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Doug Lancy Four Round 2012 Mock Draft - Late Free Agency


With many of the major free agents signed, team needs have adjusted some and so I take a new look at the upcoming NFL draft.

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Round 1

1Indianapolis ColtsQBAndrew Luck #Stanford
 With the departure of Manning, everyone expects Indy to make this pick. Luck has been a consistent #1 selection for nearly 2 years now, and the Colts should have another long term signal caller.
2Washington RedskinsQBRobert Griffin #Baylor
 (from Rams) The Redskins paid dearly to move up to the second pick, which indicates that they are selecting RG3. He is easily the second best quarterback in the draft and there is a sizable gap till the next tier of quarterbacks.
3Minnesota VikingsOTMatt Kalil #USC
 The Vikings would take an offer to move down if a good one presents itself (the reason for the Claiborne talk), but it would be a shock to nearly every draft nut if the Vikings didn't take Kalil with this pick. He's the left tackle that they desperately need to protect QB Christian Ponder.
4Cleveland BrownsRBTrent Richardson #Alabama
 The Browns are the first team to really have a question on who'll they select as they have many holes and many good matches available. Quinton Coples would be a huge impact on the defensive side, but backs like Richardson don't come along often and running the ball in the AFC North is a critical part of the game.
5Tampa Bay BuccaneersCBMorris Claiborne #LSU
 Tampa Bay would have grabbed Richardson if he fell to them, but without him on the board, the Bucs need to grab a corner (and maybe 2) in the draft as their current situation is in bad shape. Getting the best corner in the draft can really bolster their defense.
6St. Louis RamsWRJustin Blackmon #Oklahoma State
 (from Redskins) The Rams will want to improve their tackle situation, and could look at Riley Reiff or Jonathan Martin, but they each would be a bit of a reach, and Reiff may be a right tackle only. A weapon at receiver would be a godsend for Bradford who's looked good despite his receiving corp. Later in the draft, they'll have to find guys to keep him healthy or this pick won't pan out.
7Jacksonville JaguarsDE/34LBMelvin IngramSouth Carolina
 The Jags would have snagged Blackmon if he fell this far, but now will be either trading down with someone jumping up for Tannehill, or taking the best player on their board. The four players they'll be deciding between are WR Michael Floyd, WR Kendall Wright, DE Melvin Ingram and DE Quinton Coples. At pick 7, I expect Ingram will be the pick for Jacksonville, as they can still get a good wide receiver in round 2, and Ingram has the work ethic they need.
8Miami DolphinsQBRyan TannehillTexas A&M
 (determined By Coin Flip) Here is the first reach of the draft. Trannehill has limited experience at quarterback (started as a receiver at A&M), and needs some more development. But teams often reach for quarterbacks, and the Dolphins are in a desperate situation having lost out in free agency. Riley Reiff would be a great fit, and a smart pick if they don't want to reach, but unlikely they'll pass on grabbing a possible future franchise quarterback.
9Carolina PanthersWRMichael Floyd #Notre Dame
 (determined By Coin Flip) The Panthers have multiple options here and multiple needs. Many suspect LB Kuechly, DE COples, or a DT like Cox. But I'm going a little off the path and look at the best receiver available in Floyd who will continue to allow Newton to shine.
10Buffalo BillsOTJonathan Martin #Stanford
 The Bills have addressed their defensive end need, but they're not done. Grabbing Martin, the next best left tackle prospect left, will provide the Bills with a franchise left tackle that could be providing blindside protection for years.
11Kansas City ChiefsDTDontari Poe #Memphis
 (determined By Coin Flip) The Chiefs added RT Eric Winston, else Riley Reiff would be snagged here immediately (and he still might). But the Chiefs are able to address another need by grabbing Poe. The Chiefs struggled against the run and need a nose tackle up front to make an impact, and Poe has the talent.
12Seattle SeahawksOTRiley Reiff #Iowa
 (determined By Coin Flip) The Seahawks are in a good position with multiple players falling to them. It's really a decision between RT Riley Reiff (moving Carpenter to guard where he's more suited), OG David DeCastro, DE Quinton Coples and ILB Luke Kuechly. I go with Reiff because they are able to improve 2 positions with 1 pick.
13Arizona CardinalsGDavid DeCastro #Stanford
 The Cardinals are looking at 2 possible players in this situation (with Reiff being the third if Seattle passes on him), and that's Coples and DeCastro. Both could make an impact, but Arizona needs to give Kolb every chance to succeed and that means improving the offensive line.
14Dallas CowboysDEQuinton CoplesNorth Carolina
 The Cowboys have a few players in mind with this pick, two of them from Alabama. Both S Mark Barron and CB Dre Kirkpatrick will be highly considered. However, I don't see them passing on Coples as he fits their 3-4 scheme perfectly and will provide a much needed pass rush.
15Philadelphia EaglesDT/DEFletcher Cox #Mississippi State
 Word on the draft street is that the Eagles are looking to address the defensive line and Cox would be a great fit. Even with signing DeMeco Ryans, Kuechly could be the pick. Another possibility is CB with Dre Kirkpatrick still on the board.
16New York JetsDE/34LB/OLBCourtney UpshawAlabama
 The Jets need to generate a pass rush, and I think Upshaw will be a great fit for the team. Upshaw will be an immediate difference maker and will help the secondary look better. Another option would be S Mark Barron.
17Cincinnati BengalsCBDre Kirkpatrick #Alabama
 (from Raiders) The Bengals have a major need at corner and having one of the best in the draft fall to them (character concerns aside), the Bengals won't miss out on adding him.
18San Diego ChargersDE/34LB/OLBWhitney Mercilus #Illinois
 Even though the Chargers added Jarret Johnson, they still need to make sure they generate pass rush from their outside linebacker and Mercilus is the best outside rusher available. S Mark Barron was considered as was G Cordy Glenn.
19Chicago BearsILBLuke Kuechly #Boston College
 Although not an immediate need, the Bears have seen how much they struggle without Urlacher. Kuechly is an elite linebacker talent eventually replace Urlacher and probably won't actually fall this far in the draft. If he's not available, the Bears will likely address the defensive line with the first pick grabbing either DE Nick Perry or DT Michael Brockers. A trade down could also make a lot of sense giving Chicago another pick while still getting a player they target.
20Tennessee TitansCBStephon Gilmore #South Carolina
 Gilmore has been climbing the boards and the Titans need to find a replacement for Cortland Finnegan. Other possible picks are C Peter Konz, DT Michael Brockers, DE Nick Perry, and WR Kendall Wright.
21Cincinnati BengalsGCordy GlennGeorgia
 Glenn is a great talent and a fantastic fit for the Bengal's blocking scheme. Improving the line is a no brainer, especially with one of the top talents on the board.
22Cleveland BrownsWRKendall WrightBaylor
 (from Falcons) The Browns need playmakers on offense, and adding Wright along with Richardson will make the offense much more dynamic and dangerous.
23Detroit LionsCBJanoris JenkinsNorth Ala.
 Detroit says they aren't going to take Jenkins... and I almost believe them. If a great player falls to them, they'll go a different direction. But Jenkins is an elite talent whose off-field issues has caused him to drop. He's done and said everything right and a team is going to take a chance on him in the first round, and the Lions are needing a shutdown corner.
24Pittsburgh SteelersILBDont'a Hightower #Alabama
 A 3-4 experienced inside linebacker, the Steelers seem locked in to grab Hightower to replace James Farrior who they cut.
25Denver BroncosCPeter Konz #Wisconsin
 The Broncos will be choosing between defensive tackle and center. LSU's Brockers will be highly considered, but Manning has to be taken care of, so I expect this pick to lean toward the offense. Konz can play center or guard and can make the line calls to keep Peyton upright.
26Houston TexansWRStephen Hill #Georgia Tech
 Houston needs a true #2 receiver to compliment Andre Johnson and Hill fits the bill. This would allow Walter to play in the slot where he would be more effective and make the Texans offense even more dangerous.
27New England PatriotsSMark BarronAlabama
 (from Saints) The Patriots secondary struggled last season so grabbing Barron to play strong safety is a no brainer.
28Green Bay PackersDE/34LBAndre BranchClemson
 The Packers need to find a pass rusher to work opposite Clay Matthews and Andre Branch is a proven pass rusher.
29Baltimore RavensILBBobby WagnerUtah State
 The Ravens need to draft proteges to eventually replace Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. Bobby Wagner has all the skills to play on the inside in the 3-4 and could be a long term replacement for Lewis when he finally decides to hang it up.
30San Francisco 49ersGAmini SilatoluMidwestern State
 Although many think that TE Coby Fleener will be the pick here, I don't see it. Yes, 2 TE's are becoming more vogue, and there is the Stanford connection between Fleener and Harbaugh. But in the end, I believe the 49ers will take the best player on their board, in this case G Amini Silatolu.
31New England PatriotsDE/34LBShea McClellinBoise State
 Belichick needs to find a pass rusher after not grabbing one last year. McClellin seems like a solid fit with the skills that the Patriots desire from the outside.
32New York GiantsOTMike AdamsOhio State
 The Giants have a few directions they could go with this pick, but their offensive line struggled much of the season and they'll need better results to repeat. Besides Adams, they could go with G Kevin Zeitler, RB Doug Martin, or OLB Zach Brown.

# Denotes Underclassman

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