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2012 NFL Draft Coverage


NFLDraft101.com provides live intereactive chat during the 2012 NFL Draft. Join us to discuss picks, trades and get updates all during the draft weekend.

Doug Lancy     (04-25-2012 21:42:15) Live coverage will begin at 7 PM! Join us as we discuss the picks, best players available, the trades and everything else about the draft!

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 16:04:55) Welcome to the 2012 NFL Draft! One hour till we get to hear that with the first pick the Indianpolis Colts select Andrew Luck!

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 16:12:07) Hello!

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 16:12:50) We have our first trade! The Browns trade up for the Vikings spot! Richardson goes 3rd to the Browns. Or are they actually taking Claiborne?

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 16:16:41) I'm pretty vocal about not liking running backs at the top of the draft. I hope it works out for them, though.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 16:17:52) I agree, but Richardson is special and worth a high pick. I have him as the 6th best player in the draft and far above any other running back.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 16:18:55) I guess the Jets aren't trading up for him now LOL!

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 16:23:37) Nope! Nice try though!

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 16:24:07) I'm sure Tampa tried to, but Cleveland just had more ammo to make the move. Wonder what else they gave them.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 16:24:39) NFL Network is reporting it was for a 4, 5 and 7.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 16:28:29) Just saw that. Updated the draft order to reflect the trade. Hopefully picked the right ones since Cleveland had multiple picks.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 16:31:06) The fourth was from the Atlanta trade.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 16:38:41) Lots of guys invited to New York. A few of them I don't think are going in the first round. Who do you think we'll still be sitting in the green room at the end of the night?

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 16:38:49) Good trade for the Vikings. Basically get 3 picks for free. Will still have their choice of Kalil, Blackmon, and Claiborne.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 16:39:43) Schefter just tweeted that the Jags are talking to the Vikings about moving up for Blackmon. If that happens, the Vikings have already made some tremendous moves. I'm a big fan of Kalil, but the Vikings need more than just a tackle.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 16:40:42) I think Poe is going to be there tomorrow. His tape just doesn't impress me. I don't understand how a player can be so physically gifted and not show up on the field.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 16:41:18) Vikes shouldn't go too far back. Even though they need a lot of players, they still need to grab an elite player.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 16:41:26) Agree, the Vikings made a great trade and probably fleeced the Browns a little. Does Tampa stay pat to take Claiborne or trade down with Jacksonville so they can take Blackmon?

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 16:42:43) Yeah, Poe jumped up because of a huge combine. But the hype has dwindled and past production often out weighs future potential. I could see Fleener falling into the second round too.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 16:43:49) Fleener and Brockers are the other two that I thought could fall to the second. There are a lot of DT's with a 1st round grade. Someone has to be the odd man out. Could be Still, though.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 16:44:01) Vikings need to keep selling that they're taking Claiborne. If the Bucs believe them, they better make a move to get their guy.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 16:44:58) I agree, Dan.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 16:46:08) Logical pick is still Kalil, though.

AJ     (04-26-2012 16:49:46) 3 Picks for one spot? What do the draft points for each position say about the evenness of that trade?

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 16:50:46) Based on the Harvard system, the Vikings won by a mile. On the traditional chart it was about even.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 16:52:56) Agreed, Zach.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 16:56:08) I hear most GMs have abandoned the old point value chart.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 16:56:16) I predicted a week or two ago that there would be 6 trades in the first round, not counting the RG3 deal. So far, it looks like that could happen.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 16:56:45) 6 may be a little short. I think it will be closer to 8.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 16:57:14) So what's everyone's bold predictions for the first round?

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 16:58:18) Andrew Luck will indeed go #1. Bold guess but I'm going with it.

Beardown!     (04-26-2012 17:00:00) Vikings trade to 5 so Bucs can take their DB...Vikings gain picks then their Tackle. My bold prediction

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 17:00:02) My 3 bold predictions: Tannehill drops past 15. Michael Floyd goes top 10. And Riley Reiff drops to mid/late first.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 17:00:51) Real bold prediction: Floyd goes before Blackmon

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 17:03:33) I'd love to see 8 trades. Makes is so exciting. I'd love to see Floyd go in the top 10. I wouldn't even be made if my Dolphins took Floyd if we were able to get Weeden, too. I have Floyd to the Rams at 6. I'm prepared to be wrong.

AJ     (04-26-2012 17:05:08) Bold (i.e. laughable) prediction. Floyd pulls a Quinn.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 17:05:21) Floyd to Miami makes a lot of sense to me. Think how successful Cincinnati was getting an elite WR and a developmental QB later.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 17:05:42) Love it AJ!

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 17:06:19) Bold prediction: every pick in my mock is accurate beyond the ones that are already wrong.

Guest     (04-26-2012 17:06:27) I also feel like that the Vikings will trade back again with Tampa

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 17:06:31) *** Indianapolis Colts selects QB Andrew Luck of Stanford ***

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 17:07:11) I'll be surprised if the Vikings don't move back again.

dat317nigga     (04-26-2012 17:07:13) Luck?!?!?! Why not trade the #1 pick for Sebastian Janikowski?!?!

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 17:07:59) Janikowski refused to go to Indy for a visit.

SIR. FISS     (04-26-2012 17:09:16) Truly think RG3 may out perform Luck overall......

Guest     (04-26-2012 17:09:18) i thought he was drunk at the bar and missed the call to approve a trade to indy

Beardown!     (04-26-2012 17:09:19) RGIII going #2...calling it now...ha...ha...ha

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 17:10:49) Bold prediction man. Hopefully it pays off for you.

AJ     (04-26-2012 17:11:46) Me too Fiss. The Redskins have been working on getting better for a while so they have practice. We all saw the Colts sans Manning last year... I don't know how they'll recover.

Beardown!     (04-26-2012 17:12:43) AJ they recover by changing the culture and philosophy and style...Tampa 2 is dead...Smash mouth is born

AJ     (04-26-2012 17:12:46) Yes I know what's wrong with that statement \/\/

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 17:13:12) *** Washington Redskins selects QB Robert Griffin of Baylor ***

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 17:13:38) RG3 just got denied his kiss. She's totally dumped now.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 17:14:11) RGIII may have a better start, but Luck is still going to have the better career, barring injury.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 17:15:15) From a fantasy standpoint, I would take RG3 this year and Luck in a dynasty league. RG3 will put up better numbers early, but Luck is the guy that will have the 4000 yard seasons.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 17:17:26) Indy did struggle last year, but don't underestimate them. Their defense is designed to play from ahead. Without a lead, the defense struggles much more.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 17:18:49) RG3 will also be valuable because of his obvious skill running the ball. May not be a 4,000 yard per season throwing QB but his fantasy #'s will approach those of a high yardage QB.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 17:19:18) I do like Griffin, though! I feel he's better than any of the quarterbacks drafted last year.

Bailey     (04-26-2012 17:20:01) The top rookie in Fantasy Football this fall is expected to be drafted at 3rd, Trent Richardson to Cleveland Browns.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 17:20:04) ESPN needs to adjust the sound on their coverage. Crowd noise is far too loud. Hard to hear the announcers.

Bailey     (04-26-2012 17:20:32) Dan Carey totally agree!

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 17:20:43) *** Cleveland Browns selects RB Trent Richardson of Alabama ***

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 17:21:03) Best RB prospect since Adrian Peterson...thoughts?

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 17:21:32) Agree, Dan. And maybe even more so as less injury concern then AP had.

Bailey     (04-26-2012 17:21:41) I miss having NFL Network. I would much much rather listen to Rich Eisen than Boomer all night!

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 17:21:57) I agree to both Doug and Bailey.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 17:22:48) I'm interested to see what Minnesota does here.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 17:23:26) I love the NFL Network coverage. I just don't like Michael Irvin as much. He could be switched out for Scott Hansen and I'd be happy.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 17:23:58) Minnesota trades to Jax

Bailey     (04-26-2012 17:24:21) I don't think Richardson will reach AP numbers. Colt McCoy is not that much of a threat to open up the running game. He will be very good as a rookie not elite.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 17:24:21) Wait, I heard wrong.

Bailey     (04-26-2012 17:25:00) Oh snap! Jax moves up for Blackmon???

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 17:25:38) NFL Network confused me. At first I thought they said Minnesota traded with Jax but apparently Jax traded with TB.

Bailey     (04-26-2012 17:27:05) Is St. Louis regretting their trade now?

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 17:27:22) *** Minnesota Vikings selects OT Matt Kalil of USC ***

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 17:27:43) The right pick for Minnesota. 100% correct.

Bailey     (04-26-2012 17:28:04) Great pick. It isn't flashy and won't put butts in the seats but games are won in the trenches!

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 17:28:06) Couldn't agree with you more, Dan.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 17:29:05) I agree Dan. I like Claiborne and he could help the Vikings, but a LT like Kalil will help both Ponder and AP. They need help everywhere and good corners will be available later. Not so much with LT.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 17:29:31) Right, Bailey. OT's don't get much credit or score/prevent points but with a young QB, you need to keep him upright or you're going to have another David Carr problem.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 17:30:41) Plus, Claiborne isn't a Cover 2 CB unless Minnesota wanted to switch schemes.

Chris Kelly     (04-26-2012 17:30:47) i think the Vikings made a great move trading down and still getting the best OT since Joe Thomas

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 17:32:14) Cowboys trade: WOOOOOOOWWWWW!

Chris Kelly     (04-26-2012 17:32:42) my question is who is tampa targeting at 7

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 17:33:11) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects WR Justin Blackmon of Oklahoma State ***

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 17:33:19) My bet would be Stephon Gilmore to Tampa.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 17:33:46) There goes my bold prediction...

Guest     (04-26-2012 17:33:49) Blackmon?!?! LOVE IT

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 17:34:16) I think Tampa would love Claiborne to fall to them, but will accept Gilmore.

Bailey     (04-26-2012 17:34:23) Jacksonville has needed a no 1 WR for years! Blackmon will be a great explosive playmaker for the Jaguars.

Guest     (04-26-2012 17:34:36) I've always had a secret fan erection for the Jaguars..... and a Madden Wood for them.... they just need Receivers to compete

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 17:35:01) Cox to the Cowboys? That's what I'm thinking. It could be Claiborne, though.

AJ     (04-26-2012 17:35:27) I think half the mock drafters just died a little inside.

Guest     (04-26-2012 17:35:56) how are your mock drafts looking?

Bailey     (04-26-2012 17:36:33) Price certainty of the Rookie Pay Scale is definitely having an effect on the draft!

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 17:36:58) Other than Blackmon, all of my players have gone at the position I mocked them or one off.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 17:37:04) Cowboys up to 6! Big trade by the Cowboys, but not surprising. They almost always make a trade in the first round.

Bailey     (04-26-2012 17:37:30) What did they give up?

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 17:37:52) Just their second. Claiborne is a great pick here.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 17:38:02) Cowboys trade 1st and 2nd for Rams 1st.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 17:38:28) *** Dallas Cowboys selects CB Morris Claiborne of LSU ***

Bailey     (04-26-2012 17:38:41) Guest....Re: Meaningless due to trades. :)

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 17:39:33) Mocks aren't too far off. You have to look more at how close they are to the players going off the board then the teams selecting the players. Trades are too hard to predict, talent is not.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 17:39:58) What Doug said.

AJ     (04-26-2012 17:40:43) Zach you called Dallas trading up for a CB too, just not that far or that one. You were only one Homerist pick away from only 1 off everywhere.

Bailey     (04-26-2012 17:40:52) The problem is how the trades have a ripple effect on the following rounds.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 17:41:17) Wouldn't be surprised to see Tampa take Kuechly here.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 17:41:48) I wouldn't call me a homer for having Floyd as my #1 rated receiver. I don't have any of their other players ranked highly.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 17:42:23) I played against Floyd in high school. He was a beast then.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 17:43:46) Fantasy prediction: In three years, Floyd and Blackmon will both be solid #2 fantasy receivers. Wright will be a high end flex.

Bailey     (04-26-2012 17:44:11) Could draft Barron at Safety?

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 17:44:34) I like the move by Dallas. Their secondary was in dire need of help, especially with the likes of the Giants and Eagles to go against.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 17:45:15) Good call, Bailey.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 17:45:33) Barron has been climbing many boards, but I don't see him as a top 10 pick. He's a big hitter and can make an impact against the run, but was more of a liability against the pass.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 17:45:50) *** Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects S Mark Barron of Alabama ***

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 17:45:55) Agreed, Zach. I just don't see Blackmon/Floyd being elite. More solid or very good but not great or elite.

Guest     (04-26-2012 17:46:00) I think Mike Morris should help Kahlil put some muscle on. He needs to put some weight on but is very techniqly sound.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 17:46:40) The Superstar! His arms are huge even well past his playing days.

Bailey     (04-26-2012 17:46:53) With the NFL moving towards playmaking TE's, Safeties like Barron will be a premium.

Guest     (04-26-2012 17:47:01) Mark Barron = Black John Lynch

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 17:47:13) I do worry about Kalil getting beat by power rushers. That's why he needs the added muscle.

Guest     (04-26-2012 17:47:54) hahahahah CROWD CHEERING DOLPHINS SUCK?!?!

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 17:48:11) Kalil will be fine against power rushers, good lower body strength. Needs more upper body strength and showed more struggles against speed rushers.

Bailey     (04-26-2012 17:48:27) Miami will become the losers of the draft with this pick....

Guest     (04-26-2012 17:48:31) He admired on espn radio that he needs to work in defending the bull rush. But other than that he has the potential to be very damn good.

Guest     (04-26-2012 17:49:06) I meant admitted.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 17:49:20) Tannehill...way too much of a reach. I just don't like him this early.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 17:50:24) We got ourselves a quarterback!!! It's about time. I was barely a teenager the last time we had one.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 17:50:37) *** Miami Dolphins selects QB Ryan Tannehill of Texas A&M ***

Guest     (04-26-2012 17:51:09) is this dudes last name pronounced boner?

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 17:51:12) He'll need a couple years on the bench.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 17:51:32) Don't like the pick, no sir, don't like it at all. But they pretty much handcuffed themselves to that pick.

Guest     (04-26-2012 17:51:37) Tannehill Has a lot of potential and also he can relate to the receivers better than most quarterbacks, which means he should be on the same page as most receivers quickly.

Bailey     (04-26-2012 17:51:58) Trading up for Brandon Weeden would have been a better pick in end of the 1st round beginning of 2nd round.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 17:52:09) This is a case of Miami taking a QB to simply have a QB.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 17:52:44) If Miami throws him out there too quickly, they'll pay for it and may ruin his career. He still has some serious development to go. On the plus side, he does know how to go through a progression, something RG3 hasn't done.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 17:52:50) It's a reach. That's for sure, but I like the move. We can't have Moore and Garrard as the only options. Tannehill will develop behind them.

Guest     (04-26-2012 17:53:09) The owner stated that he WANTED Ryan. I call it the Al Davis complex.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 17:54:25) If this was Al Davis' pick...he'd draft the fastest remaining QB remaining.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 17:55:02) Opps...typo

AJ     (04-26-2012 17:55:08) Oh no! Zombie Al Davis has attacked Miami!

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 17:55:43) *** Carolina Panthers selects ILB Luke Kuechly of Boston College ***

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 17:56:41) So does Jon Beason move to the outside, or do they start Kuechly outside and then move him in after Beason retires or gets injured again?

Guest     (04-26-2012 17:57:56) Kuechly is a beast he will be awesome.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 17:58:14) I like the Kuechly pick. He'll be a good player for them.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 17:58:36) Humm....Floyd here?

Bailey     (04-26-2012 17:59:36) Surprised....

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 17:59:45) *** Buffalo Bills selects CB Stephon Gilmore of South Carolina ***

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 18:00:27) Love the Gilmore pick. They need to stop New England to have a chance.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 18:00:55) I just won a Dolphins draft hat from National Football Authority. I love twitter.

Guest     (04-26-2012 18:00:59) All knowing DC who do u think Viles will take in 2nd round.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:01:02) If Seattle doesn't take Floyd, Rams seem logical.

Guest     (04-26-2012 18:01:57) I mean the Vikings

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:02:14) I wouldn't be surprised if they trade into the late first but they need to target a DB and WR. More so WR.

Guest     (04-26-2012 18:03:17) What about the wideout from south Carolina.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:03:44) Alshon Jeffery? I don't like him for the Vikings.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:04:33) Work ethic concerns me.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 18:04:48) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects DT Dontari Poe of Memphis ***

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 18:05:17) KC takes Poe. Did they watch the tape?

Bailey     (04-26-2012 18:06:03) Looks good in shorts but there are some major questions about consistent effort play to play.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 18:06:04) I give the Poe selection an F. Major reach based on his production.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:06:29) And his hair style...

Bailey     (04-26-2012 18:06:56) ha ha ha....nice Dan

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 18:07:02) These guys know they have to put on a hat. Why do they do their hair like this if they can't put a hat on?

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 18:08:39) If I'm coaching KC, I tell my guards and centers to slap his helmet every play till he shows he can play with a mean streak and won't take plays off.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:10:28) Yeah, I really don't like the pick.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 18:11:22) He better man up if he doesn't want to bust.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 18:11:38) They really needed a nose tackle, though. If he plays up to potential, he could make a dramatic difference for KC. They could go from contenders in the weak West to play off dangerous.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:12:53) Floyd going 13 or 14.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:13:15) More so 14.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 18:13:20) *** Philadelphia Eagles selects DT/DE Fletcher Cox of Mississippi State ***

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 18:14:09) Reiff, DeCastro, Upshaw or Floyd to the Cardinals?

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 18:14:17) Top players on NFLDraft101's Board: DE Quinton Coples, WR Michael Floyd, DE Melvin Ingram, OT Riley Reiff, G David DeCastro

Josh F     (04-26-2012 18:15:37) Would Minnesota move down into first round for Floyd hometown kid.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 18:16:24) I can't imagine Minnesota would be willing to pay what it would cost. They'd have to give up a 2, 3 and future first at the very least to make that happen at this point.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:16:51) Not at this point. If, some how, Floyd is still on the board at 26-32...more likely. WR depth is good, though. Plenty of good WR's in early 2 i.e. Stephen Hill.

Bailey     (04-26-2012 18:17:55) Tough tough pick for Cards! They could use all of those guys Doug. I think they should go OL, but I think they will go DE!

Bailey     (04-26-2012 18:18:36) St. Louis is gonna RUN to draft Floyd if he is there!

Bailey     (04-26-2012 18:18:48) Nevermind....

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 18:19:16) *** Arizona Cardinals selects WR Michael Floyd of Notre Dame ***

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:20:21) Felt Arizona needs more than to take another WR. I suppose they want to get the 2nd coming of Fitz/Boldin.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 18:20:25) Reiff to the Rams? Trade back again? lol

Bailey     (04-26-2012 18:21:43) Floyd doesn't make sense for Arizona but I guess that is why they have been in the bottom of the league for years.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:21:51) Coples?

AJ     (04-26-2012 18:22:04) Which is better? Fitzgerald/Floyd or Roddy White/Jones?

Josh F     (04-26-2012 18:22:11) Fitzgerald got what he wanted.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:22:39) White/Jones in a fantasy perspective IMO

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 18:22:46) Roddy and Jones is better right now.

Bailey     (04-26-2012 18:22:53) Based on QB Roddy/Jones by far!

Josh F     (04-26-2012 18:22:54) Fitz/Floyd

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 18:22:56) I think Floyd is a great value pick here. They've needed a good #2 since Bolden left!

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:23:57) Both 2 good sets of WRs, though. right up there with Minnesota's Percy Harvin/Jerome Simpson combo...

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 18:24:44) That's a pretty epic combo, Dan.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 18:24:48) Roddy/Jones, but that's more to do with QB play. Fitz/Floyd are better WR's in my mind.

Guest     (04-26-2012 18:25:26) what harvin/simpson? no way they are not elite.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:25:30) In terms of fantasy, the Floyd pick is HUGE for Fitzgerald's value.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:25:55) The Harvin/Simpson thing was sarcasm, btw.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 18:25:59) It solidifies Fitz as my #2 receiver for now.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:26:37) Megatron #1?

Guest     (04-26-2012 18:27:09) i hope. i feel though the white/jones combo is better until me see floyd play in the NFL

Guest     (04-26-2012 18:28:06) Floyd lands in a good spot as a #2 receiver who can exploit single coverage

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 18:28:19) *** St. Louis Rams selects DT Michael Brockers of LSU ***

Bailey     (04-26-2012 18:29:04) The Rams defense was 2nd worst in the NFL in rushing yards allowed per game in 2011. Drafting an elite Defensive Tackle would go a long way to shored up the middle of that defensive line.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 18:31:10) Yeah, Megatron is #1.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 18:31:39) *** Seattle Seahawks selects DE/34LB Bruce Irvin of West Virginia ***

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 18:33:13) Seattle always seems to have picks are that way out in left field.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 18:33:38) An extreme reach. But Pete Carroll takes who he wants regardless of consensus view.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:34:09) Alright, I'm going to take a little break. Be back in 10 mins.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 18:37:23) J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS! Interesting options available to them. At think point I think they go with a rush linebacker like Upshaw.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 18:37:33) I've been adding all the offensive skill players to my fantasy rankings spreadsheet as we go. I haven't done much yet, lol.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:38:16) Zach, up for a post-draft fantasy mock in a week or so?

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 18:39:09) That would be great. It will give me enough time to update my rankings with these rookie picks.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:39:41) OK. I like to let the draft settle a bit instead of diving right into it.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 18:39:50) *** New York Jets selects DE Quinton Coples of North Carolina ***

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:40:05) Love Coples.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 18:40:06) I'm the same way. 10 team redraft standard scoring what you were thinking?

Guest     (04-26-2012 18:41:01) who do you think Bengals take?

Guest     (04-26-2012 18:41:02) Who are the top five guys left at this point?

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 18:41:17) DeCastro is the pick here, I think.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 18:41:25) Bengals select DeCastro. Didn't think he'd still be here for them.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 18:42:06) Top 5 Players on the Board: DE Melvin Ingram, OT Riley Reiff, G David DeCastro, OT Jonathan Martin, 34LB Courtney Upshaw

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 18:42:34) DeCastro, Wright, Upshaw, Still and Ingram are the top five on my personal board.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 18:43:26) Sorry, that was wrong. Mine are DeCastro, Reiff, Wright, Upshaw, Ingram.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:43:32) 10 or 12 standard, Zach. Basic for right now.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:43:54) I wanna see DeCastro put on 10-15 lbs

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 18:44:06) Sounds good, Dan. I'm taking defenses high! J/k

Josh F     (04-26-2012 18:45:09) When do u guys think the Vikings would pick a cornerback? And who do u think it would be.

Bailey     (04-26-2012 18:45:35) Kirkpatrick at 17 and OL at 22...DB is more of an immediate need based on players available.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:46:13) I don't like many CB's early in round two.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 18:46:43) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects CB Dre Kirkpatrick of Alabama ***

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:46:48) Janoris Jenkins if they had to take CB

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 18:46:58) Vikings should be able to find quality CB's with their second and third round picks. If Janoris Jenkins falls, they should take him in the second. Could even trade up for him.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:48:19) That'd be about it. Don't think any CB besides Jenkins is worth pick #35

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 18:48:59) Especially now that Dennard got arrested. He really hurt his stock.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:49:02) Round 3 is more likely. Good late 2/early 3 talent.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:49:41) I love Dennard's size/leaping ability

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:49:55) Would love to get him in the 3rd...4th if he falls.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:50:37) Vikings would**

Josh F     (04-26-2012 18:50:39) I think the 3rd round would be best suited for them to take one.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:51:25) Dennard is a zone type of CB too. Good tackler.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 18:51:27) WR is more likely the pick at 35. There will be some quality receivers there.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 18:52:21) DeCastro here? Finally!?

Josh F     (04-26-2012 18:53:05) I would agree that they would take Denmark if he's there in the 3rd

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 18:54:05) Plenty of good WRs. Stephen Hill, Reuben Randle

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 18:54:17) *** San Diego Chargers selects DE/34LB Melvin Ingram of South Carolina ***

Bailey     (04-26-2012 18:56:40) Doug who do your Bears draft? Reiff?

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 18:57:13) Ingram is a great rusher, but I think he's a better fit for the 4-3 than the 3-4. But a top 10 player at this point is always a good move.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 18:57:45) Bears could look at the O-Line, but I suspect it will be a DE.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 18:59:57) *** Chicago Bears selects DE/34LB Shea McClellin of Boise State ***

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 19:01:04) I can't believe how far DeCastro has fallen. I understand that OG isn't a top position, but he's one of the elite players in this draft.

AJ     (04-26-2012 19:02:36) If what you just said is true... I am sad as a Bears fan... Did they only scout the guys that they didn't think would fall?

Chris Wilson     (04-26-2012 19:02:37) Bengals get castro for the 21

AJ     (04-26-2012 19:03:07) lol the Pats actually moved up. Crazy.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 19:04:20) I'm interested to see who these next two picks are. The Patriots don't usually trade up. I have to think there's a defender they want.

Chris Wilson     (04-26-2012 19:04:26) Upshaw to the pats

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 19:04:52) I agree Zach. He's one of the best in a long time. DeCastro will make a big impact for who gets him!

Bailey     (04-26-2012 19:05:02) Mike Brown doesn't value Offensive line enough to invest 1st round picks on them even though DeCastro is still on the board. That is a mistake IMO.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 19:05:53) What about Andre Smith?

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 19:07:34) *** Tennessee Titans selects WR Kendall Wright of Baylor ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 19:08:00) *** Tennessee Titans selects WR Kendall Wright of Baylor ***

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 19:08:40) If Kenny Britt's knew is healthy, this is a great young tandem. Wright will be the DeSean Jackson of this offense. I don't care what the 40 time was. He has game speed.

Chris Wilson     (04-26-2012 19:08:45) Bad pick for a team that can't block

Chris Wilson     (04-26-2012 19:09:46) it will not matter if your qb is on the ground

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 19:10:22) DeSean Jackson might be a little of a reach, but K Wright is an elusive receiver who can make plays in the middle of the field.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 19:10:54) Dont' forget about the Steve Hutchinson signing during the offseason. They need to work on the line more, but the way these linemen are falling there could be some good ones available in the second.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 19:11:51) *** New England Patriots selects DE Chandler Jones of Syracuse ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 19:13:15) *** Cleveland Browns selects QB Brandon Weeden of Oklahoma State ***

Chris Wilson     (04-26-2012 19:13:39) There goes the browns

Bailey     (04-26-2012 19:14:50) Great pick for the Cleveland Browns! Weeden's maturity will be an asset not a liability!

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 19:15:35) Until they have to check him into a nursing home in 5 years...

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 19:15:53) Zing!

AJ     (04-26-2012 19:17:55) I just tuned into ESPN and didn't realize they were on a delay to cut to the draftee. I thought Weeden was sad about joining the Browns before he actually reacted. His reaction didn't change my mind too much though...

Chris Wilson     (04-26-2012 19:18:25) Yes until the pitt,balt, and bengals deffences kills the qb

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 19:19:07) The Browns have a pretty good offensive line. Joe Thomas is a fantastic left tackle. He should be safe.

Chris Wilson     (04-26-2012 19:19:25) They have a running back and no wr or te

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 19:19:38) Reiff is a fantastic pick here.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 19:20:04) *** Detroit Lions selects OT Riley Reiff of Iowa ***

Guest     (04-26-2012 19:20:16) amazing Pick by the Lions. They have neglected the O-Line for years

Josh F     (04-26-2012 19:21:14) I really like Riley he is a solid offensive tackle.

Chris Wilson     (04-26-2012 19:21:15) Good call Zach

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 19:21:38) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects G David DeCastro of Stanford ***

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 19:22:17) One thing that I can't figure out is that the Steelers take Olinemen high year after year and still have issues. Maybe this will finally be the year they get it together.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 19:22:17) Pittsburgh loves to take the #1 player at a position, and DeCastro is definitely the best guard in the draft.

Chris Wilson     (04-26-2012 19:22:18) they needed that.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 19:23:11) Zach, they had a stretch where they didn't take the o-line high. They've been needing to readdress and have just started to go back to it.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 19:23:45) *** New England Patriots selects ILB Dont'a Hightower of Alabama ***

Chris Wilson     (04-26-2012 19:24:05) New england is doing it again

Chris Wilson     (04-26-2012 19:24:48) They did this last year at running back

Josh F     (04-26-2012 19:24:51) Wow with pouncey in the middle and and legersky next to him that will be a solid middle of the o-line for them.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 19:25:11) Yeah, I was thinking Essex, Starks and Colon were higher than 3rd and 4th rounders. I had to fact check myself there.

AJ     (04-26-2012 19:25:38) I like how when the Steelers have a "need" it's not actually like when another team has a need. They're always so good.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 19:26:53) Some quick trades and smart moves to pick players that fit their system here for the Patriots.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 19:27:23) It's crazy to see Belichick actually moving up.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 19:29:05) After Belichick seeing his defense last season, not a real shocker

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 19:29:07) *** Houston Texans selects DE/34LB/OLB Whitney Mercilus of Illinois ***

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 19:29:33) Dan, do you see any IDP studs taken in the first 26 picks?

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 19:29:55) Humm...

Josh F     (04-26-2012 19:29:56) I meant Essex on the otherside of Pouncey.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 19:31:11) Melvin Ingram I like

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 19:32:40) I like Gilmore, too.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 19:33:07) Gilmore and Fletcher Cox

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 19:33:16) NFLDraft101's Best Available: OT Jonathan Martin, 34LB Courtney Upshaw, DE Nick Perry, G Cordy Glenn, WR Stephen Hill

Bailey     (04-26-2012 19:33:36) for IDP, Luke Kuechly will do well.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 19:34:02) Almost forgot about Kuechly. He's another good one.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 19:34:37) I actually like the IDP depth so far in round 1. Some good dynasty picks

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 19:35:03) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects G Kevin Zeitler of Wisconsin ***

Bailey     (04-26-2012 19:35:09) Very happy!

Chris Wilson     (04-26-2012 19:35:19) just what we needed

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 19:35:31) I'm sure you're more of an IDP guru than I am. I'm not the best with it.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 19:35:56) If the Vikings were to move up, this would be the area.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 19:36:50) I wouldn't be surprised if they were on the phone with the Ravens right now.

Chris Wilson     (04-26-2012 19:36:51) why would they move

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 19:37:13) If they covet a WR or CB.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 19:37:29) I don't think they should but there's been grumblings.

Bailey     (04-26-2012 19:38:54) Sorry, I had to step away for a bit....But I wanted to respond that the Browns have done a fantastic job in the draft this year acquiring Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden. Compare that to Washington trading away the farm (this year and in years to come) to acquire RG3. I would rather have what the Browns have done.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 19:39:06) They're only 7 picks away. Odds are good that Jenkins or one of the receivers is left when they go on the clock. I'd wait if I were them. Patience can be a bad thing in the draft, though.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 19:40:14) Looks like they moved up with the Ravens.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 19:40:27) *** Green Bay Packers selects DE/34LB/OLB Nick Perry of USC ***

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 19:40:40) Figured it'd happen

Guest     (04-26-2012 19:41:17) Did I hear it correctly MN just traded into the bottom of the first round. And is this were they take Hill?

Chris Wilson     (04-26-2012 19:41:27) Great call on that trade

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 19:42:08) I actually had Perry going to the Packers. I can't believe my mock finally had another right pick.

Bailey     (04-26-2012 19:42:18) MN sure did.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 19:42:24) Hill or Jenkins

Guest     (04-26-2012 19:42:36) Doug Martin here to the Vikings.... would be crazy if I right even though it probably wont happen

Guest     (04-26-2012 19:43:21) I would rather have Hill.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 19:44:02) Don't count out Randle. He's slightly higher on my board than Hill. I think he'd be a better compliment to Harvin, too.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 19:44:17) Me too but Jenkins is perfect for the Vikings system.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 19:44:40) Randle would be good too but I think the Vikes want the size and speed

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 19:45:32) Humm...

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 19:45:52) As a Notre Dame fan, I can say that pick is too early. He'll be good, but he's a second round talent.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 19:45:55) *** Minnesota Vikings selects S Harrison Smith of Notre Dame ***

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 19:46:11) Randle taller than I thought. Dang.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 19:47:30) I'm not even going to guess at who the 49ers take here. Ok, I will. Hill.

Josh F     (04-26-2012 19:47:43) What the hell WAY to damn early.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 19:48:39) I like the Smith pick for the Vikings. They needed to improve their secondary, and he's the most reliable DB on the board.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 19:48:47) I don't think they would have need to trade up for him. Good pick, though.

Guest     (04-26-2012 19:49:09) with alex barron and harrison smith off the board...how long until the next S is taken?

Josh F     (04-26-2012 19:49:53) Did they give up there 2nd round pick or do they still have it.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 19:50:03) 2nd and a 4th for 29

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 19:50:38) My roommate is an Illinois fan. He just flipped out.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 19:50:58) *** San Francisco 49ers selects WR A.J. Jenkins of Illinois ***

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 19:52:04) We probably won't see a safety in the second round, and could be mid third before another one comes off the board.

Josh F     (04-26-2012 19:52:09) So now hill is out of the question in round 2 for the vikes.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 19:54:10) Unless Hill falls to mid-late 2nd and Minnesota trades up again, you're looking at a McNutt/Nick Toon/Hilton type of WR in 3 or 4.

Josh F     (04-26-2012 19:55:44) I actually like room watched him a lot on the big10 network.

Josh F     (04-26-2012 19:55:57) Damn auto correct I meant Toon.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 19:56:13) Doug Martin?

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 19:57:12) *** Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects RB Doug Martin of Boise State ***

Josh F     (04-26-2012 19:57:18) Martin?

Josh F     (04-26-2012 19:57:19) I like this pick for Tampa.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 19:58:33) Very good. Nice little offense Tampa has going here. Jax, Freeman, Martin.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 19:58:35) Such a good pick for Tampa. I'm really high on Martin. He's a top 5-7 dynasty pick.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 19:58:48) Tampa needed a running back, this move makes a lot of sense. Kudos to Tampa!

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 19:59:15) Not sure if I'm that high on him Zach. Some injury concern for fantasy.

Bailey     (04-26-2012 20:01:11) Not to mention he still has Blount to compete. Could be a Donald Brown trap.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 20:01:21) RG3, Luck, Blackmon, Wright, Floyd, Richardson and Martin would currently be mine in no particular order.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 20:01:33) Well boys, one pick to close out the night. Very good chat.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 20:02:22) 2 Illinois Fighting Illini players taken in the first round, and no Ohio State players. What's happened to the Big 10?

Bailey     (04-26-2012 20:02:45) Reiff...to NYG?

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 20:03:22) Reiff is a Lion

Bailey     (04-26-2012 20:03:28) oops missed that pick

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-26-2012 20:05:40) *** New York Giants selects RB David Wilson of Virginia Tech ***

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 20:06:00) What a great first round! Excited to see more tomorrow!

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 20:06:01) That's a good pick there.

Josh F     (04-26-2012 20:06:15) I Really like the David Wilson pick I am big on this guy for a year or two out of Virginia tech.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 20:07:20) Top 10 players available: OT Jonathan Martin, 34LB Courtney Upshaw, G Cordy Glenn, WR Stephen Hill, C Peter Konz, DT Devon Still, CB Janoris Jenkins, OT Mike Adams, DE Jerel Worthy, WR Alshon Jeffery

chris wilson     (04-26-2012 20:07:40) a ton of trades

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 20:07:49) How many did we get?

chris wilson     (04-26-2012 20:09:02) looks like a good amount of talent available for the early second round.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 20:14:42) Agreed.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 20:16:48) So what's everyone's 3 biggest surprises of the first round?

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 20:19:56) 1. AJ Jenkins 2. Patriots move up twice 3. three running backs taken/only 3 receivers taken

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 20:20:40) 1. Bruce Irvin going to Seattle at 15... heck, going in the first round. 2. St Louis trading down and away from elite players that could help them. 3. 3 Running backs taken in the first round. Didn't think they'd get two late picks in for that.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 20:21:12) I actually forgot about Irvin. He was a major surprise for me.

chris wilson     (04-26-2012 20:21:37) It has got to be irivin;Seattle, the trades that happened, and the running backs going at the last two picks of the first round.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 20:21:38) Well, gentlemen, I'm going to head out. Is everyone going to be back tomorrow?

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 20:22:22) I have my father's b-day party to attend so I don't think so. Bummer. This chat was great.

Doug Lancy     (04-26-2012 20:22:22) We'll pick back up tomorrow at 6:30 and discuss our day 1 winners and losers.

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 20:24:00) I'm looking forward to chatting more tomorrow. Dan, it was great talking some fantasy and draft with you. Have a great time with your family!

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 20:25:07) For sure. I'll get a hold of you for that mock fantasy draft.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 20:25:37) Maybe a couple others would like to join in as well.

Dan Carey     (04-26-2012 20:28:35) I'd like to thank our guests/members who participated in the chat. No spam/off-color comments that I saw. Thank you very much from the NFLDraft101.com staff!

Zach Bohner     (04-26-2012 20:31:20) It was a pleasure chatting with everyone. Have a great night!

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 15:33:49) Welcome to day 2 of the NFL draft!

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 15:47:56) Day 1 Grades: A's to IND, WAS, MIN, JAC, DAL, TB, PHI, PIT, NE ~ F's to SEA, CHI

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 15:52:08) Who's your winners and losers from day 1?

Tom     (04-27-2012 15:54:59) Winners: Bucs and Vikings Losers: Browns and Rams

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 16:07:44) *** St. Louis Rams selects WR Brian Quick of Appalachian State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 16:09:33) Big receiver for the Rams, can be a huge asset for Sam Bradford!

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 16:09:43) *** Indianapolis Colts selects TE Coby Fleener of Stanford ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 16:10:41) Luck gets one of his favorite targets in Fleener! Great safety valve for Luck and can stretch the field. Just don't ask him to block.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 16:15:52) *** Baltimore Ravens selects DE/34LB/OLB Courtney Upshaw of Alabama ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 16:16:13) good value pick for baltimore. this defense needs to get younger.

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 16:17:14) reuben randle would be fit for denver

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 16:21:39) *** Denver Broncos selects DT Derek Wolfe of Cincinnati ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 16:22:30) I had Wolfe as more of a 3-4 defensive end. plays with a high motor

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 16:24:13) Interesting pick by the Broncos. Think there may have been better options for them.

Ted     (04-27-2012 16:24:19) What direction do you see Cleveland going on day 2

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 16:25:41) I see cleveland looking for help at wr, de, or right tackle. bobby Massie, Alshon jeffery or reuben randle would be a great fit here

Ted     (04-27-2012 16:26:03) what DTs do you like better than Wolfe?

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 16:27:19) i don't see any defense tackles that are better than wolfe available. i liked the wolfe pick, i expected a 3-4 team to take him

Bill     (04-27-2012 16:27:28) Has Alshon Jeffrey put on so much weight they are now considering him a DE?

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 16:28:10) i think you meant to see tight end. jeffery could be another david boston

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 16:28:14) I really like Brandon Thompson and would have gone with him over Wolfe.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 16:28:28) *** Cleveland Browns selects OT Mitchell Schwartz of California ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 16:28:48) big reach for cleveland. massie, martin or glenn would have been a better fit

Ted     (04-27-2012 16:29:59) After taking Brian Quick at 33, who do you see the Rams targeting with their other 2 2nd rounders?

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 16:30:06) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects DE/34LB Andre Branch of Clemson ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 16:30:51) solid pick for jacksonville. branch will need to bulk up to play on running downs.

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 16:31:47) i can see the rams targeting janoris jenkins, cordy glenn and/or lavonte david

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 16:32:20) *** St. Louis Rams selects CB Janoris Jenkins of North Ala. ***

Ted     (04-27-2012 16:32:31) I agree i like Branch for Jax as well. Fills need for pass rusher although i agree he needs to bulk up

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 16:33:00) can jeff fisher do a better job of handling jenkins than he did with pacman/

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 16:33:04) Good call Dan! Great skilled player, would be a high first rounder if it wasn't for the character concerns.

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 16:35:39) i like either kendall reyes or a wr here

Steve     (04-27-2012 16:35:52) Do my Bills draft an OT with our next pick? If so who?

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 16:36:40) Steve, this team is always a mystery to me.

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 16:37:12) johathan martin would be a great fit for the bills

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 16:37:19) *** Carolina Panthers selects G Amini Silatolu of Midwestern State ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 16:38:03) silatolu is a physical speciman, but can he adjust to the increased level of competition

Dan Carey     (04-27-2012 16:38:22) Hello gentlemen

Ted     (04-27-2012 16:39:14) After taking Tannehill in round 1 which way do you see the Dolphins going?

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 16:39:28) Welcome DC!

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 16:39:55) i see miami going either wr or tackle

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 16:40:29) Miami should look at a WR like Hill or Randle

Ted     (04-27-2012 16:41:04) who is the best WR left on the board?

Dan Carey     (04-27-2012 16:41:45) Georgia Tech's Stephen Hill

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 16:41:47) Best WR on the board are Stephen Hill, Alshon Jeffery, Mohamed Sanu, Ruben Randle

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 16:41:52) reuben randle is the most complete receiver left on the board. randle put up decent numbers despite a horrible quarterback situation

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 16:42:34) *** Buffalo Bills selects G Cordy Glenn of Georgia ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 16:42:48) the bills finally addressed their offensive tackle situation

Bill     (04-27-2012 16:43:58) What do you think of Cordy Glenn as a tackle at the next level?

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 16:44:19) glenn is a right tackle only prospect

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 16:44:53) *** Miami Dolphins selects OT Jonathan Martin of Stanford ***

Dan Carey     (04-27-2012 16:44:56) I'm shocked at the WR depth right now. Thought there would be an early run.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 16:45:03) I like that pick!

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 16:50:25) *** New York Jets selects WR Stephen Hill of Georgia Tech ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 16:51:00) nice pick by miami. the dolphins have bookend tackles to help ryan tannehill

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 16:52:28) Steven Hill will be very limited as a rookie for the Jets. They need to throw the ball deep take advantage of his skill set

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 16:53:53) I think the Bears are moving up to get an offensive lineman

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 16:54:07) Bears have moved up. Maybe for Mike Adams.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 16:54:59) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects OT Jeff Allen of Illinois ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 16:55:24) With the signing of Eric Winston and the pick up of jeff Alan the Chiefs have upgraded their wine significantly

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 16:56:36) I meant to say line

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 16:57:08) This voice app on the iPad has made me lazy

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 16:59:43) *** Chicago Bears selects WR Alshon Jeffery of South Carolina ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 17:00:52) It's amazing how far Jeffrey has fallen good value pick for the Bears

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 17:02:19) *** Philadelphia Eagles selects ILB Mychal Kendricks of California ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 17:02:47) Fantastic pic by the Philadelphia Eagles Michael Kendrix is one of the best middle linebackers in the entire draft

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 17:05:23) Who will Seattle reach for here

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 17:07:35) *** Seattle Seahawks selects ILB Bobby Wagner of Utah State ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 17:08:53) This is actually a really good pick by Seattle. I don't agree with Mel kiper on his analysis

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 17:09:17) Kiper is starting to appear out of date with his analysis.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 17:11:44) *** New England Patriots selects S Tavon Wilson of Illinois ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 17:13:09) The patriots are back to reaching again with tavon Wilson. If anyone other than new England took Avon Wilson, kiper and Gruden would be all over them right now

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 17:16:54) *** San Diego Chargers selects DT/DE Kendall Reyes of Connecticut ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 17:17:25) Another good pack for San Diego. With Ingram and Reyes the Chargers have upgraded their front seven

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 17:19:18) *** St. Louis Rams selects RB Isaiah Pead of Cincinnati ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 17:20:22) Isaiah Pead is a nice complement to Steven Jackson in the backfield. With Josh McDaniels gone the Rams should run the ball more in 2012

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 17:21:30) Could the Packers be targeting Devon still

Steve     (04-27-2012 17:23:05) Can you give me some insight into Patriots S Tavon Wilson?

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 17:24:55) *** Philadelphia Eagles selects DT/DE Jerel Worthy of Michigan State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 17:25:08) *** Green Bay Packers selects DT/DE Jerel Worthy of Michigan State ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 17:25:18) Well Steve my assessment of tavon Wilson is that he's a he's a middle the road safety prospect nothing spectacular. On most teams Wilson would be one of the last players to make the team out of training camp

Ted     (04-27-2012 17:25:23) What direction do you see the Bengals going here in rnd 2?

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 17:27:39) I look for the bungles to look at wide receiver with the second round pick.Rueben Randle would seem to be a good value pick for Cincinnati

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 17:28:23) *** Tennessee Titans selects OLB Zach Brown of North Carolina ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 17:29:28) Is it me or does ESPN go to commercial every time the Bengals pick

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 17:33:22) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects DT Devon Still of Penn State ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 17:34:41) Devon still adds a lot of depth to a talented defensive tackle rotation in Cincinnati

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 17:39:21) *** Detroit Lions selects WR Ryan Broyles of Oklahoma ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 17:40:04) If broyles can recover from his knee injury this could be a steal for Detroit

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 17:44:41) *** Atlanta Falcons selects C Peter Konz of Wisconsin ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 17:46:18) Good pick by Atlanta, great value and helps their interior line!

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 17:46:30) Mike boyko. Go ahead and resubmit your question. I accidentally deleted it

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 17:47:04) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects OT Mike Adams of Ohio State ***

Mike Boyko     (04-27-2012 17:48:16) i originally asked who you thought my Steelers would take but now what do you think of the Steelers going G and T in rnd 1 and 2

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 17:48:30) The Steelers have really addressed their offense of line in this draft. This is something long overdue for Pittsburgh

Mike Boyko     (04-27-2012 17:49:46) Any concerns that our D is getting really old?

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 17:50:04) Mike Adams lying and positive marijuana test drops his value and gives Pittsburgh a possible steal.

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 17:50:51) I know Pittsburgh was disappointed that Michael Kendrix is off the board because I felt that was someone they would've targeted

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 17:51:12) Good to see you, Boyko! Yes, there are some concerns about the aging defense, but addressing the line like they did was necessary too.

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 17:51:32) The Steelers really need help at cornerback

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 17:52:39) *** Denver Broncos selects QB Brock Osweiler of Arizona State ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 17:53:10) I saw this pic coming from a mile away outstanding value pick Denver Broncos. this guy will benefit big time from sitting and watching Peyton Manning

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 17:55:05) *** Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects OLB Lavonte David of Nebraska ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 17:58:37) LavonteDavid is the best for 4-3 weakside linebacker in this class. Tampa Bay is having a really good draft

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 18:00:08) *** Philadelphia Eagles selects DE/34LB Vinny Curry of Marshall ***

Shelley     (04-27-2012 18:00:10) Who are you most surprised to still see available?

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 18:00:43) I'm surprised to see Reuben Randle still on the board at this point

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 18:01:17) I would have thought domeone would have taken Dwayne Allen by now with the increased use of tight ends in the NFL

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 18:01:21) The Eagles have done a better job than anyone at upgrading their front seven

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 18:03:08) *** Baltimore Ravens selects OT/G Kelechi Osemele of Iowa State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 18:04:27) Ravens are doing well this draft.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 18:09:18) *** San Francisco 49ers selects RB LaMichael James of Oregon ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 18:09:55) I think the 49ers are going to convert to the wishbone offense

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 18:11:14) That's a very full backfield in San Francisco now.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 18:11:47) *** Green Bay Packers selects CB Casey Hayward of Vanderbilt ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 18:12:05) Hayward is good in press coverage and a great scheme fit.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 18:13:52) The Giants can go TE or OL here

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 18:14:32) The Giants would be Foolish to pass on Bobby Massey with this pick. This team has an aging offensive line

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 18:16:39) *** New York Giants selects WR Rueben Randle of LSU ***

Ted     (04-27-2012 18:16:59) Who was your favorite 2nd round pick(s)?

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 18:17:42) I think Philadelphia had the best second round. addressing middle linebacker plus picking up another pass rusher really will help their defense in 2012

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 18:19:10) For being the passing league that everyone keeps talking about, wide receivers aren't really being valued. Only 5 receivers in first 2 rounds.

Ted     (04-27-2012 18:19:16) Who was your least favorite 2nd round picks?

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 18:21:16) I think Cleveland reached with their second round. They reached for a right tackle when there were plenty of quality tackles on the board. Tavon Wilson to New England was also a shocker

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 18:22:21) Didn't like the Tavon Wilson pick at all, barely had him rated as a 7th round pick. Also didn't like the San Fran pick, felt they could have got a player that meets more of a need.

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 18:22:33) Another good pick for the St. Louis Rams. The rams have upgraded their defense significantly with this draft

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 18:23:08) *** Indianapolis Colts selects TE Dwayne Allen of Clemson ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 18:23:18) *** St. Louis Rams selects CB/S Trumaine Johnson of Montana ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 18:23:30) *** Minnesota Vikings selects CB Josh Robinson of UCF ***

Bill     (04-27-2012 18:23:32) Doug, weren't there 5 WRs taken in round 2 alone. I count 9 total thus far

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 18:24:43) Good catch Bill, staring at the screen too long!

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 18:24:44) At some point the Colts have to find personnel to play in a 3-4defense

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 18:25:36) *** Denver Broncos selects RB Ronnie Hillman of San Diego State ***

Rich     (04-27-2012 18:26:14) What are your thoughts on Hillman?

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 18:26:56) Good pick by Denver this team needed to get younger at running back

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 18:27:36) I like Hillman, he's a three down back that can develop into a big time player.

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 18:27:42) Hillman is a good multipurpose back. Willis McGahee will not duplicate last season

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 18:30:35) *** Houston Texans selects WR DeVier Posey of Ohio State ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 18:30:57) I guess the 10 game suspension didn't hurt devier Posey

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 18:31:55) *** Buffalo Bills selects WR T.J. Graham of North Carolina State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 18:33:14) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects P Bryan Anger of California ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 18:33:46) Why did Jacksonville pick a putter in the third round. I can't believe Gene Smith still has a job

Jeff     (04-27-2012 18:33:48) Was Posey worth a 3rd round pick?

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 18:33:53) Not a fan of TJ Graham. Buffalo could have gone with so many better receivers.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 18:34:47) A punter? In the 3rd round? Well Jacksonville is so good that it was their only need... wait... nope don't get it.

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 18:34:53) I don't think Posey was a huge reach for Houston keep in mind Ohio State had a really bad quarterback situation this season

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 18:36:20) It was a little bit of a reach for Posey in my mind. He has great skills, but I question his work ethic and commitment. He doesn't always stay focused.

Bill     (04-27-2012 18:37:14) What do you think of the Bills draft so far?

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 18:38:56) I like the first two picks for Buffalo not a big fan of TJ Graham. Cordy Glenn in the second round was one of the best value value picks so far

Guest     (04-27-2012 18:39:27) what team is going to pick up jeremiah brown from wangerU

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 18:39:56) Sounds like a Jacksonville or Oakland pick

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 18:43:25) *** Washington Redskins selects G Josh Leribeus of SMU ***


Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 18:44:06) Oakland

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 18:44:24) *** Miami Dolphins selects DE/34LB Olivier Vernon of Miami (FL) ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 18:44:52) *** San Diego Chargers selects S Brandon Taylor of LSU ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 18:47:43) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects OT Donald Stephenson of Oklahoma ***

Guest     (04-27-2012 18:48:53) Does Seattle come from left field again, or make a sensible pick?

Hanley     (04-27-2012 18:48:57) What are your thoughts on the Dolphins draft so far?

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 18:50:20) I like the Dolphins draft so far except round one. tannehill is still a big risk even though you have a solid offensivecoaching staff

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 18:50:36) Miami needs to give Tannehill some time to develop or they risk ruining him before he gets going.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 18:52:35) *** Seattle Seahawks selects QB Russell Wilson of Wisconsin ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 18:53:09) I guess the Seahawks were getting tired of the Russell Wilson debate

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 18:54:26) Russell Wilson plays bigger than he is. Seattle will give him a chance to win the job and he can challenge Matt Flynn and Tarvaris Jackson.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 18:57:47) *** Houston Texans selects G Brandon Brooks of Miami (OH) ***

Guest     (04-27-2012 18:57:50) Did Seattle go with the right quarterback? Everyone's been talking about Kirk Cousins lately.

Jack     (04-27-2012 18:57:56) Who's the best available now?

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 18:58:22) Bobby Massey is the best player on the board at this moment

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 18:59:09) Seattle made the right decision. Russell Wilson can make all the throws despite his size

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 19:00:38) Best available: Mohamed Sanu, Jayron Hosley, Lamar Miller, Bobbie Massie, and Zebrie Sanders

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 19:01:13) *** New York Jets selects OLB Demario Davis of Arkansas State ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 19:02:14) Another reach for the Jets with their third round pick of demario Davis. Not impressed with the Jets draft so far

Ted     (04-27-2012 19:03:54) What are your thoughts on round 3 so far? Seems like a lot of surprise selections

Steve     (04-27-2012 19:03:57) Any idea why Lamar Miller is sliding?

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 19:04:04) *** Miami Dolphins selects TE Michael Egnew of Missouri ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 19:04:30) I think Lamar Miller is sliding due to an ankle injury

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 19:05:02) ESPN must not think anyone drafted after round 2 is important. Horrid coverage!

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 19:05:40) Some teams seem to be reaching in around three so far. This is not as deep of a draft as last year

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 19:06:30) As Time Warner cable customers Doug and I are stuck watching ESPN versus the NFL network

Sleepless     (04-27-2012 19:07:32) What are your thoughts on the Seahawks drafting a 3rd round QB after signing Matt Flynn is free agency?

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 19:07:35) Teams are reaching on round 3, but they're going off the boards they've developed and we've reached the point where the discrepancies in players expands dramatically.

Ted     (04-27-2012 19:07:36) Have you tried watching NFLN on the internet?

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 19:08:14) I have, but don't the feed is too slow. Don't like be a few seconds behind like that.

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 19:09:17) I think Seattle is just protecting itself in case Matt Flynn turns out to be a bust.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 19:09:41) *** Chicago Bears selects S Brandon Hardin of Oregon State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 19:11:10) Not liking the Bears draft so far. Passing on good players for bad players or players that don't seem to fit.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 19:11:19) *** Arizona Cardinals selects CB Jamell Fleming of Oklahoma ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 19:11:50) I am very surprised that the Bears and Cardinals pass on Bobby Massey with their offensive line needs

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 19:15:38) *** Dallas Cowboys selects DE Tyrone Crawford of Boise State ***

Phil     (04-27-2012 19:15:52) Who do you see the Bengals looking at with their 2 3rd round picks

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 19:16:31) I expect the Bengals to target Lamar Miller if he still on the board I can also see them looking at a safety

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 19:17:50) It's amazing how Missouri tight ends have not done well in the NFL

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 19:19:45) *** Tennessee Titans selects DT Mike Martin of Michigan ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 19:21:16) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects WR Mohamed Sanu of Rutgers ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 19:21:45) Bengals take top guy on my board and a good compliment to AJ Green

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 19:25:59) *** Baltimore Ravens selects RB Bernard Pierce of Temple ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 19:26:58) Bernard Pierce is an outstanding complement to ray rice as an in-between a runner

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 19:29:43) *** Detroit Lions selects CB Dwight "Bill" Bentley of Louisiana-Lafayette ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 19:30:03) The lions desperately needed a corner

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 19:30:43) Lamar Miller would be a good value for Pittsburgh

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 19:34:20) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects OLB Sean Spence of Miami (FL) ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 19:35:10) *** Cleveland Browns selects DT John Hughes of Cincinnati ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 19:35:58) Cleveland continues to make questionable picks.

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 19:36:32) I'm surprised Philadelphia took Nick foles over Kirk cousins

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 19:36:54) *** Philadelphia Eagles selects QB Nick Foles of Arizona ***

Mike Boyko     (04-27-2012 19:37:22) What are your thoughts on Spence?

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 19:37:44) I think Foles has a higher ceiling than Cousins and the Eagles prefer the stronger arm he provides.

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 19:38:43) I think Spence has the versatility to play both inside and out in a 3-4. Pittsburgh has to continue with the youth movement

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 19:45:17) *** New England Patriots selects DE/34LB Jake Bequette of Arkansas ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 19:46:08) *** Atlanta Falcons selects OT Lamar Holmes of Southern Miss ***

Rich     (04-27-2012 19:48:36) What are your thoughts on the Falcons draft so far?

John     (04-27-2012 19:48:38) What are your thoughts on Pats latest pick Bequette?

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 19:50:54) I think the Falcons it done well considering they didn't have a first round pick. Peter conz was a very good value. The falcon still need to address their pass rush

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 19:51:02) *** Indianapolis Colts selects WR T.Y. Hilton of Florida International ***

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 19:51:20) The Colts seem to have forgotten they don't have personnel to run a new defense

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 19:51:28) I like Bequette for the Pats, he provides some additional pass rush which they really need.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 19:52:19) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects DT Brandon Thompson of Clemson ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 19:52:41) The Bengals may be using my board, that was the best player available again!

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 19:54:38) The patriots now have versatility to run a4-3 or 3-4 with the pick of bequtte

Ted     (04-27-2012 19:55:27) Dan and Doug, what have been the best and worst 3rd round selections?

Dan Wernery     (04-27-2012 19:57:06) Best pick Bernard pierce ravens. Worst jacksonville taking a punter

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 19:57:26) I'd say the best is Cincinnati with Sanu and the worst is a tie between Jacksonville's punter Anger selection and Chicago's safety Hardin selection, both players they could have gotten later.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 19:57:54) *** New York Giants selects CB Jayron Hosley of Virginia Tech ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 19:58:23) Love that pick by the Giants. Hosley have been overlooked but is a good safety with starting potential.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-27-2012 19:58:48) *** Oakland Raiders selects OT Tony Bergstrom of Utah ***

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 19:59:40) The Al Davis is definitely over, Oakland takes a big smart guy that will help the line.

Ted     (04-27-2012 20:01:11) Thanks for answering my questions today guys. Keep up the good work on day 3 when pick analysis is not always easy to find.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 20:01:31) Quite a day 2. Not surprised to see Russell go, but figured Cousins would be off the board by now too.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 20:02:20) You're welcome, Ted! We'll be back here with covering the players and picks!

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 20:07:16) Make sure to join us tomorrow at noon for continued coverage of the NFL draft!

J Cooper     (04-27-2012 20:08:25) I'm just listening out for my cousin Courtney Daniel OLB from FSVU.

Bailey     (04-27-2012 20:10:57) These draft picks need to learn how to wear a baseball cap! :) Does that make me sound like a grumpy old man?

Bailey     (04-27-2012 20:12:24) J Cooper it always means more when you have a personal interest in the draft. I hope you cousin finds a good situation for success regardless of where he goes.

Doug Lancy     (04-27-2012 20:27:08) Make sure to join us tomorrow at noon for continued coverage of the NFL draft!

Ted     (04-28-2012 08:49:25) Who are the top players on your board as round 4 is set to begin?

Dan Carey     (04-28-2012 08:55:30) On my personal board: CB Brandon Boykin, OT Bobby Massie, WR Marvin Jones, DT Malik Jackson, and QB Kirk Cousins

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 08:57:36) I have DT Alameda Ta'amu, RB Lamar Miller, OT Bobbie Massie, DE Ronnell Lewis and OT Zebrie Sanders

Dan Carey     (04-28-2012 08:59:41) Good list. Still some good players to be had.

Matt     (04-28-2012 09:04:26) Any predictions on the first pick today?

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 09:05:05) Rams go with WR Nick Toon is mine

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 09:06:18) *** St. Louis Rams selects WR Chris Givens of Wake Forest ***

Dan Carey     (04-28-2012 09:06:39) I think Jones will go ahead of Toon. Both will be gone by the top 15 IMO

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 09:06:46) Right position, wrong guy. Givens is a good pick too.

Dan Carey     (04-28-2012 09:07:50) Very. He's very quick. Former track runner I believe.

Dan Carey     (04-28-2012 09:08:52) Except he actually has football skills instead of those straight line speed track athletes that some teams bring in for the practice squad.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 09:09:57) *** Miami Dolphins selects RB Lamar Miller of Miami (FL) ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 09:12:49) Excellent value and a good runner that will compliment Blount very well.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 09:13:38) Dan, do you see Lamar Miller having fantasy value this season?

Hanley     (04-28-2012 09:16:43) How would you rate the Dolphins draft so far?

Dan Carey     (04-28-2012 09:17:23) I like his size. Patient runner. Buried behind Bush and Thomas, though.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 09:17:59) *** Houston Texans selects C Ben Jones of Georgia ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 09:18:21) *** Cleveland Browns selects WR Travis Benjamin of Miami (FL) ***

Pat     (04-28-2012 09:19:09) How do you like the Browns pick of WR Travis Benjamin

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 09:20:31) *** Denver Broncos selects CB Omar Bolden of Arizona State ***

Dan Carey     (04-28-2012 09:21:39) Benjamin is fast and can jump. Could be a solid down field threat for Weeden

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 09:22:08) Travis Benjamin is a bit of surprise pick to me. He isn't much of a red zone threat.

Dan Carey     (04-28-2012 09:22:45) Slot guy at best

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 09:25:04) *** Washington Redskins selects QB Kirk Cousins of Michigan State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 09:26:18) Wow! Cousins may start before RG3.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 09:28:43) Could work out for Cousins, but he won't getting a starting gig for a few years.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 09:28:52) *** Carolina Panthers selects DE/34LB Frank Alexander of Oklahoma ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 09:30:08) *** Carolina Panthers selects WR Joe Adams of Arkansas ***

Dan Carey     (04-28-2012 09:30:17) Cousins could be a Flynn type. Be better served sitting for a handful of years and if RG3 gets hurt, play well in relief and draw the hype we saw from Cassel, Flynn, Kolb, etc.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 09:31:37) *** Buffalo Bills selects OLB/ILB Nigel Bradham of Florida State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 09:32:18) I like the Bills selection. Bradham could be a starter and can play inside or outside for them.

Dan Carey     (04-28-2012 09:32:23) I love Bradham

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 09:33:02) *** Seattle Seahawks selects RB Robert Turbin of Utah State ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 09:33:08) How's it going, guys? Sorry I'm late.

Jared Counterman     (04-28-2012 09:33:43) Keep up the good coverage guys! Such an interesting draft! Best wishes from DraftHub.

Dan Carey     (04-28-2012 09:34:29) Good to see you, Jared! Hi Zach

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 09:34:42) Welcome, Zach! Been quite a day already! Jared, thanks for stopping by!

Ted     (04-28-2012 09:35:09) What are your thoughts on Robert Turbin?

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 09:35:55) I'm looking through last nights picks and I really like the Russell Wilson pick by Seattle. What do you guys think of it?

Jared Counterman     (04-28-2012 09:35:56) Big Turbin fan here, power and explosion. He's going to be a really nice compliment to Lynch, they can pound the ball.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 09:36:50) Turbin is a powerful between the tackles runner. A beast to bring down. Good to punish defenses with and wear them down before letting Lynch take it to the house.

Dan Carey     (04-28-2012 09:36:56) Injury prone. He's a bruiser. Sneaky fast too besides his 4.5ish 40YD

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 09:37:01) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects WR Devon Wylie of Fresno State ***

Dan Carey     (04-28-2012 09:37:40) I am surprised by the WRs coming off the board.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 09:38:34) With the changes in the league, I'm not surprised. Did expect to see more CB coming off too, though.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 09:38:44) *** Denver Broncos selects C Philip Blake of Baylor ***

Dan Carey     (04-28-2012 09:39:13) I should say, I'm not surprised that WRs are being drafted but rather which ones.

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 09:39:36) Philip Blake is a quality pick for the Broncos. Manning is going to love having him out in front.

Dan Carey     (04-28-2012 09:41:19) His new Jeff Saturday, perhaps.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 09:41:23) Steelers trade up

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 09:41:42) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects DT Alameda Ta'amu of Washington ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 09:42:19) The Steelers look smart in every draft. This is a great selection by them. I can't believe he went this late.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 09:42:25) An the Steel Curtain just got stronger up front.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 09:43:14) I agree Zach, but teams rarely spend higher picks on nose tackles.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 09:43:41) *** San Diego Chargers selects TE Ladarius Green of Louisiana-Lafayette ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 09:43:59) Same thing happened with Cam Thomas a few years ago. I thought he would have been a second round guy, too.

Dan Carey     (04-28-2012 09:45:10) Love the Green pick. Poor man's Gates, IMO.

Dan Carey     (04-28-2012 09:45:27) Needs to get bigger/improve blocking, though

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 09:45:31) Good receiving tight end for the Chargers in Green. Antonio Gates is not the player he used to be.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 09:47:09) *** Chicago Bears selects FB/TE Evan Rodriguez of Temple ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 09:47:38) The best teams find replacements for players before they need them. Green's a good pick for the Chargers.

Dan Carey     (04-28-2012 09:48:11) I'm going to grab some lunch real quick.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 09:48:19) Bears fans all over are face-palming right now.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 09:48:26) *** Arizona Cardinals selects OT Bobbie Massie of Ole Miss ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 09:49:26) Kolb just let out a sigh of relief.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 09:49:36) Fantastic value for the Cardinals who needed this pick.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 09:52:13) *** Dallas Cowboys selects 34LB/OLB Kyle Wilber of Wake Forest ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 09:54:01) *** Seattle Seahawks selects DT Jaye Howard of Florida ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 09:56:35) *** Tennessee Titans selects CB Coty Sensabaugh of Clemson ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 09:57:47) The Bengals have had a great draft so far. I'm interested to see who they take here. Lots of talent left out there.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 09:58:56) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects TE Orson Charles of Georgia ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 09:59:17) Good selection by the Bengals. They needed a good blocking tight end.

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 09:59:57) I agree. Very good pick by the Bengals.

Dan Carey     (04-28-2012 10:01:10) Vikings need a WR

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 10:03:07) *** San Francisco 49ers selects G Joe Looney of Wake Forest ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 10:07:52) *** Minnesota Vikings selects WR Jarius Wright of Arkansas ***

Guest     (04-28-2012 10:10:33) I guess the Mike Brown has been banned from the draft room

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 10:10:37) *** Washington Redskins selects OLB/ILB Keenan Robinson of Texas ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 10:12:26) *** Cleveland Browns selects ILB James-Michael Johnson of Nevada ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 10:15:26) *** Houston Texans selects WR Keshawn Martin of Michigan State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 10:17:18) Some great picks, two good linebackers for the Redskins and Browns and a solid receiver for the Texans.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 10:18:57) *** New Orleans Saints selects WR Nick Toon of Wisconsin ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 10:19:45) Toon is a great fit with the Saints. Could make an impact early in that offense.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 10:22:12) *** Philadelphia Eagles selects CB Brandon Boykin of Georgia ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 10:22:39) Boykin is going to be good replacement for Samuels. It's about time he got picked.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 10:23:12) I agree, surprised how long he lasted. The Eagles are quietly having a good draft.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 10:24:26) *** Buffalo Bills selects CB Ron Brooks of LSU ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 10:24:39) I'm not huge on the Foles pick. Don't hate it, though. It was a bit early for me, but the rest of their drafted has been very good.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 10:26:00) *** Detroit Lions selects DE/34LB Ronnell Lewis of Oklahoma ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 10:29:45) *** Houston Texans selects DT/DE Jared Crick of Nebraska ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 10:30:43) If he can stay healthy, Ronnell Lewis will be a good pass rusher from the right edge.

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 10:31:22) Absolutely love the Crick selection to Houston.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 10:32:12) Crick could be a huge for the Houston Texans. Will be a five-technique for them.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 10:32:27) *** New York Giants selects TE Adrien Robinson of Cincinnati ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 10:33:32) Texans are also quietly having a good draft.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 10:34:26) *** Minnesota Vikings selects FB Rhett Ellison of USC ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 10:37:29) Rhett Ellison isn't quite the blocker that that they need, but has nice hands.

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 10:38:33) Fullbacks are coming off the board a little earlier than I thought they would. At least there weren't any punters taken yet......lol

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 10:39:00) *** Oakland Raiders selects 34LB/OLB Miles Burris of San Diego State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 10:40:05) Yeah, a bit of surprise on the FB choices, although they're more H-back types.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 10:41:28) *** Baltimore Ravens selects S Christian Thompson of South Carolina State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 10:43:31) *** New York Giants selects OT Brandon Mosley of Auburn ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 10:44:48) There were rumors that the Pats were targeting Christian Thompson. Ravens snagged him first, though.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 10:47:05) Mosley is a former TE that continues to improve. And he'll be dangerous in tackle eligible plays!

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 10:53:38) *** Green Bay Packers selects DT Mike Daniels of Iowa ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 10:53:57) *** Green Bay Packers selects S Jerron McMillian of Maine ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 10:54:43) The Packers continue to focus on defense.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 10:55:43) *** Minnesota Vikings selects WR Greg Childs of Arkansas ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 10:56:23) Mike Daniels is an interesting pick for the Packers. Don't really see him fitting into the 3-4 scheme.

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 10:59:29) The Packers have definitely added some solid day one contributors to their defense. I'm a little surprised that they haven't added a running back yet, though. I guess they're comfortable moving forward with Starks and Green.

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 11:01:39) I love the Josh Chapman pick to the Colts. Jared and I targeted him in MockThree and MockFour.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 11:01:43) *** Indianapolis Colts selects DT Josh Chapman of Alabama ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 11:02:32) *** Denver Broncos selects DT/DE Malik Jackson of Tennessee ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 11:03:59) McMillian is a strong safety and hard hitter that the Packers need to stop the run.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 11:04:59) Matt Johnson is a gamer free safety that can really get his hands on balls with 17 career INT.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 11:05:46) Josh Chapman is a great pick, as long as he comes back fully healthy. They need some players to help the transition to the 3-4.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 11:07:24) *** Detroit Lions selects OLB Tahir Whitehead of Temple ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 11:08:13) *** Minnesota Vikings selects CB Robert Blanton of Notre Dame ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 11:09:44) Malik Jackson is a solid pick for the Broncos who need DE depth.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 11:10:48) Tahir Whitehead doesn't quite fit the defense, but will help special teams. Not really high on this pick.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 11:11:18) *** Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects ILB Najee Goode of West Virginia ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 11:11:33) I really like Malik Jackson. He's another guy we targeted for the Colts in MockThree and MockFour. Should be a solid rotational player for the Broncos.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 11:13:15) Vikings selection of Robert Blanton is interesting, they really do need corner help. He'll need some development to fit in their, may start at nickel initially.

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 11:14:20) He's a good tackler. Not the best coverage guy. Good hands.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 11:15:10) Tampa=Win. I think Goode will compete for a starting spot from day 1.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 11:15:27) *** Washington Redskins selects G Adam Gettis of Iowa ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 11:15:40) I don't know much about Goode.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 11:18:07) Goode is a versatile LB, can go inside or outside. 6ft 250lb. Better against the run.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 11:19:03) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects OLB Brandon Marshall of Nevada ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 11:20:26) Carolina just got a steal with Josh Norman.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 11:20:38) *** Carolina Panthers selects CB Josh Norman of Coastal Carolina ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 11:20:54) Carolina is going to be good! They are getting some key players.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 11:22:28) *** Buffalo Bills selects OT Zebrie Sanders of Florida State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 11:23:03) Great pick by the Bills. Best player on the board and will help the offensive line.

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 11:24:02) I had him 67th on my board. 54th on the draft101 board. Huge value at this point.

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 11:27:40) Who would you say has had the worst draft at this point?

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 11:30:09) I think the Chiefs have reached at every selection. I'm also not very high on the 49ers draft.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 11:30:15) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects CB DeQuan Menzie of Alabama ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 11:31:56) I don't like what the Bears have done over all. And I agree on the Chiefs reaching.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 11:32:27) *** Buffalo Bills selects OLB Tank Carder of TCU ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 11:33:41) I agree. The Bears haven't had the best draft. There were some quality linemen and corners available when they took Jeffery. I'm not very high on him.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 11:35:44) *** Detroit Lions selects CB Chris Greenwood of Albion ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 11:36:15) Some of the names left on the board have me scratching my head. Why haven't Lewis, Criner, Johnson, Jones, Polk, Massaquoi, Washington, Kelemete been drafted?

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 11:36:54) *** San Diego Chargers selects G Johnnie Troutman of Penn State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 11:37:34) There are quite a few surprises still on the board to me too.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 11:39:51) *** St. Louis Rams selects G Rokevious Watkins of South Carolina ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 11:42:00) *** Arizona Cardinals selects G Senio Kelemete of Washington ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 11:42:43) Well there goes Kelemete. Arizona grabbing a great guard that can help their line.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 11:42:50) *** Dallas Cowboys selects WR/P Danny Coale of Virginia Tech ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 11:44:27) I really like what Arizona has done with this draft.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 11:45:48) They've been solid. Definitely looking at players that will improve their team.

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 11:46:49) I love Massie and Kelemete this late. Both of those guys have a good chance at contributing this year.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 11:51:44) *** Miami Dolphins selects DE/34LB/OLB Josh Kaddu of Oregon ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 11:54:16) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects CB Shaun Prater of Iowa ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 11:54:58) Zach, see any fantasy guys taken today?

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 11:56:14) *** Atlanta Falcons selects FB Bradie Ewing of Wisconsin ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 11:58:17) Chris Givens, Lamar Miller, Joe Adams, Ladarius Green, Jarius Wright, Nick Toon and Greg Childs all have good dynasty value. Chris Givens, Joe Adams and Greg Childs could have some solid first year value. They're going to teams that might have to use them early. Deep sleepers for redraft leagues.

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 12:00:03) I'm excited to see what Miami does with Lamar Miller. I think he's the best runner they have now, but I'm afraid we are going to see a New Orleans style platoon. It's hard to guess at what Miller's value is going to be. I'd imagine they will ride the hot hand.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 12:00:05) *** Oakland Raiders selects DE Jack Crawford of Penn State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 12:02:48) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects RB/WR Chris Rainey of Florida ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 12:03:35) Interesting pick by the Steelers, they need a RB while Mendenhall heals. But Rainey isn't a between the tackles runner.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 12:03:47) *** Cleveland Browns selects G Ryan Miller of Colorado ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 12:04:25) Yeah, Chris Polk or Cyrus Gray would have made a little more sense to me.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 12:07:35) *** Houston Texans selects K Randy Bullock of Texas A&M ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 12:11:11) *** New Orleans Saints selects S Corey White of Samford ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 12:13:08) Green Bay trades back into a pick they traded away.

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 12:15:01) Who do you think goes here?

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 12:15:30) Chase Minnefield is a possibility

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 12:15:48) *** Green Bay Packers selects OLB Terrell Manning of North Carolina State ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 12:16:11) That's a solid pick.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 12:18:09) Manning really only fits on the inside for them. Don't see him being much of an impact on special teams.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 12:18:33) *** Atlanta Falcons selects DE/34LB Jonathan Massaquoi of Troy ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 12:19:49) *** San Francisco 49ers selects OLB Darius Fleming of Notre Dame ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 12:25:14) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects WR Marvin Jones of California ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 12:26:52) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects S George Iloka of Boise State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 12:27:17) The Bengals look to be winning the draft. Great selection after great selection!

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 12:28:13) They've done a great job at filling need without reaching.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 12:29:32) *** Oakland Raiders selects WR Juron Criner of Arizona ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 12:34:14) *** Baltimore Ravens selects CB Ace Jackson of Cal Poly ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 12:37:04) *** Indianapolis Colts selects RB Vick Ballard of Mississippi State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 12:43:37) *** St Louis Rams selects K Greg Zuerlein of Missouri Western ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 12:44:00) *** Seattle Seahawks selects CB Jeremy Lane of Northwestern St. (LA) ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 12:47:03) *** Washington Redskins selects RB Alfred Morris of Florida Atlantic ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 12:47:09) I'm feeling more and more unsure of my Helu love. I wish Shanny would just go with a more sane rushing attack.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 12:47:53) Redskins are having a very odd draft. Not sure if I really like. Shanahan does love to grab RBs late.

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 12:50:07) It doesn't seem like they have a direction with their draft.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 12:51:27) *** Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects CB Keith Tandy of West Virginia ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 12:53:38) *** Minnesota Vikings selects K Blair Walsh of Georgia ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 12:56:09) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects CB Mike Harris of Florida State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 12:58:03) *** Arizona Cardinals selects CB Justin Bethel of Presbyterian ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 12:58:38) *** Buffalo Bills selects G Mark Asper of Oregon ***

Mark     (04-28-2012 12:59:13) Who are you surprised is still available?

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 13:01:00) Seeing Cam Johnson still on the board is surprising, as is Chris Polk, Markelle Martin and Marvin McNutt.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 13:01:29) *** New Orleans Saints selects G Andrew Tiller of Syracuse ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 13:03:37) *** San Francisco 49ers selects S Trenton Robinson of Michigan State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 13:08:26) *** Seattle Seahawks selects S Winston Guy of Kentucky ***

Bill     (04-28-2012 13:12:56) What do you think of the Bills draft so far?

Ted     (04-28-2012 13:12:58) Are there any sleeper LBs still on the board?

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 13:13:53) Sleeper LBs: Audie Cole, Vontaze Burfict, and Emmanuel Acho

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 13:14:27) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects RB Cyrus Gray of Texas A&M ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 13:15:24) The Bills have had a very solid draft. I really like their first 4 picks, all good talent that can impact the team.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 13:16:21) *** Miami Dolphins selects WR B.J. Cunningham of Michigan State ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 13:18:43) I'm really happy with the BJ Cunningham pick for the Dolphins. He helped make Kirk Cousins look good at Michigan St.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 13:22:19) *** Chicago Bears selects CB Isaiah Frey from Nevada ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 13:22:29) *** Arizona Cardinals selects QB Ryan Lindley of San Diego State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 13:23:20) Nice pick by Arizona. Lindley has some great development potential and a good fall back if neither Kolb nor Skelton work out.

Ted     (04-28-2012 13:24:39) What positions did you feel were the strongest entering the draft?

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 13:25:31) Coming in, I really liked the defensive line. Lots of good tackles and ends. In fact surprised some of them are still available. After that, though it was a pretty good receiver class too.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 13:25:41) *** Dallas Cowboys selects TE James Hanna of Oklahoma ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 13:30:30) *** Denver Broncos selects OLB/ILB Danny Trevathan of Kentucky ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 13:36:41) It's a crime that Polk and Cam Johnson are still available. Some team is going to get absolute steals with these guys.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 13:36:43) *** Oakland Raiders selects DE Christo Bilukidi of Georgia State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 13:37:54) Forgot about Trevathan, great player for the Broncos. Solid tackler and has a nose for the ball.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 13:38:22) *** Tennessee Titans selects S Markelle Martin of Oklahoma State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 13:39:07) Christo Bilukidi is the first player drafted from Georgia State ever.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 13:40:02) Great value selection by the Titans, had Martin ranked much higher.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 13:41:54) *** Cincinnati Bengals selects RB Dan Herron of Ohio State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 13:43:12) The late pick of Herron shows that the Bengals feel pretty confident in BenJarvus Green-Ellis

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 13:43:25) *** Atlanta Falcons selects S Charles Mitchell of Mississippi State ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 13:44:01) I had them pegged for an early round running back. I have to agree with you after seeing them wait this long.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 13:46:58) *** Washington Redskins selects OT Tom Compton of South Dakota ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 13:48:15) *** Philadelphia Eagles selects WR Marvin McNutt of Iowa ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 13:53:18) *** Houston Texans selects OT Nick Mondek of Purdue ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 13:53:41) *** Miami Dolphins selects CB Jonte Green of New Mexico State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 13:54:10) Eagles win with a great receiver. McNutt was another guy that dropped for no apparent reason.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 13:57:35) *** Baltimore Ravens selects WR Tommy Streeter of Miami (FL) ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 13:58:49) *** New England Patriots selects S Nate Ebner of Ohio State ***

chris wilson     (04-28-2012 13:59:17) I just dont like that everyone in the afc north division also did well.

chris wilson     (04-28-2012 13:59:19) Great draft. Could not be much happier.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 14:00:35) *** San Francisco 49ers selects C Jason Slowey of Western Oregon ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 14:02:54) *** Philadelphia Eagles selects OT/G Brandon Washington of Miami (FL) ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 14:03:23) What a steal for the Eagles! Love that pick for them.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 14:03:41) Eagles get a true talent in Brandon Washington. Could player OT or G for them.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 14:05:27) *** New York Giants selects OT Matt McCants of UAB ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 14:05:44) Michael Lombardi gave the Jaguars draft a B and the Colts a C. I don't think he's watching the same draft that I am.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 14:06:23) He's watching tape from 2002!

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 14:07:49) The Jags first two picks were good. Then they called up Matt Millen to make the rest for them.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 14:08:53) I'm trying to figure out what the Jaguars are trying to do. I'm not seeing a defense style emerging from their picks.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 14:09:51) *** New York Jets selects RB/FB Terrance Ganaway of Baylor ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 14:11:30) I like Ganaway for the Jets. He's a hard runner and blocker. Can be a good lead blocker and carry the rock too.

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 14:13:37) Ganaway is an underrated guy. I won't be surprised to see him on the field frequently for the Jets.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 14:16:09) *** New York Jets selects G Robert T. Griffin of Baylor ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 14:17:45) *** Cleveland Browns selects OLB/ILB Emmanuel Acho of Texas ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 14:18:31) *** Cleveland Browns selects DT/DE Billy Winn of Boise State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 14:19:31) Two good picks by the Browns at this point. Acho will help on special teams and offers depth. Winn could compete for a starting spot and be part of a good defensive line rotation.

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 14:20:11) Absolutely love the Billy Winn pick. I don't know what they were thinking with Hughes in the third. Flipping those picks around would make much more sense. Acho is a great pickup as well.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 14:20:29) *** Indianapolis Colts selects WR LaVon Brazill of Ohio ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 14:21:19) *** Carolina Panthers selects P Brad Nortman of Wisconsin ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 14:22:26) I'm not a fan of Nortman. Doesn't have the hang time I'd like to see.

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 14:24:24) Honestly, I don't even watch punters or kickers predraft.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 14:25:04) *** Indianapolis Colts selects OT Justin Anderson of Georgia ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 14:25:38) I got to evaluate him down at the Senior Bowl. I agree, punters and kickers are not the most thrilling to watch.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 14:26:03) Looks like ESPN doesn't know anyone now being drafted. Have to talk about earlier picks.

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 14:27:09) I'm just not the best evaluator for them. I'm watching the NFL Network coverage. I wish I was keeping better track on the big board. Seems like there are still some 3/4 round prospects available.

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 14:27:37) Just found the reload button. Nevermind lol.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 14:30:07) *** St. Louis Rams selects OLB Aaron Brown of Hawaii ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 14:30:50) *** Minnesota Vikings selects ILB Audie Cole of North Carolina State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 14:31:23) Nice pick by the Vikings. Cole is a hard worker that can really develop.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 14:33:52) *** Tennessee Titans selects DE Scott Solomon of Rice ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 14:34:02) There are going to be some very good UDFA. I'm stunned every year by the quality that goes undrafted. This year I'm flabbergasted by some of the players still available.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 14:36:16) Scott Solomon is a decent pick for the Titans. Thy need additional depth and he has some good upside.

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 14:37:27) What do you think the odds of Burfict going undrafted?

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 14:37:41) I agree, Zach. There must be some injury or character issues that haven't been reported.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 14:38:27) *** Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects RB Michael Smith of Utah State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 14:38:42) *** Washington Redskins selects CB Richard Crawford of SMU ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 14:39:48) If I'm a GM, I'm on the phone with a lot of theses guys letting them know that I don't have the picks left to spend on them, but that they need to be in my camp. There are future starters just sitting out there. You have to be right about the unreported injury/character issues.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 14:42:29) Even with character/injury concerns, I'm still inviting them in. At that point, they're worth the risk.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 14:43:21) *** Indianapolis Colts selects DT/DE Tim Fugger of Vanderbilt ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 14:44:32) Any insight on Fugger? The Colts called a name that I am not familiar with. Lots of teams are going to be inviting Dennard, Minnifield, and Johnson to camp if they go undrafted.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 14:45:15) *** Miami Dolphins selects DT Kheeston Randall of Texas ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 14:47:40) Fugger had a great pro-day getting his name on lips lately. He'll like be a 3-4 linebacker for the Colts. Has some coverage skills too, although raw technically.

Guest     (04-28-2012 14:47:50) What about Matt Cleveland? He's talented and big.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 14:48:37) *** Carolina Panthers selects S D.J. Campbell of California ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 14:51:18) Matt Cleveland isn't really getting any buzz. Don't see him being drafted. May be invited in as a UDFA.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 14:51:31) *** Washington Redskins selects S Jordan Bernstein of Iowa ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 14:54:23) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects DT Jerome Long of San Diego State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 14:54:38) *** Minnesota Vikings selects DT/DE Trevor Guyton of California ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 14:56:57) Great pick by the Vikings. Guyton was in Mayock's top 100 players. He fills the need at defensive end, too.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 14:57:12) *** Chicago Bears selects CB Greg McCoy of TCU ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 14:58:05) *** Arizona Cardinals selects OT Nate Potter of Boise State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 14:58:39) Bears go corner corner with their last 2 picks. Maybe one of them will work out.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 14:58:52) *** Dallas Cowboys selects ILB Caleb McSurdy of Montana ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 14:59:57) Great pick by the Cardinals. Potter is a fourth round talent. They've really done a good job of improving their line.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 15:02:31) *** Detroit Lions selects OLB Travis Lewis of Oklahoma ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 15:04:21) *** New England Patriots selects CB Alfonzo Dennard of Nebraska ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 15:04:45) Pats hoping Dennard doesn't end up in jail. If he does play, he could be a steal.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 15:07:19) *** Seattle Seahawks selects DT J.R. Sweezy of North Carolina State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 15:07:27) *** San Diego Chargers selects C David Molk of Michigan ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 15:10:50) *** Miami Dolphins selects WR Rishard Matthews of Nevada ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 15:17:53) *** Jacksonville Jaguars selects DT Jeris Pendleton of Ashland ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 15:18:03) *** Philadelphia Eagles selects RB Bryce Brown of Kansas State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 15:24:33) *** Oakland Raiders selects OLB Nathan Stupar of Penn State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 15:27:12) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects WR Toney Clemons of Colorado ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 15:28:55) Seventh round brings out a bunch of interesting choices. So far, I've had most of them in the system.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 15:30:05) *** Seattle Seahawks selects DE Greg Scruggs of Louisville ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 15:31:25) *** Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects FB/TE Drake Dunsmore of Northwestern ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 15:32:32) Interesting to see if the Saints go for a project quarterback here.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 15:34:23) *** New Orleans Saints selects OT Marcel Jones of Nebraska ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 15:37:42) *** New England Patriots selects WR Jeremy Ebert of Northwestern ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 15:38:43) *** Baltimore Ravens selects DE DeAngelo Tyson of Georgia ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 15:41:18) Good pick for the Ravens, he could be a NT or five-technique for them

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 15:42:25) *** San Francisco 49ers selects DE Cam Johnson of Virginia ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 15:44:01) *** Kansas City Chiefs selects WR Junior Hemingway of Michigan ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 15:47:01) The 49ers get a huge steal. Not sure what caused Cam Johnson to fall so far, had him as the #68 player overall.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 15:47:19) *** New York Giants selects DT Markus Kuhn of North Carolina State ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 15:48:14) Hemingway is a nice luxury pick for the Chiefs. Doesn't fill a need, but could develop into a big role player.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 15:50:20) Kuhn adds depth to the Giants pass rushing defensive line.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 15:51:22) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects TE David Paulson of Oregon ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 15:52:27) *** Green Bay Packers selects OT Andrew Datko of Florida State ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 15:56:30) *** New York Jets selects S Antonio Allen of South Carolina ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 15:57:11) If Datko can return to 100% from his shoulder injury, GB got a 3rd round talent in the 7th.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 15:58:03) South Carolina has a history of producing good safeties, and Antonio Allen will be the next one. Great selection by the Jets.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 15:59:24) *** Green Bay Packers selects QB B.J. Coleman of Chattanooga ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 16:00:02) Packers get a great project quarterback in Coleman. Could develop like Flynn (and maybe they'll get some draft selections for him).

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 16:00:16) No some of these guys that have fallen a ton are getting picked up.

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 16:00:25) *Not

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 16:01:10) Speaking of Flynn, what do you think the compensatory pick will look like for him? 4th? I don't think the contract was big enough for it to be a 3rd.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 16:01:50) Yeah, but there is still some good talent that wasn't taken. Some of these guys I expect will make teams as UDFA.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 16:02:55) Definitely not a 3rd. Maybe a 4th for Flynn, although I think it's only a 5th right now. We'll have to see how Flynn does first.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 16:03:08) *** New York Jets selects WR Jordan White of Western Michigan ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 16:03:29) I'd like to see the Colts make Mr. Irrelevant a relevant player this year. There are a lot of players that are good enough to make their roster still on the board.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 16:04:06) Jordan White is a guy I've had my eye on. Could be a real sleeper pick for the Jets.

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 16:05:11) I like him. There are some great picks happening here at the back end of the 7th.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 16:05:47) I think I may like the talent taken in the 7th better than the talent taken in the 6th. Have to go review all the picks to be sure.

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 16:06:34) That was my initial thought, too.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 16:06:41) *** Cleveland Browns selects CB Trevin Wade of Arizona ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 16:08:04) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects CB Terrence Frederick of Texas A&M ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 16:08:58) Guess on who is Mr. Irrevelant? Mine is Marcus Dowtin.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 16:09:17) *** Cleveland Browns selects FB/TE Brad Smelley of Alabama ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 16:11:00) I'm going to say Mike Brewster.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 16:12:02) *** Pittsburgh Steelers selects OT Kelvin Beachum, Jr. of SMU ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 16:12:44) So which teams do you think have improved the most from a fantasy perspective?

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 16:13:22) *** Atlanta Falcons selects DT Travian Robertson of South Carolina ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 16:15:13) *** San Diego Chargers selects RB Edwin Baker of Michigan State ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 16:17:33) I like what the Cardinals, Bengals, Browns, Colts, Dolphins, Vikings, Giants and Rams did from a fantasy perspective. I think the Cardinals, Colts and Giants may have found some future fantasy studs. All of these teams have found some good dynasty options.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 16:18:28) Right now, who are your top 5 dynasty guys?

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 16:18:51) *** Buffalo Bills selects K John Potter of Western Michigan ***

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 16:20:52) Richardson, Luck, Griffin, Floyd and Wilson in that order. I think there are about 8-9 "can't miss" dynasty guys right now after a quick look.

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 16:20:59) *** St. Louis Rams selects RB Daryl Richardson of Abilene-Christian ***

NFLDraft101 Staff     (04-28-2012 16:21:12) *** Indianapolis Colts selects QB Chandler Harnish of Northern Illinois ***

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 16:22:10) Mr Irrelevant is Chandler Harnish! Congrats!

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 16:22:58) Blackmon, Wright, Randle, Martin, Fleener and Sanu are pretty safe in my opinion, too. Congrats Chandler!

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 16:29:01) I'll give people a few more minutes to ask any wrap up questions.

Doug Lancy     (04-28-2012 16:33:16) Ok, thank you everyone who joined us for the NFL Draft! As always, it's been great! We'll be reviewing the picks and getting our grades out in the next couple of weeks. And we'll be providing great fantasy coverage for your NFL fantasy teams this fall!

Zach Bohner     (04-28-2012 16:34:37) Talk to you soon Doug!

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