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Zach Bohner Three Round 2012 Mock Draft - Zach's Final Mock


For my final mock of the year, I decided to go no holds barred. This is exactly how I expect the draft to play out. Obviously, it won't play out exactly like this, but everything I've included is a very real possibility in my opinion. There are trades involved, and they will be explained as we go.

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Round 1

1Indianapolis ColtsQBAndrew Luck #Stanford
 No real need for an explanation here.
2Washington RedskinsQBRobert Griffin III #Baylor
 (from Rams) There is zero chance that this is any other player. We all know it.
3Minnesota VikingsOTMatt Kalil #USC
 I don't buy any of the hype that the Vikings might target Morris Claiborne or Justin Blackmon with this pick. Every year around this time we hear all kinds of misinformation that teams leak out. Don't ever believe anything you hear in the two weeks leading up to the draft.
4New York JetsRBTrent Richardson #Alabama
 (from Browns) Say what?! If you follow me on twitter (@ZachBohner), you know that I've predicted this trade for awhile. In previous mocks I had Richardson falling to the Jets for this very reason. In this trade the Jets send the Browns four picks: 1.16, 2.17, 5.19 and their 2013 1st round pick. Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum need to figure out something with their running game. If they don't go deep in the playoffs this year and win some regular season games, they could both be looking for jobs next year. Trent Richardson is the most complete back in this draft class. Granted, I'm not as high on him as most others, but the Jets always go after the players they covet.
5Tampa Bay BuccaneersCBMorris Claiborne #LSU
 With Richardson off the board, this is an easy pick. Tampa Bay has added a few corner backs through free agency this off season, but they still need to get better at the position.
6St. Louis RamsWRMichael Floyd #Notre Dame
 (from Redskins) Justin Blackmon fans are going to hate this pick, but it's only going to get worse for them when they see how far he falls on draft day. Let's be honest, Blackmon is not the best receiver in this draft. Michael Floyd has better hands, runs better routes and is a better red zone target. That isn't to say that Blackmon isn't a good receiver. They are both going to have great careers, but Floyd is the superior talent at this point.
7Dallas CowboysCBStephon Gilmore #South Carolina
 (from Jaguars) Another trade. Dallas moves up to snag the second best corner in this draft. They send Jacksonville two picks: 1.14 and 2.13. There has been a lot of talk the last couple weeks that the Cowboys will be taking Alabama safety Mark Barron, but I really think the Cowboys will target Gilmore.
8Miami DolphinsQBRyan TannehillTexas A&M
 (determined By Coin Flip) This is a great pairing for Tannehill. He will be able to sit behind Matt Moore and David Garrard for a season and learn the pro game. I would expect him to start a few games near the end of the year when it is clear that Miami is out of the playoff hunt, but that's a good thing. I'm a firm believer in getting young quarterbacks playing time as long as the pressure is off.
9Carolina PanthersDT/DEFletcher Cox #Mississippi State
 (determined By Coin Flip) There has been a lot of Dontari Poe hype since the combine, but the tape just isn't there. Carolina needs to work on their defensive line, and Cox is head and shoulders above the other defensive tackles in this draft.
10Buffalo BillsOTRiley Reiff #Iowa
 The Bills have a huge hole at left tackle. Riley Reiff is a talented young tackle that will anchor their line for a decade.
11Philadelphia EaglesDE/34LBMelvin IngramSouth Carolina
 (determined By Coin Flip) That's right, another trade. In this scenario the Eagles send the Chiefs two picks: 1.15 and 2.19. Once Melvin Ingram starts to fall, the Eagles will be on the phone to move up ahead of Seattle to snag him.
12Seattle SeahawksGDavid DeCastro #Stanford
 (determined By Coin Flip) In the last several seasons the Seahawks have shown that they are willing to spend high picks on offensive linemen. DeCastro is one of six elite prospects in this draft and the final one off the board. He would be a top five pick if it wasn't for the lack of positional value.
13Arizona CardinalsDE/34LB/OLBCourtney UpshawAlabama
 I'm really surprised that this isn't a more popular pick. Arizona has holes along the offensive line, at wide receiver and at rush linebacker. Upshaw is the best player on the board and should be the pick in this scenario.
14Jacksonville JaguarsWRKendall WrightBaylor
 (from Cowboys via trade 1.07) Jacksonville was able to trade back and add another second round pick. They were also able to pick up the second best receiver in this draft and give Blaine Gabbert another target to throw the ball to. For Gabbert to be successful in the NFL, he needs receivers and protection. One of those needs has now been filled with this pick.
15Kansas City ChiefsILBLuke Kuechly #Boston College
 (from Eagles via trade 1.11) After trading back, Kansas City is able to pick up a talented inside linebacker to strengthen their front seven. This is a dream scenario for the Chiefs.
16Cleveland BrownsWRJustin Blackmon #Oklahoma State
 (from Jets via trade 1.04) Finally Justin Blackmon comes off the board. Some Browns fans want Blackmon to be the pick at 1.04, but wouldn't it be better to get him here? A struggling franchise like the Browns can't afford to spend a top 5 pick on a running back. If you look back at the last decade, you will see that running backs taken in the top 10 usually don't affect the team's overall performance. Even players that end up being elite like Adrian Peterson haven't propelled their teams to the playoffs. The Vikings were a struggling team before Brett Favre arrived and are back to mediocrity now that he's gone. With that said, the Browns need to do everything they can to trade back and collect picks.
17Cincinnati BengalsCBDre Kirkpatrick #Alabama
 (from Raiders) This makes too much sense to pass up. Kirkpatrick is a top 10 talent that falls due to a lack of need with teams drafting ahead of the Bengals.
18San Diego ChargersDEQuinton CoplesNorth Carolina
 Coples is a talented player, but he shows a lack of effort at times. He could go in the top 10, but I think he falls to San Diego.
19Chicago BearsDE/34LB/OLBWhitney Mercilus #Illinois
 I had Mercilus going to the Bears a few months ago, before dropping him to the top of the second round in recent mocks. Ultimately, he will be a day one selection. He had a tremendous 2011 season and will benefit from Jason Pierre-Paul's NFL success after a similar final college season.
20Tennessee TitansGCordy GlennGeorgia
 Chris Johnson struggled behind a soft offensive line last season. The Titans added Steve Hutchinson through free agency, but they need more help.
21Cincinnati BengalsRBDoug MartinBoise State
 It's no secret that I'm really high on Doug Martin. He is an every down back that can do it all. Cincinnati needs to add another runner to their backfield, and with the top three receivers already gone, they take the second best runner in the draft.
22New England PatriotsSMark BarronAlabama
 (from Falcons)(from Browns) Here is yet another trade. The Patriots usually trade back to accumulate more picks, but I think they go a different direction in this draft. New England has a very good roster overall, they just need to add a few players to the mix. They send the Browns two picks in this trade: 1.31 and 2.31. The Browns have now traded back twice in the draft to accumulate a ton of picks. One of the key areas that New England needs to address is the safety position. I really wanted to mock Barron higher, but I just couldn't find a good spot for him. This would be the perfect place for him to go.
23Detroit LionsOTJonathan Martin #Stanford
 The Lions always take the best player available on their board. After several seasons of needing an offensive tackle, the BPA and need finally meet.
24Pittsburgh SteelersILBDont'a Hightower #Alabama
 I can't mock any other player to the Steelers after talking with Shane Hallam on twitter the other day (@ShanePHallam). He has a history of hitting his Steelers picks right on the nose, and he feels strongly that this is the direction they will go. Hightower will give Lawrence Timmons the ability to be even more of a play maker.
25Denver BroncosDTDevon StillPenn State
 I've had Still ranked as a top 15 player all off season. In the last few weeks he's taken a tumble down draft boards. That makes no sense to me at all. He falls to the Broncos solely because of the teams picking higher have greater needs.
26Houston TexansWRRueben Randle #LSU
 I've had Stephen Hill going to the Texans for awhile, but after finally getting a chance to watch Randle extensively, I can't deny that he is the superior player. Don't be surprised to see this be the pick on draft day.
27New England PatriotsDE/34LBAndre BranchClemson
 (from Saints) New England added a dynamic safety earlier in the draft, and now they add an excellent pass rusher to their front seven. Branch will be able to play 43 end and 34 rush linebacker in New England's hybrid defense.
28Green Bay PackersDE/34LB/OLBNick Perry #USC
 This is a dream scenario for the Packers. They desperately need to add another pass rusher opposite of Clay Mathews. Perry will make this entire defense better.
29St. Louis RamsRBLamar Miller #Miami (FL)
 (from Ravens) The Rams decide to jump ahead of the Browns to take best running back left on the board. The Rams send the Ravens two picks in this trade: 2.01 and 4.01.
30San Francisco 49ersOT/GKelechi OsemeleIowa State
 Coby Fleener is a popular pick to the 49ers, but adding a guard is more important. Osemele will be a day one starter for this offense.
31Cleveland BrownsTECoby FleenerStanford
 (from Patriots via trade 1.22) After trading back a second time, the Browns add the best tight end in the draft. Brandon Weeden could be the pick here, but I think Colt McCoy would be a good quarterback if he just had some weapons around him.
32New York GiantsDTMichael Brockers #LSU
 There have been reports that the Giants would look to trade back on draft day, but I don't think they would even entertain offers if Brockers is still available.

# Denotes Underclassman

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