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2012 Positional Rankings

Draft101 evaluates the quality and depth of each position in the 2012 NFL Draft

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QuarterbackB-There are 2 great quarterbacks in this class, but then a bunch of guys which question marks. The teams that draft Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III have great signal callers that will be true franchise quarterbacks, with Luck possibly being the best to come out in a decade. After them, you have the inexperienced (Ryan Tannehill), the old (Brandon Weeden), and then comes the rest of the pack.
Running BackCTrent Richardson is the real deal with a full set of skills. But after him, there isn't really a first round worthy pick, and every back after him has a hole in his game, from pass blocking, to catching, to running outside, and even to running between the tackles.
FullbackB+There are few good fullbacks in this class with a couple of them being strong runners and blockers. Having a fullback that can step in as the tailback in today's NFL is a huge asset.
Wide ReceiverBThe elite wide receivers aren't quite the elite of some past years, but the depth of receivers makes the grade. Many are excellent options as a number 2 receiver and with some development quite a few could turn into number 1's.
Tight EndC+The tight end class doesn't have any top talent that will make impacts like Rob Gronkowski or Jimmy Graham, but has still has some playmakers.
Offensive TackleB+Matt Kalil is one of the best left tackles in the last decade pushing this group up. Beyond him are a few more talented players, but the drop off is sudden with a large drop to the next tier of tackles.
GuardBAn all around solid class with talent spread from top to the bottom of the draft. Drafting a guard in this draft will almost always be of good value with little need to reach unless a run happens.
CenterC-Overall the centers in this class are not overly impressive. You have some guys that will be going higher than they really deserve because of the lack of talent available at the position.
Defensive TackleA-The tackles in this year's draft class are strong and plentiful, and only lacking an elite talent. There is no sure thing, top 5 pick this year, but you could have 5 of the first 32 picks be defensive tackles which would be impressive. More likely 3 are taken, but it shows the unusual strength of this year's class.
Defensive EndAGetting the best grade in this draft class, the ends are numerous and versatile. They can generate pass rush and pull down running backs. Many can play inside on 3rd down for an extra rusher and some can step in as a 5-technique for the 3-4 defenses.
3-4 LinebackerBAs usual, there are a few good 3-4 linebackers available in the draft. But if you don't grab one by the end of the 3rd round, you'll be searching hard for guys that could convert.
Outside LinebackerB-The outside linebacker position is a bit unusual in that you have some top talent and bottom talent, but not much in the middle. If you need a starting OLB, grab him early as after round 2 not many day 1 starters will be available. After that you can wait a few rounds before grabbing a developmental player.
Inside LinebackerB+Luke Kuechly is an unusual talent for the middle linebacker spot, a position normally ignored during the first round of the draft. He could make it into the top 10, and likely will go in the first round. Beyond him are a couple of other strong players making this one of the better inside linebacker draft classes.
CornerbackA-There are some very skilled corners in this draft and teams will be able to find guys to play press, man or zone coverage. Every round will see multiple corners taken and yet there will still be talent available.
SafetyC+A few talented center fielders in this class and a couple of hard hitters make this a little above average safety class.
KickerCNo elite kickers that will be snagged on days 1 or 2, but some skilled booters that will be looked at to compete for the position in later rounds.
PunterCNo elite punters that will be snagged on days 1 or 2, but some skilled booters that will be looked at to compete for the position in later rounds.
Long SnapperCYep, there are some long snappers available... and maybe one of them will get drafted.
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2015-16 Season Fantasy Studs

QBCam NewtonCAR362.50
RBDevonta FreemanATL315.40
WRAntonio BrownPIT383.20
TERob GronkowskiNE255.60
KStephen GostkowskiNE152.00
DEFKansas City ChiefsKC236.92
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