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Marc Sluis Three Round 2013 Mock Draft - Draft #2


A three round mock draft. No trades were made during the mock draft.

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Round 1

1Kansas City ChiefsQBGeno SmithWest Virginia
 It is almost certain that new coach Any Reid will add a young quarterback in the draft, the only question is when. Geno Smith has NFL tools but struggled mightily down the stretch. Reid's west coast offense has down wonders for several quarterbacks and the quick passing attack is something Smith does well. However, his real strength is his deep ball so maybe he can bring some explosion to the offense that will most likely lose Dwayne Bowe to free agency.
2Jacksonville JaguarsDTStar LotuleleiUtah
 With a new GM on the way one would think the affinity towards Blaine Gabbert would be over and it would be surprisingly it that's not the case. However, instead of using the #2 overall pick on a quarterback in a weak class the solution, or maybe better termed experiment, could be a local hero and hometown kid guaranteed to sell tickets. Yes that would be Tim Tebow. If the Chiefs don't take Geno Smith expect the Jags to at least strongly consider doing so. If not Jarvis Jones brings tremendous pass rushing potential along with the athleticism to excel in pass coverage. His spinal stenosis condition and light frame could cause the Jags to opt for Utah DT Star Lotulelei, widely considered among the top 3 overall prospects.
3Oakland RaidersDE/34LBBjoern Werner #Florida State
 The Raiders would in year's past go with the flashy athlete with the upside to cause a stir. Nowadays they seem content to build around more reliable pieces and it looks like Lotulelei or Werner will follow that new trend this year.
4Philadelphia EaglesOTLuke Joeckel #Texas A&M
 Depending on what happens above them the Eagles will look to satisfy their needs and grab the best talent available. If Joeckel isn't picked by Kansas City then not only are the Eagles getting arguably the best player in the entire draft, but they will bolster a weak and problematic offensive line. Joeckel is a smooth athlete with the prototypical size (6'6 310) of an ideal LT.
5Detroit LionsDE/34LBDamontre Moore #Texas A&M
 This pick seems like a perfect fit for the Lions recent draft strategy. Not only is Moore potentially the best player available, but as a premium pass rushing talent has he brought energy and the ability to get pressure on the quarterback. Hopefully this addition might start a turnaround of the defensive side of the ball, and while I think the secondary is more of an issue than the line, I don't anticipate them to deviate very far, if at all, from their tendency to draft strictly based on their big board. If they do see the secondary as a big enough issue then Dee Milliner could be the guy.
6Cleveland Browns34LB/OLBJarvis Jones #Georgia
 Cleveland is quietly building a strong core of talent, particularly on the defensive side of the ball. Jones is versatile enough to drop back into coverage and chase down running backs, but his bread and butter is bringing the heat off the edge. Maybe the loyal fans of Cleveland will finally start to taste some success...Just maybe.
7Arizona CardinalsOTEric FisherCentral Michigan
 In much the same boat as Kansas City, Jacksonville, and Buffalo the Cardinals will weigh the option of taking a sorely needed signal-caller even when the talent doesn't justify that pick. If cooler heads prevail the Cards could add a 6'8 tackle with quick feet and active hands to help protect whoever it is under center.
8Buffalo BillsQBMike GlennonNorth Carolina State
 There is much speculation that former Syracuse coach Doug Marrone will try to reunite with his former quarterback Ryan Nassib. The fact is #8 is too high a pick to use for a decent but hardly can't miss prospect, especially for a new coach. Those decisions can set you back a couple years. That being said I think the influence of Buddy Nix, who has made it pretty public he wants to address the quarterback position early, will force Marrone's hand. His wide open west coast like system did wonders for Drew Brees and Nassib, but I'm not sold on Glennon. He has the height and arm yes, but his instincts and accuracy are spotty in my opinion.
9New York JetsDE/34LBBarkevious Mingo #LSU
 Mingo seems like an ideal fix to the Jets inability to generate a consistent pass rush. He may not be a finished product and could use some more bulk, but he has elite speed and the athleticism to make flat-footed lineman pay. While not excelling in run support he has improved throughout the year and does shy away from contact. Those are all very good signs. A bit of a risky selection, but Rex needs to gamble in order to save his job. Expect a QB to be taken at some point, but other needs like help at S, WR and RB maybe push that down to the mid to late rounds.
10Tennessee TitansGChance WarmackAlabama
 Chris Johnson recently signed a new deal but it's not just the speedy back who would benefit from taking Warmack. Johnson would be the primary beneficiary of the rock solid 'Bama product but with the athletic defensive tackle we have in the league pass protection also relies on a quality guard to neutralize that force inside.
11San Diego ChargersCBDee Milliner #Alabama
 The Chargers could go in a number of directions here but Milliner seems like the best match for fit and value. Milliner is a smooth athlete in coverage and has the height that has become a premium. Lane Johnson is another possibility as well as Eric Fisher if he lasts this long.
12Miami DolphinsWRCordarrelle Patterson #Tennessee
 Ryan Tannehill showed some real signs of improvement and the while Brian Hartline was a welcomed surprise he will only benefit from an improved supporting cast. Patterson is explosive and could be really scary if he continues to refine those incredible raw tools.
13Tampa Bay BuccaneersCBXavier Rhodes #Florida State
 The complete package from an athletic standpoint, the converted running back could develop into a shutdown corner. Rhodes is a fluid athlete with the hip transition to turn and run with receivers downfield. That physical running back mentality carried over to the defensive backfield, enough so he is considered a possible safety prospect. He excels in the physical press man type coverage the Bucs don't really utilize but is talented enough he could adapt to any scheme.
14Carolina PanthersDTSheldon Richardson #Missouri
 Cam ended the season playing more like he did in his Rookie of the Year campaign, but clearly the Panthers aren't quite ready to take the next step. It's no secret the defensive tackle position is a major need and Richardson could become a impact player inside with his speed and quickness allowing him to penetrate the pocket.
15New Orleans SaintsDE/34LBEzekiel AnsahBYU
 Sean Payton returns from suspension and wasted little time making coaching changes and trying to rework a struggling defense. Ansah could play either 4-3 OLB or 4-3 end and has the talent to be special. He needs to develop but could be the defensive difference maker the Saints are searching for.
16St. Louis RamsOTLane JohnsonOklahoma
 The Rams have some nice young pieces on both sides of the ball, but in a quarterback driven league they can only take the next step if Sam Bradford takes them there. Ammendola, Gibson and Givens make the receiving corps less of an immediate need and drafting an athletic former QB to protect Bradford's blind side would make a lot of sense.
17Pittsburgh SteelersDE/34LBDion JordanOregon
 If James Harrison leaves via free agency Dion Jordan could step right in and fill the void of an attacking 3-4 rush linebacker. The 6'7 former Duck is a different style defender than the physical Harrison but Jordan has the rangy frame and athleticism to flourish in that role especially if the talented group around him creates one on one mismatches.
18Dallas CowboysDTJohnathan Hankins #Ohio State
 Hankins has the talent to be a top three overall pick but is widely looked at as a boom or bust prospect. At #18 the sky-high reward would be well worth the gamble as "Big Hank's" strength and surprising athleticism all on a 330 lb frame makes him a potential difference maker inside.
19New York GiantsSKenny VaccaroTexas
 As the once fearsome pass rush has dropped off a bit, it's finally time to address the secondary and specifically the safety spot. Vaccaro is a versatile and long defender whose coverage ability would be welcomed in the Big Apple. If Ansah is still there they could chose to unite two often compared pass rusher in hopes of created a dynamic one-two punch.
20Chicago BearsGJonathan CooperNorth Carolina
 Jay Cutler is clearly unhappy with his group up front and you can't blame the guy. However, with Jake Matthews and Tyler Lewan returning to school the elite level OT prospect that looked to be available for them is no longer a sure thing. Cooper is a great athlete with an explosive lower body who will add depth and athleticism to the interior O-line.
21Cincinnati BengalsILBAlec Ogletree #Georgia
 Andy Dalton and crew have arrived ahead of schedule. The Dalton to Green connection looks like a potent mainstay and the defense was terrific as well last year. Free agency will clear out some of that talent so they'll need to reload via the draft. Alec Ogletree has top ten talent and could become a physical defender with side to sideline range.
22St. Louis RamsSEric Reid #LSU
 (from Redskins) When making the trade with the Skins they surely assumed it would be more of a premium selection. It's still a first rounder though and adding a talented safety who should sure up the back end and make plays on the ball with help an up and coming defense get even better.
23Minnesota VikingsWRKeenan Allen #California
 NFL MVP Adrian Peterson is a stud but had to carry a weak offensive unit down the stretch. Ponder will have one more year to make a case for being the guy but will need play-makers on the outside to do so. Percy Havin is an all-purpose threat but often injured and even when healthy is the only legitimate receiving option. Enter Keenan Allen, a dynamic 6'3 athlete with soft hands.
24Indianapolis ColtsDTJohn JenkinsGeorgia
 Andrew Luck was as good as advertised, but nobody could have thought the Colts would end up six games over .500 and make the playoffs in year one. After an offense barrage in last year's draft the Colts will turn to the defense and 355 lb John Jenkins looks like a fit at NT.
25Seattle SeahawksDTKawann ShortPurdue
 Pete Carroll has done a magnificent job adding talent and energy to the Pacific Northwest. Russell Wilson was terrific and the defense was dominant. Why add another piece to an already stellar unit? When a 310 lb beast with the ability to beat his man with quickness and strength is there, why not?
26Green Bay PackersTETyler Eifert #Notre Dame
 Tight end may not be the biggest need for the Pack, but Eifert is a safe selection and sure to be a top five tight end very soon he could even be an upgrade over the inconsistent Jermichael Finley.
27Houston TexansWRTavon AustinWest Virginia
 Wade Philips is doing a masterful job running the defense but even with All-Pro quality talents in Arian Foster and Andre Johnson the offense doesn't scare anybody. Adding a spark-plug with electric speed and explosive potential should help.
28Denver BroncosDTSharrif Floyd #Florida
 Peyton was everything Broncos fans could have asked for during the regular season, but the team blew away a chance at getting to the AFC championship game. With a few more years left in the Peyton Manning era Denver will look to add impact players early. Floyd is a tough cover on the interior and possesses the quickness to beat his man inside. Inside linebacker and the defensive backfield are other areas John Fox could choose to sure up.
29New England PatriotsSMatt Elam #Florida
 Elam would be a great fit for the Patriots defense. A physical play-maker the former Gator would be a welcomed sight for a Pats secondary that has been without a real presence from from the safety position since Rodney Harrison retired.
30Atlanta FalconsDE/34LBAlex OkaforTexas
 Matt Ryan and Mike Smith finally got the playoff monkey off their backs, but blew a lead against the 49ers and did little to shake the big game bust label. With a switch to a high octane passing oreiented attack the offense looked crisp and Ryan was incredibly productive. If Tony Gonzalez does indeed high'em up Eifert or Ertz could be in play but Okafor would fill a big need as a consistent pass rushing presence at the end spot.
31San Francisco 49ersCBDesmond Trufant #Washington
 Cornerback is not a glaring need for the Niners but Trufant's coverage skills and stellar Senior Bowl means we won't last until round two. Justin Smith is a free agent next year and the safety position could be improved but Trufant is the best player available.
32Baltimore RavensILBManti Te'oNotre Dame
 Coming off a Super Bowl victory it's always tough to find motivation. But when your spiritual and emotional leader fights through injury to help win the ultimate prize won't be there next year with you, things could get ugly. Te'o should have no trouble getting motivated as he tries to repair his image after a botched online relationship. He won't command the same respect in the locker room, but should actually have a similar impact as Ray Lewis even in his rookie season.

# Denotes Underclassman

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