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Carolina Panthers
S Akeem King
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Philadelphia Eagles
S Ryan Murphy
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Philadelphia Eagles
CB Darryl Roberts
Pick 221
New England Patriots
TE Geoff Swaim
Pick 220
Kansas City Chiefs
WR Tre McBride
(William & Mary)
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Green Bay Packers
G Trenton Brown
Pick 218
Seattle Seahawks
OT Laurence Gibson
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Pittsburgh Steelers
CB Dexter McDonald
Pick 216
Cincinnati Bengals
CB Ifo Ekpre-Olomu
Pick 215
Minnesota Vikings
OT Corey Robinson
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Doug Lancy     (04-28-2015 14:29:50) Draft Coverage and Live Chat will start Thursday at 7pm!

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 16:04:26) WELCOME TO THE 2015 NFL DRAFT!! Who's ready for round 1?

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 16:17:37) So it's pretty much a lock that the Bucs take Winston. No team is going to make the block buster trade to get him. But the next pick... could be interesting.

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 16:22:13) I don't believe anyone is going to make the moves necessary to get the second pick from the Titans. And I don't feel the Titans can risk passing on Mariota. You must have a franchise QB to succeed in today's NFL.

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 16:39:18) Realized I forgot to open the chat to you all, refresh and you can now join us!

Da Bears     (04-30-2015 16:41:16) Bears GM Ryan Pace said yesterday that he has spoken to all 6 teams ahead of Bears, so it's a possibility they move up.

Mike     (04-30-2015 16:43:38) You think Randy Gregory and Shane Ray are now friends?

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 16:43:48) Ha! Funny

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 16:43:57) Hey Y'all! Lets do this!

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 16:46:08) Draft Challenge - Match Winston, Mariota, Hundley, Petty and Grayson to the teams that draft them!

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 16:47:34) Winston-Bucs Mariota-Titans Hundley-Bears Petty-Cowboys Grayson-Chiefs

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 16:48:06) Winston - TB, Mariota - TEN, Hundley - DEN, Petty - CLE, Grayson - BUF

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 17:05:49) Tampa Bay is officially on the clock!

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 17:08:09) Just put up a mock of my first round predictions. Included one trade, but didn't have enough time to evaluate additional deals.

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 17:10:36) I have been able to confirm that the Patriots will not be moving up in the first round for a quarterback.

Mike     (04-30-2015 17:12:06) So if the Titans don't take Mariota, where does he end up?

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 17:13:20) Possible additional landing spots for Mariota: NYJ, CHI, CLE and PHI in that order.

Cary     (04-30-2015 17:15:35) Who will my mighty Steeler's take to replace Polamalu?

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 17:16:38) PIT will likely wait till the 3rd round before grabbing a safety with Tartt, Prewitt and Harris being the best targets.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 17:20:14) *** Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects QB Jameis Winston of Florida State ***

Cary     (04-30-2015 17:20:21) Are you in Chicago for the draft?

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 17:20:39) Not tonight. Headed to Illinois tomorrow.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 17:21:10) *** Tennessee Titans selects QB Marcus Mariota of Oregon ***

Chris     (04-30-2015 17:24:21) what are the bears trying to gain by trading bennet

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 17:25:00) Rid of a lockerroom headache and free up some cap space.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 17:28:07) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects DE/34LB/OLB Dante Fowler, Jr. of Florida ***

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 17:31:09) Love Fowler Jr. but not picking Williams is a mistake...

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 17:33:49) Not so sure about that, don't think Williams would have been as productive in Jacksonville. Fowler actually fits their system a little better in my opinion.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 17:34:45) *** Oakland Raiders selects WR Amari Cooper of Alabama ***

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 17:35:14) I think we'll have our first trade right here. Guessing Atlanta moves up.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 17:39:37) *** Washington Redskins selects OT Brandon Scherff of Iowa ***

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 17:40:14) Wow, a little surprised no deal was able to be made. Jets have some serious options!

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 17:41:19) Wow...I dont know what to say

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 17:41:46) Jets should take Williams and play him next to Wilkerson and Richardson...

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 17:47:55) *** New York Jets selects DE Leonard Williams of USC ***

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 17:48:18) The Jets may now have the best defensive line in the NFL!

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 17:53:48) *** Chicago Bears selects WR Kevin White of West Virginia ***

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 17:54:09) Bears fans are ecstatic!! Great Pick!!

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 18:01:31) *** Atlanta Falcons selects DE/34LB Vic Beasley of Clemson ***

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 18:02:01) Solid pick by Atlanta who needs to get after quarterbacks better.

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 18:04:17) BPA and need fit perfectly for Chicago and ATL

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 18:06:23) I disagree with Mel Kiper and think Peat is ok value here.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 18:06:35) *** New York Giants selects OT Ereck Flowers of Miami (FL) ***

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 18:07:29) Scherff didn't seem that far ahead of the other first round tackles to me. Not surprised here.

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 18:10:43) Surprised not a single trade in the top 10 this year.

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 18:13:28) Surprised about the no trades... :(

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 18:13:36) *** St. Louis Rams selects RB Todd Gurley of Georgia ***

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 18:14:19) Todd Gurley has the "it" factor and could be the next great back! If he can stay healthy.

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 18:15:24) The Rams continue to build a team that is going to be a beast for years.

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 18:18:34) Trae Waynes?

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 18:18:48) Gurley and Mason is ridiculous...oh yeah and that guy named Zac Stacy #stacked

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 18:19:18) Yeah Waynes, Parker or Peat....

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 18:20:12) *** Minnesota Vikings selects CB Trae Waynes of Michigan State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 18:20:44) Waynes is a perfect fit for the Vikings and much needed. Have to slow down those elite NFC North receivers.

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 18:23:16) I'd give every pick an A so far with TEN, JAC, OAK, NYJ, CHI, STL and MIN all getting A+.

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 18:26:11) Thinking either Parker of Shelton for the Browns.

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 18:26:55) Yeah Parker or Shelton...but I like Brown too.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 18:27:14) *** Cleveland Browns selects DT Danny Shelton of Washington ***

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 18:27:58) Shelton will help the Browns stop Le'Veon Bell, Jeremy Hill/Giovani Bernard and Justin Forsett.

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 18:29:25) I like Brown, but felt Shelton can be something extremely special. And it's a pick that even Cleveland should be able to get right.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 18:34:51) *** New Orleans Saints selects OT Andrus Peat of Stanford ***

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 18:35:52) I think Peat is a fantastic pick for the Saints. Brees is amazing when he has protection, something they struggled with last year. Grade: A

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 18:40:10) Expect Parker to go here to the Dolphins. First WR for Miami since Ginn in 07.

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 18:40:52) Greg Jennings signing shouldn't change the need, he's not a long term solution.

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 18:42:37) Best Available: RB Melvin Gordon, WR DeVante Parker, Edge Bud Dupree, CB Marcus Peters, DT Malcom Brown

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 18:43:17) *** Miami Dolphins selects WR DeVante Parker of Louisville ***

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 18:45:41) DeVante Parker fills a big need for Miami and gives Tannehill a true weapon and safety valve. Grade: A

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 18:46:53) First Trade as SD moves up to SF spot with a 4th round pick this year and a 5th round pick next year.

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 18:47:49) I'm being very generous on my grades. Might be draft day excitement getting to me!

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 18:47:55) *** San Diego Chargers selects RB Melvin Gordon of Wisconsin ***

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 18:49:21) Gordon is of good value, and SD had to worry about other teams moving up to get him soon. Gives them good ability to control the clock and may allow the defense to rest more and play better in games.

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 18:50:14) BPA: Brown, Ray, Humphries...

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 18:51:01) Houston has been linked to Kevin Johnson and makes a lot of sense. Rumor was they were going to try and trade down if Gordon was still on the board.

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 18:54:07) Could a 3rd RB go in the first round after no RB in first round the last couple of years?

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 18:55:22) *** Houston Texans selects CB Kevin Johnson of Wake Forest ***

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 18:57:34) Expect Arik Armstead here for the 49ers. His PAC-12 Championship game was great (much better than the National Championship game).

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 18:59:54) *** San Francisco 49ers selects DE Arik Armstead of Oregon ***

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 19:01:10) Third year in a row that the 49ers select a defensive player in the first round. Still haven't figured out how to stop Seattle, though.

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 19:02:38) I still like Cameron Erving for the Chiefs but he's a bit of reach. Could go with BPA: Dupree, Peters, Brown, Perriman

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 19:04:20) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects CB Marcus Peters of Washington ***

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 19:06:00) Peters is talented but off field issues had his stock all over the board. If he can keep it together, he could be the best corner in the draft. Grade: B-

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 19:08:51) I like Perriman the most for the Browns here, but could see OL help with Cameron Erving.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 19:13:56) *** Cleveland Browns selects OT/C Cameron Erving of Florida State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 19:15:20) Browns selection of Erving was solid, a definitely help on the line. But thing they should have gone Breshad Perriman here. Grade C

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 19:16:22) Most exciting coach on the clock... Chip Kelly goes... Agholor? Jones? Collins? Perriman? Humphries?

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 19:19:44) *** Philadelphia Eagles selects WR Nelson Agholor of USC ***

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 19:21:36) Agholor is a talented receiver with good route running skills, excellent speed and is a strong returner. A definite Chip Kelly guy. Grade: B+

Chris     (04-30-2015 19:22:49) Lb or d line for the bengals?

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 19:24:07) DLine a strong possibility here, but think they'll hit the OLine. Rumor mill has them linked to Cedric Ogbuehi whom I'm not a big fan of.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 19:26:09) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects OT Cedric Ogbuehi of Texas A&M ***

chris     (04-30-2015 19:26:55) Nice call. I hope you are wrong

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 19:27:23) Thanks, me too!

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 19:29:23) Ogbuehi was an elite tackle before injury. Won't be 100% at the beginning of season as rehabs a torn ACL and back injury. Bengals can let him heal, but he lets defenders get into his body to often and lacks the strength to keep NFL defenders off him. Grade: C-

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 19:30:00) Steelers tend to find great fits that fall to them and that would be Bud Dupree here.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 19:30:44) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects DE/34LB Alvin Dupree of Kentucky ***

Guest     (04-30-2015 19:31:09) At least he has a good teacher in whitworth.

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 19:32:14) Another great first round pick for the Steelers. Dupree will help the Steel Curtain be a force again. Doesn't quite fit the personality as a mean, tough player, but is athletic and physical. Grade: A+

Cary     (04-30-2015 19:32:15) Wow, UK and the Steeler's combined.

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 19:33:08) Ogbuehi will need the coaching of the staff and his teammates. Could develop into the full time starter in 2016, though.

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 19:34:03) Second trade! Denver moves up to Detroit's selection.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 19:36:25) *** Denver Broncos selects DE/34LB Shane Ray of Missouri ***

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 19:38:41) Ray was considered a higher draft pick until character issues emerged on Monday with news of marijuana citation. Broncos must have felt the character questions were answered.

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 19:40:32) I think the Cards will address the OLine in Fisher or Humphries. Could look at a dropping Perriman or reach for Eli Harold.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 19:42:42) *** Arizona Cardinals selects OT D.J. Humphries of Florida ***

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 19:44:03) Want to succeed with an aging quarterback, you have to protect them. Palmer is definitely aging, but gives the Cards a chance. Humphries can protect and open up running lanes. Grade: B+

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 19:47:04) I can't believe Brown is still available. Huge value here. Happy to see Perriman drop. doesnt deserve top 25 pick....

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 19:47:35) Panthers could also go OLine taking Fisher. Perriman will get consideration. Maybe Shaq Thompson to fill the OLB need, but he's a bit of reach.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 19:49:19) *** Carolina Panthers selects OLB Shaq Thompson of Washington ***

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 19:50:52) As usual, Doug Lancy is the draft

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 19:51:05) Reach pick by the Panthers, and not totally sold on him fitting into the defense. Think Fisher or Perriman would have been much better selections. Grade: D+

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 19:51:42) Arman, act like you're on the phone. You have no problem giving your thoughts there.

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 19:52:27) Ravens are doing a happy dance with Perriman being available. Their need at WR is undeniable.

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 19:53:04) I don't think any of us do. The Lancy/Markazi debate was almost as good as Pacquio/Mayweather haha

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 19:53:09) Is the TV coverage goal to have commercials between every pick? How annoying!

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 19:53:27) Yeah Perriman would be a good player here. I like Strong more, but speed kills...

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 19:53:39) I know right?? It seems that way

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 19:54:38) *** Baltimore Ravens selects WR Breshad Perriman of UCF ***

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 19:55:33) Ravens like speedy receivers that can make plays after the catch, especially tall ones. Perriman can replace Torrey Smith and learn from the wizard Steve Smith Sr. Grade A+

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 19:55:46) If he can clean up his drops he can be an excellent starter. balding dreads look is dynamite

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 19:55:52) What do you think for your Cowboys, Arman?

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 19:56:10) Usually Jerry Jones trades this pick.

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 19:56:36) Brown or Kendricks...

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 19:56:53) Would'nt hate Gregory either...

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 19:57:35) Those 3 would make me very happy. Brown most tho

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 19:57:54) Tell me the pick Doug! lol i need to know

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 19:58:05) Don't think Kendricks will go first round, ILB rarely get valued here. Jones likes to make a splash, so Brown, Gregory, DGB and Jones are in play.

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 19:59:09) ugh...if we get DGB or Jones ill be upset. I like Jones but more in the 35-40 range

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 20:00:08) I've got Jones ranked 26th now. So right here wouldn't be shocking. DGB is 30, so also considered.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 20:00:17) *** Dallas Cowboys selects CB Byron Jones of Connecticut ***

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 20:01:15) Don't be too upset. Think he's going to develop into a solid corner that will be a ball hawk.

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 20:02:37) Yeah, i guess. I think i just wanted Brown. but i see the reasoning drafting him over Gregory and him and Kendricks are both early 2nd round talents to me so cant be too upset. Many like his intangibles so well see. I trust in Will McClay and his staff

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 20:02:50) Jerry Jones and the Cowboys going with the most explosive player in the draft in Byron Jones, the first player to jump over 12' in the broad jump. A tall corner that can play anywhere in the secondary and has a large pass defensive zone. Grade: B+

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 20:03:33) yeah press man corner that can help our team. Really hope they dont regret passing on Brown who i loved...

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 20:03:35) *** Detroit Lions selects G Laken Tomlinson of Duke ***

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 20:03:49) wow...

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 20:04:27) LOVE Tomlinson but late 1st is tough for me...

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 20:05:55) what you think Lancy? Surprising no?

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 20:06:07) Don't like the pick by Detroit. Too much of a reach. He may be the top Guard and is solid technique but doesn't have that mean streak I want from a first round guard. Lions could have gotten better players that filled needs and maybe traded back for more picks and taken Laken later.

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 20:06:14) Grade: D-

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 20:07:13) ouch...D- poor Lions

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 20:08:51) health care talk during the draft? boooo

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 20:09:37) I like teams that let draft come to them much more than reach. Lions consistently reach it seems.

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 20:12:09) BPA: Brown, Gregory, Collins, Goldman, Kendricks

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 20:12:23) *** Indianapolis Colts selects WR Phillip Dorsett of Miami (FL) ***

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 20:15:49) yeah agree with the BPA...

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 20:16:02) Dorsett has nice speed and is good going downfield, but doesn't run a complete route tree. Not a first round pick in my opinion. He'll spread the field and Luck can get it into tight windows, but limited routes means limited offense. Grade C+

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 20:17:18) yeah, at best a Tavon Austin type player...

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 20:18:31) *** Green Bay Packers selects S Damarious Randall of Arizona State ***

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 20:20:01) what did you think of Randall?

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 20:20:19) Packers go with the Free Safety (Randall) over the Strong Safety (Collins) and improve their secondary, an area of much need. Randall is a bit of reach, but did have a first round grade for awhile with me. Grade: B+

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 20:20:52) I thought more of a late 2nd-early 3rd. good in coverage, but like many DBs needs to become better at tackling.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 20:24:56) *** New Orleans Saints selects ILB Stephone Anthony of Clemson ***

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 20:25:29) I like Kendricks and Perryman more..

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 20:26:12) Brown must have injury concerns or something else. I dont understand...

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 20:26:45) Don't like it. No sir, don't like it at all. Fits the need, but like Kendricks and McKinney much better. Saints will need him to be playmaker immediately. Grade: C-

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 20:27:08) Brown will go to the Pats. Like the Steelers they'll grab players that fall to them that fit a need.

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 20:28:46) Wouldn't rule out Fisher, DGB nor Kendricks here, though.

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 20:29:05) yeah Fisher sounds about right too haha

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 20:30:46) some great players in the 2nd/3rd round. day 2 will be the most imporant IMO. so much depth at skill positions, rush players, and covermen

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-30-2015 20:30:59) *** New England Patriots selects DT Malcom Brown of Texas ***

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 20:31:09) And the first round is complete!

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 20:32:46) Patriots get an excellent defensive lineman that can stop the run and get after the quarterback. Able to play multiple positions along the line which Belichick loves. Grade: A

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 20:32:48) great chat! what a day! DVR'd and ready to replay haha!

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 20:33:04) definite Grade A+!

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 20:33:32) Best Players Available going into round 2: Randy Gregory, Landon Collins, Eddie Goldman, Eric Kendricks, Owamagbe Odighizuwa

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 20:36:35) Biggest Day 1 Winners: Jets, Falcons, Ravens

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 20:40:03) Biggest Day 1 Losers: Panthers, Lions, Colts

Doug Lancy     (04-30-2015 20:42:39) We'll be back tomorrow for day 2 at 6pm EST. Leave your questions and comments and we'll get to them before and during the draft!

Arman Markazi     (04-30-2015 20:46:43) BPA: Strong, Collins, Kendricks, Goldman, Gregory

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 15:01:23) Hey Everyone! Good luck to all your teams!

Doug Lancy     (05-01-2015 15:13:33) Going to be a good one tonight! Randy Gregory will be the prize that teams will target. He's a top 10 talent that has fallen with off-field issues. Too risky for a first round pick, too talented to last far into the second round.

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 15:16:11) could'nt agree more. Also really love Strong, Kendricks and both Collins value wise. Very interested to see if a team takes a huge risk on La'El Collins in the 3rd or later. Police say hes not a suspect but it doesnt seem that teams believe that...

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 15:17:24) Could'nt*

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 15:18:01) Titans should take a hard look at Maxx Williams. Could be a nice outlet for both young QBs on the roster.

Doug Lancy     (05-01-2015 15:27:05) Agree that he would be a nice addition, but Fisher or Clemmings to help protect the QB could be in cards. And of course a trade down as a team moves up for Gregory.

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 15:59:20) I see the Bucs either taking Fisher or Clemmings.

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 16:07:30) AND WE HAVE A TRADE!

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 16:07:52) Giants on the clock...gotta think its Landon Collins

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 16:08:15) other possibilities: Harold, Kendricks, Goldman and possibly Strong.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 16:12:17) *** Tennessee Titans selects S Landon Collins of Alabama ***

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 16:13:32) Giants trade a 4th and 7th to move up and get their BPA and biggest need at safety with the best player at that position in this draft class IMO

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 16:15:11) Grade: A

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 16:16:30) *** Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects OT Donovan Smith of Penn State ***

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 16:17:24) Ouch. Don't like the pick. Definite reach. Other tackles higher on my board. Grade: D+

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 16:19:06) Not a bad player but so many other great prospects on the board that i think can make a difference day 1.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 16:26:07) *** Oakland Raiders selects DE Mario Edwards, Jr. of Florida State ***

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 16:26:36) back to back reaches on the offensive/defensive lines. Grade: D+

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 16:27:52) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects RB T.J. Yeldon of Alabama ***

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 16:33:10) Like Yeldon alot. Grade: A-

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 16:33:23) *** New York Jets selects WR Devin Smith of Ohio State ***

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 16:33:37) Jets get their vertical threat. Grade: A-

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 16:36:41) *** New York Giants selects S Landon Collins of Alabama ***

Doug Lancy     (05-01-2015 16:37:26) Fixed the first pick to be the Giants

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 16:43:15) *** Washington Redskins selects DE Preston Smith of Mississippi State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 16:44:27) *** Chicago Bears selects DT Eddie Goldman of Florida State ***

Doug Lancy     (05-01-2015 16:47:32) Another great pick by Chicago. Goldman will be a staple on the line for years.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 16:51:52) *** Tennessee Titans selects WR Dorial Green-Beckham of Oklahoma ***

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 16:52:07) Ryan Pace is killing his first draft in Chi-town...

Doug Lancy     (05-01-2015 16:57:42) I like DGB in Tennessee. A flamboyant receiver with lots of upside to go with the level headed quarterback.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 16:59:19) *** Carolina Panthers selects WR/TE Devin Funchess of Michigan ***

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 16:59:35) Carolina takes Funchess and Strong continues to fall

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 17:01:14) Falcons should take an OT. Fisher or Clemmings. Also Maxx Williams makes a lot of sense...

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 17:02:10) Doug! Please no more than 1 RB before the 48th pick haha. ;)

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 17:02:27) gosh, i just know im losing that bet...

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 17:03:28) *** Atlanta Falcons selects CB Jalen Collins of LSU ***

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 17:04:05) not as high as others on Collins. was pulled numerous times in college due to inconsistent play

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 17:04:41) Texans trade up and swap picks with Browns...

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 17:05:27) Texans NEED to take Strong...

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 17:06:22) *** Houston Texans selects ILB Benardrick McKinney of Mississippi State ***

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 17:06:35) Can't understand taking McKinney over Kendricks...

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 17:12:49) *** New Orleans Saints selects DE/34LB/OLB Hau'oli Kikaha of Washington ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 17:15:04) *** Minnesota Vikings selects ILB Eric Kendricks of UCLA ***

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 17:15:27) One of the biggest steals in the draft. MARK IT DOWN. Love the pick

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 17:15:33) Grade:A+

Doug Lancy     (05-01-2015 17:16:51) I'm going to win that bet!

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 17:18:46) LOL! Well if its 4 RBs by the 48th then i win. you have 5! But yeah its still a possibility

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 17:19:45) ugh...i have horrible luck with bets. I should just pay you now haha

Doug Lancy     (05-01-2015 17:21:38) I wonder how many teams took Gregory completely off their boards

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 17:22:14) *** San Francisco 49ers selects S Jaquiski Tartt of Samford ***

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 17:22:27) I know right...I'd think at least 15-20.

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 17:22:49) 49ers draft is very poor IMO. Armstead and Tartt both could bust.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 17:24:27) *** Philadelphia Eagles selects S Eric Rowe of Utah ***

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 17:24:54) you see Rowe as a corner or safety?

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 17:25:16) I'd think safety...Him next to Malcolm Jenkins could be good.

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 17:25:32) Chip Kelly loves himself some Pac-12 football...

Doug Lancy     (05-01-2015 17:27:23) Safety at this point. Don't like him in 1 on 1 coverage and think he's better working in a zone.

Doug Lancy     (05-01-2015 17:28:05) He's just really familiar with them. About the last year he'll have of that.

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 17:29:34) I really thought I'd lose the RB bet...More than any other position it seems like RBs always seem to go in runs...

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 17:30:07) wow love the pick. Perryman is a great player.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 17:30:13) *** San Diego Chargers selects OLB/ILB Denzel Perryman of Miami (FL) ***

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 17:30:32) Paul Dawson is a great value at this point...

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 17:31:00) Really thought Odighizuwa would go higher. Didnt like him that much but thought teams loved his potential...

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 17:32:21) Love the Chargers draft. Gordon and Perryman are "winners"

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 17:40:41) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects OT Mitch Morse of Missouri ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 17:40:47) *** Buffalo Bills selects CB Ronald Darby of Florida State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 17:42:57) *** Cleveland Browns selects DE Nate Orchard of Utah ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 17:45:44) *** Philadelphia Eagles selects DT Jordan Phillips of Oklahoma ***

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 17:47:33) scratch that! Dolphins take Phillips not Eagles! Sorry everyone!

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 17:48:19) *** Miami Dolphins selects DT Jordan Phillips of Oklahoma ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 17:54:40) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects OT Jake Fisher of Oregon ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 17:54:44) *** Detroit Lions selects RB Ameer Abdullah of Nebraska ***

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 17:56:22) Dallas must be thrilled to see only 3 RBs gone by pick 55

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 17:56:33) 4*

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 17:56:53) I think Odighizuwa...

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 17:57:46) Ravens trade up in front of Steelers and steal Maxx Williams from fierce rival, Pittsburgh Steelers...

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 17:57:56) *** Baltimore Ravens selects TE Maxx Williams of Minnesota ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 18:04:54) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects CB Senquez Golson of Ole Miss ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 18:07:21) *** Carolina Panthers selects OT Rob Havenstein of Wisconsin ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 18:10:00) *** Arizona Cardinals selects DE Markus Golden of Missouri ***

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 18:10:16) Definitely a reach by the Cards...Harold is sooo much better IMO

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 18:14:57) *** Denver Broncos selects OT Ty Sambrailo of Colorado State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 18:14:59) *** Dallas Cowboys selects DE/34LB Randy Gregory of Nebraska ***

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 18:16:00) Gregory lasts til pick #60. Great pick!

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 18:16:19) Think it helps him to have to wait sooo long...

Doug Lancy     (05-01-2015 18:17:13) But will the Dallas locker room keep him in check?

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 18:20:39) Its definitely a risk but Jerry Jones has dealt with these problems before. People compare him to Charles Haley. They can only hope...

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 18:26:37) *** Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects OT Daryl Williams of Oklahoma ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 18:27:01) *** Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects OT Ali Marpet of Hobart ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 18:27:10) *** Green Bay Packers selects CB Quinten Rollins of Miami (OH) ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 18:30:35) *** Seattle Seahawks selects DE Frank Clark of Michigan ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 18:31:00) *** New England Patriots selects S Jordan Richards of Stanford ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 18:35:34) *** Indianapolis Colts selects CB D'Joun Smith of Florida Atlantic ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 18:43:08) *** Tennessee Titans selects OT Jeremiah Poutasi of Utah ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 18:44:19) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects G A.J. Cann of South Carolina ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 18:49:01) *** Oakland Raiders selects TE Clive Walford of Miami (FL) ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 18:50:39) *** Seattle Seahawks selects WR Tyler Lockett of Kansas State ***

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 18:51:25) Another huge steal, this time for the Seahawks. Lockett will be a great special teamer that can also play the slot...

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 18:51:57) *** Houston Texans selects WR Jaelen Strong of Arizona State ***

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 18:52:13) Back to back top of the 2nd round value WRs

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 19:01:40) *** Chicago Bears selects C Hroniss Grasu of Oregon ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 19:01:49) *** St. Louis Rams selects OT Jamon Brown of Louisville ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 19:06:19) *** Atlanta Falcons selects RB Tevin Coleman of Indiana ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 19:09:34) *** New York Giants selects DE Owamagbe Odighizuwa of UCLA ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 19:15:57) *** New Orleans Saints selects QB Garrett Grayson of Colorado State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 19:18:14) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects WR Chris Conley of Georgia ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 19:26:23) *** Cleveland Browns selects RB Duke Johnson of Miami (FL) ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 19:30:21) *** New Orleans Saints selects CB P.J. Williams of Florida State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 19:31:47) *** San Francisco 49ers selects DE/34LB/OLB Eli Harold of Virginia ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 19:33:46) *** Detroit Lions selects CB Alex Carter of Stanford ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 19:34:07) *** Buffalo Bills selects G John Miller of Louisville ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 19:38:32) *** New York Jets selects DE/34LB/OLB Lorenzo Mauldin of Louisville ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 19:47:05) *** San Diego Chargers selects CB Craig Mager of Texas State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 19:47:11) *** Philadelphia Eagles selects OLB Jordan Hicks of Texas ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 19:47:20) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects TE Tyler Kroft of Rutgers ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 19:50:29) *** Arizona Cardinals selects RB David Johnson of Northern Iowa ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 19:53:44) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects WR Sammie Coates of Auburn ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 19:53:58) *** Minnesota Vikings selects DE Danielle Hunter of LSU ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 19:54:16) *** St. Louis Rams selects QB Sean Mannion of Oregon State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 19:55:16) *** Baltimore Ravens selects DT Carl Davis of Iowa ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 20:02:28) *** Dallas Cowboys selects OT Chaz Green of Florida ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 20:03:14) *** Denver Broncos selects TE Jeff Heuerman of Ohio State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 20:03:20) *** Indianapolis Colts selects DE Henry Anderson of Stanford ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 20:05:12) *** Green Bay Packers selects WR Ty Montgomery of Stanford ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 20:05:37) *** Washington Redskins selects RB Matt Jones of Florida ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 20:15:53) *** Cleveland Browns selects DT Xavier Cooper of Washington State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 20:16:06) *** New England Patriots selects DE Geneo Grissom of Oklahoma ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 20:16:15) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects CB Steven Nelson of Oregon State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-01-2015 20:19:42) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects OLB/ILB Paul Dawson of TCU ***

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 20:20:05) Bengals end with an excellent value with Dawson.

Arman Markazi     (05-01-2015 20:20:54) BPA: Buck Allen, Clemmings, Ajayi, Jarrett, and Hundley. I'd say Collins but hes not getting picked at this point IMO

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 07:13:27) Live chat will continue today with the draft. We'll discuss these last day picks and give you insight on what your team is getting in the late rounds.

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 08:58:18) 13 of the 46 players who made 1st or 2nd team AP All-Pro in 2014 were drafted in Round 4 or later (or UDFA). Today is definitely important.

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 09:00:36) La'el Collins is in Baton Rouge today meeting with police as a person of interest in a murder investigation. Main reason for his dropping during the draft. Likely a team will draft him today, but won't complete the contract until he's been completely cleared.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 09:11:06) *** Tennessee Titans selects DT Angelo Blackson of Auburn ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 09:12:57) *** New England Patriots selects DE Trey Flowers of Arkansas ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 09:14:41) Trey Flowers is a nice selection by the Patriots. He's a tough, physical edge rusher that plays equally well against the run and the pass. Grade: B

Arman Markazi     (05-02-2015 09:15:50) Patriots going heavy on pass rushers. love it.

Arman Markazi     (05-02-2015 09:16:32) Thought Daryl Williams was an early 3rd round grade. Nice value pick Grade: B+

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 09:16:47) *** Carolina Panthers selects OT Daryl Williams of Oklahoma ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 09:17:54) Williams meets a huge need for the Panthers and could play multiple positions on the line for the Panthers. Grade: B+

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 09:21:34) Jets Trade up 1 spot to Jacksonville spot. Likely to take Clemmings.

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 09:22:47) Wow, moved up for a QB? Not sure why they felt that was necessary.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 09:22:49) *** New York Jets selects QB Bryce Petty of Baylor ***

Arman Markazi     (05-02-2015 09:23:45) Sample goes ahead of Holliman. I disagree but i cant say im surprised

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 09:24:22) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects S James Sample of Louisville ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 09:24:31) *** Washington Redskins selects WR Jamison Crowder of Duke ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 09:26:24) Jets move up 1 pick to take Bryce Petty. Strong arm and can make all the throws, but can he transition to an NFL offense? Don't like the move up to get a QB, says the Jets value him highly. They did need to come out with a QB in this draft. Grade: C-

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 09:28:11) *** Chicago Bears selects RB Jeremy Langford of Michigan State ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 09:31:11) Jamison Crowder is a speedy slot receiver that will give the offense another weapon to increase the chances RGIII succeeds. This is very much a make or break year for him. Redskins are smart to give him players to succeed. Grade: B+

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 09:33:38) RB Langford is a bit of a surprise pick by the Bears. Although a solid back up RB was needed (and possibly a future starter if Forte's Chicago career is winding down), passing on some other great players that fit higher needs doesn't quite make sense to me. Grade: C+

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 09:34:32) *** Atlanta Falcons selects WR Justin Hardy of East Carolina ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 09:36:33) Hardy is a fit for the Falcons and their style of offense. He's a good route runner that fights for the ball. Struggles with separation, but willing to block downfield which Atlanta relies on. Grade: B-

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 09:38:00) *** Tennessee Titans selects FB Jalston Fowler of Alabama ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 09:39:18) Another offensive pick for the Titans. And a FB in the fourth round. Fowler is a solid fullback that can handle all the duties, but a 4th round pick still seems high and over valued. Grade: C

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 09:39:43) *** Indianapolis Colts selects S Clayton Geathers of UCF ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 09:39:53) *** Minnesota Vikings selects OT T.J. Clemmings of Pittsburgh ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 09:40:13) *** New England Patriots selects G Tre' Jackson of Florida State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 09:42:01) *** Washington Redskins selects G Arie Kouandjio of Alabama ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 09:43:17) Jaguars assistant director of player personnel Andy Dengler says Sample is a free safety with good range and plays physical.

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 09:44:03) Now that the values of the picks have greatly reduced, trades come quick and often!!

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 09:44:32) *** Detroit Lions selects DT Gabe Wright of Auburn ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 09:48:35) *** Miami Dolphins selects G Jamil Douglas of Arizona State ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 09:49:28) Rumor is Clemmings dropped because of a foot injury that will require surgery. He should be 100% after that and the Vikings get great value if that is the case. Grade: A-

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 09:50:06) Washington adds a mauler in Arie Kouandjio that will give the Redskins a strong power run line. Grade: B

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 09:50:26) *** Cleveland Browns selects S Ibraheim Campbell of Northwestern ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 09:52:06) Patriots not only are one well coached team, they definitely find great value in the draft. Tre' Jackson helps shore up the line as that Pats continue to reload for another Superbowl Run. Grade: B+

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 09:54:11) Lions needed to find a DT after losing both Suh and Fairley and a bit of their identity. Wright provides a big man that that has good athleticism. Production was lacking, but he could prove to be a better NFL player than college player. Grade: A-

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 09:56:09) The running backs are falling right now, but when they start to go, you're going to see a big run on them. They're becoming some of the most valuable players on the board.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 09:59:43) *** Arizona Cardinals selects DT Rodney Gunter of Delaware State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 10:00:26) *** San Francisco 49ers selects TE Blake Bell of Oklahoma ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 10:00:38) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects ILB Ramik Wilson of Georgia ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 10:04:06) Rodney Gunter first player drafted this year that didn't attend the NFL Combine. Often these guys are considered hidden gems that teams feel have limited visibility and they have an advantage on drafting. Therefore they don't include them on the combine invite list.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 10:05:15) *** St. Louis Rams selects OT Andrew Donnal of Iowa ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 10:05:25) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects CB Josh Shaw of USC ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 10:05:53) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects CB Doran Grant of Ohio State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 10:09:25) *** Baltimore Ravens selects DE Za'Darius Smith of Kentucky ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 10:13:50) Four AFC North picks in a row. CB, CB, DE, WR. Not surprising picks, nor is the fact that Cleveland goes the opposite direction from the rest of the division.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 10:15:48) *** Cleveland Browns selects WR Vince Mayle of Washington State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 10:16:27) *** Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects OLB Kwon Alexander of LSU ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 10:16:38) *** Baltimore Ravens selects RB Javorius Allen of USC ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 10:17:20) *** San Francisco 49ers selects RB Mike Davis of South Carolina ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 10:17:35) And we may finally have that RB run as we were expecting.

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 10:21:37) Ravens select Za'Darius Smith whom projects as a 5-technique lineman that can fight through double teams and can flush the pocket. Grade: A-

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 10:21:49) *** Dallas Cowboys selects ILB Damien Wilson of Minnesota ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 10:22:30) *** Oakland Raiders selects G Jon Feliciano of Miami (FL) ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 10:23:52) WR Vince Mayle is a high upside prospect with lots of potential, but is very unpolished and is going to need time to develop. Grade: C

Arman Markazi     (05-02-2015 10:29:35) Really was hoping Buck Allen would fall to the Cowboys...but as usual Ozzie Newsome is a drafting dynamo

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 10:33:11) *** Green Bay Packers selects OLB Jake Ryan of Michigan ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 10:35:36) *** Seattle Seahawks selects OT Terry Poole of San Diego State ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 10:37:51) Compensation Picks go a little faster since teams cannot trade them.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 10:38:15) *** New England Patriots selects G Shaquille Mason of Georgia Tech ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 10:52:30) *** San Francisco 49ers selects WR DeAndre Smelter of Georgia Tech ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 10:52:55) *** Denver Broncos selects C Max Garcia of Florida ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 10:53:06) *** Seattle Seahawks selects G Mark Glowinski of West Virginia ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 10:53:17) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects DE Marcus Hardison of Arizona State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 10:54:47) *** Baltimore Ravens selects CB Tray Walker of Texas Southern ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 10:55:09) *** Atlanta Falcons selects DT Grady Jarrett of Clemson ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 10:55:22) *** Tennessee Titans selects RB David Cobb of Minnesota ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 10:55:30) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects WR Rashad Greene of Florida State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 10:55:40) *** Oakland Raiders selects ILB Ben Heeney of Kansas ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 10:55:51) *** Washington Redskins selects OLB Martrell Spaight of Arkansas ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 10:56:18) Lost connection for a bit. Getting caught back up.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 10:57:21) *** Chicago Bears selects S Adrian Amos of Penn State ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 10:59:59) Round 5 started with some great picks with good value as Grady Jarrett, David Cobb, and Rashad Greene go off the board.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 11:00:59) *** Minnesota Vikings selects TE MyCole Pruitt of Southern Illinois ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 11:08:02) *** New York Giants selects S Mykkele Thompson of Texas ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 11:08:25) *** Miami Dolphins selects CB Bobby McCain of Memphis ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 11:11:12) Mycole Pruitt put up top numbers at the combine at nearly event. But will face heavy competition at a deep position with the Vikings. Grade: C-

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 11:11:36) *** Minnesota Vikings selects WR Stefon Diggs of Maryland ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 11:13:29) Bears get much needed secondary help with Adrian Amos. However, they're are quite a few guys on the board that I like much better and feel would have been a better fit for Chicago. Grade: C+

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 11:15:11) Stefon Diggs is more of a slot player. Another offensive addition to assist Bridgewater in fully realizing the franchise QB position. Grade: B-

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 11:15:27) *** Green Bay Packers selects QB Brett Hundley of UCLA ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 11:16:36) Packers select one of the top players on the board. Good value and can develop behind Rodgers. Gives the Packers protection at the QB position and possible future trade bait if Hundley progresses. Grade: B

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 11:17:25) *** New Orleans Saints selects OLB Davis Tull of Chattanooga ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 11:20:49) Small school prospect Davis Tull is a developmental player that can definitely make an impact on special teams initially. Grade: C+

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 11:22:12) *** Miami Dolphins selects RB Jay Ajayi of Boise State ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 11:24:20) One of Marc's favorite backs, Ajayi is hard nosed runner that relishes contact. Rumor is he's dropped because of medical issues with his knee. Grade: C

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 11:27:35) *** Miami Dolphins selects S Cedric Thompson of Minnesota ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 11:27:56) *** Indianapolis Colts selects DT David Parry of Stanford ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 11:34:22) *** New York Jets selects G Jarvis Harrison of Texas A&M ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 11:34:46) *** San Diego Chargers selects OLB Kyle Emanuel of North Dakota State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 11:43:01) *** New Orleans Saints selects DT Tyeler Davison of Fresno State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 11:43:26) *** Buffalo Bills selects RB Karlos Williams of Florida State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 11:43:40) *** Miami Dolphins selects WR Tony Lippett of Michigan State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 11:48:12) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects TE C.J. Uzomah of Auburn ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 11:49:27) *** Arizona Cardinals selects DE Shaquille Riddick of West Virginia ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 11:56:22) *** Arizona Cardinals selects WR J.J. Nelson of UAB ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 11:56:45) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects TE Jesse James of Penn State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 11:57:43) *** Oakland Raiders selects OLB Neiron Ball of Florida ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 11:57:57) *** Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects WR Kenny Bell of Nebraska ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 12:06:33) *** Dallas Cowboys selects DE Ryan Russell of Purdue ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 12:07:05) *** Denver Broncos selects CB Lorenzo Doss of Tulane ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 12:09:42) *** San Francisco 49ers selects P Bradley Pinion of Clemson ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 12:10:05) *** New England Patriots selects LS Joe Cardona of Navy ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 12:10:30) *** New Orleans Saints selects CB Damian Swann of Georgia ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 12:11:12) *** Detroit Lions selects FB Michael Burton of Rutgers ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 12:34:56) *** Carolina Panthers selects OLB David Mayo of Texas State ***

Guest     (05-02-2015 12:35:27) Waggenmann

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 12:36:04) *** Seattle Seahawks selects CB Tye Smith of Towson ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 12:36:22) *** Baltimore Ravens selects TE Nick Boyle of Delaware ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 12:38:07) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects OLB D.J. Alexander of Oregon State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 12:40:12) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects TE James O'Shaughnessy of Illinois State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 12:40:31) *** Carolina Panthers selects RB Cameron Artis-Payne of Auburn ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 12:41:22) *** Houston Texans selects WR Keith Mumphery of Michigan State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 12:41:37) *** Baltimore Ravens selects G Robert Myers of Tennessee State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 12:45:33) *** Tennessee Titans selects 34LB/OLB Deiontrez Mount of Louisville ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 12:49:08) *** New England Patriots selects OLB Matthew Wells of Mississippi State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 12:49:31) *** Oakland Raiders selects OLB Max Valles of Virginia ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 12:50:52) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects DT Michael Bennett of Ohio State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 12:51:10) *** Washington Redskins selects S Kyshoen Jarrett of Virginia Tech ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 12:52:16) *** Washington Redskins selects CB Tevin Mitchel of Arkansas ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 12:58:54) *** Chicago Bears selects OT Tayo Fabuluje of TCU ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 12:59:08) *** Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects WR Kaelin Clay of Utah ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:00:25) *** Minnesota Vikings selects OT Tyrus Thompson of Oklahoma ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:00:49) *** New York Giants selects WR Geremy Davis of Connecticut ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:02:21) *** Washington Redskins selects WR Evan Spencer of Ohio State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:04:01) *** Buffalo Bills selects OLB Tony Steward of Clemson ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:04:32) *** Cleveland Browns selects CB Charles Gaines of Louisville ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:05:36) *** San Francisco 49ers selects G Ian Silberman of Boston College ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:05:56) *** Philadelphia Eagles selects CB JaCorey Shepherd of Kansas ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:06:12) *** San Diego Chargers selects DT Darius Philon of Arkansas ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:07:44) *** Minnesota Vikings selects OLB B.J. Dubose of Louisville ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:08:36) *** Buffalo Bills selects TE Nick O'Leary of Florida State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:13:17) *** Cleveland Browns selects FB/TE Malcolm Johnson of Mississippi State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:20:46) *** Philadelphia Eagles selects CB Randall Evans of Kansas State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:21:08) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects S Derron Smith of Fresno State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:22:23) *** Cleveland Browns selects TE Randall Telfer of USC ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:23:04) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects DT Leterrius Walton of Central Michigan ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:23:45) *** Detroit Lions selects CB Quandre Diggs of Texas ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:28:39) *** St. Louis Rams selects WR Bud Sasser of Missouri ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:32:23) *** New England Patriots selects TE AJ Derby of Arkansas ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:35:01) *** Denver Broncos selects DT Darius Kilgo of Maryland ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:35:45) *** Baltimore Ravens selects WR Darren Waller of Georgia Tech ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:36:07) *** Indianapolis Colts selects RB Josh Robinson of Mississippi State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:38:49) *** Green Bay Packers selects FB Aaron Ripkowski of Oklahoma ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 13:40:32) A surprising number of Fullbacks going in this draft

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:41:48) *** Indianapolis Colts selects ILB Amarlo Herrera of Georgia ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:43:38) *** Tennessee Titans selects C Andy Gallik of Boston College ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:45:43) *** Seattle Seahawks selects DE Obum Gwacham of Oregon State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:49:39) *** Green Bay Packers selects DE Christian Ringo of Louisiana-Lafayette ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:53:32) *** Houston Texans selects DE Anthony Chickillo of Miami (FL) ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 13:54:27) Correction, Chickillo goes to Steelers.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:56:12) *** Houston Texans selects OLB Reshard Cliett of South Florida ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:56:35) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects DE Anthony Chickillo of Miami (FL) ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:58:16) *** Green Bay Packers selects TE Kennard Backman of UAB ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 13:59:58) *** Seattle Seahawks selects DT Kristjan Sokoli of Buffalo ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 14:02:32) *** St. Louis Rams selects G Cody Wichmann of Fresno State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 14:03:33) *** Houston Texans selects DT Christian Covington of Rice ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 14:04:12) Covington was one of my best available players. Good selection by Houston.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 14:05:59) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects DT Rakeem Nunez-Roches of Southern Miss ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 14:07:53) Another solid pick. I had Nunez-Roches with a 4th round grade.

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 14:08:44) Best Available for the 7th: Prewitt, Dismukes, Drummond, and Matias. (Not including Collins and Ekppre-Olomu who both seem to have been taken off the boards of teams).

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 14:10:06) *** Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects OT Anthony Morris of Tennessee State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 14:10:31) *** Cleveland Browns selects ILB Hayes Pullard of USC ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 14:13:31) A solid selection by the Browns. Pullard definitely needed to be drafted, and can contribute on special teams while adding depth.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 14:18:23) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects WR Neal Sterling of Monmouth ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 14:18:38) *** Oakland Raiders selects WR Andre Debose of Florida ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 14:18:56) *** Washington Redskins selects C Austin Reiter of South Florida ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 14:20:57) *** New York Jets selects DT Deon Simon of Northwestern State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 14:22:32) *** St. Louis Rams selects ILB Bryce Hager of Baylor ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 14:23:04) I had Hager as a 6th rounder, so can see why the Rams decided to move to get him here in the 7th.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 14:25:40) *** Atlanta Falcons selects OT Jake Rodgers of Eastern Washington ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 14:26:30) *** New York Giants selects G Bobby Hart of Florida State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 14:28:00) *** St. Louis Rams selects DE Martin Ifedi of Memphis ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 14:29:05) *** Minnesota Vikings selects OT Austin Shepherd of Alabama ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 14:31:06) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects TE Ben Koyack of Notre Dame ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 14:32:13) Think Ben Koyack was a 5th round pick, and guess the Jaguars liked him too since they traded here to get him.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 14:33:46) *** New Orleans Saints selects RB Marcus Murphy of Missouri ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 14:34:31) Interesting selection by NO since they brought Spiller back. Murphy is nothing more than a scat back in the NFL.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 14:37:41) *** Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects RB Joey Iosefa of Hawaii ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 14:39:46) Iosefa is a big back that can go head to head with any linebacker. More of short yardage back that makes me think of Mike Alstott.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 14:40:07) *** Minnesota Vikings selects OLB Edmond Robinson of Newberry ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 14:42:17) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects WR Da'Ron Brown of Northern Illinois ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 14:44:07) Good pick by Buffalo. Lewis will be a playmaker with some opportunity and coaching.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 14:44:10) *** Buffalo Bills selects WR Dezmin Lewis of Central Arkansas ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 14:47:29) *** Houston Texans selects RB Kenny Hilliard of LSU ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 14:49:14) *** Dallas Cowboys selects OLB Mark Nzeocha of Wyoming ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 14:50:51) *** Philadelphia Eagles selects DT Brian Mihalik of Boston College ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 14:53:48) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects WR Mario Alford of West Virginia ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 14:55:45) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects S Gerod Holliman of Louisville ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 14:57:20) Holliman is a strong pick by the Steelers who may have found a starting safety in the 7th round. Grade: A

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 14:57:48) *** Detroit Lions selects OT Corey Robinson of South Carolina ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 15:01:03) *** Cleveland Browns selects CB Ifo Ekpre-Olomu of Oregon ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 15:02:46) Great value for the Browns. Torn ACL caused him to drop, but he's an elite corner when healthy and if he returns to previous form the Browns got a steal! Grade: A+

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 15:04:00) *** Oakland Raiders selects CB Dexter McDonald of Kansas ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 15:04:57) *** Dallas Cowboys selects OT Laurence Gibson of Virginia Tech ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 15:08:38) *** San Francisco 49ers selects G Trenton Brown of Florida ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 15:09:11) *** Tennessee Titans selects WR Tre McBride of William & Mary ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 15:11:17) Tre McBride is a great pick for the Titans in the 7th. A lot of upside with this guy.

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 15:11:53) Dallas isn't done and gets the pick from San Fran here in the late 7th.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 15:12:46) *** Dallas Cowboys selects TE Geoff Swaim of Texas ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 15:14:37) *** New England Patriots selects CB Darryl Roberts of Marshall ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 15:15:58) *** Seattle Seahawks selects S Ryan Murphy of Oregon State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 15:18:00) *** Atlanta Falcons selects S Akeem King of San Jose State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 15:23:40) *** Denver Broncos selects QB Trevor Siemian of Northwestern ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 15:25:26) *** Denver Broncos selects CB Taurean Nixon of Tulane ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 15:26:45) *** Denver Broncos selects S Josh Furman of Oklahoma State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 15:27:17) *** New England Patriots selects OLB Xzavier Dickson of Alabama ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 15:28:09) Almost to Mr Irrelevant. Who will it be this year?

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 15:29:23) *** San Francisco 49ers selects TE Rory Anderson of South Carolina ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 15:39:17) *** Indianapolis Colts selects OT Denzell Good of Mars Hill ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 15:39:30) And Mr Irrelevant is...

NFLDraft101 Staff     (05-02-2015 15:39:40) *** Arizona Cardinals selects TE Gerald Christian of Louisville ***

Doug Lancy     (05-02-2015 15:40:20) Great draft! Check back for draft grades and more details on players added to teams.

Arman Markazi     (05-02-2015 16:31:26) Great draft guys! Thanks for joining us this year! Draft grades and analysis coming soon!

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QBKirk CousinsWAS28.96
RBJeremy LangfordCHI30.20
WRAntonio BrownPIT27.90
TEZach MillerCHI22.70
KCairo SantosKC21.00
DEFKansas City ChiefsKC19.00
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