares they're rebuilding with no faith in Sanchez. Cleveland - although garnering future picks isn't necessarily a bad thing, the Browns didn't gain ground in the AFC North and will continue to struggle. Seattle - no pick in the first round, and selecting a RB with their first pick means they didn't get an expected starter in the first 2 rounds.

2013-14 Season Fantasy Studs

QBPeyton ManningDEN516
RBJamaal CharlesKC295
WRJosh GordonCLE221
TEJimmy GrahamNO211
KStephen GostkowskiNE179
DEFKansas CityKC207
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