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2011 NFL Scouting Combine


The NFL Scouting Combine is the best opportunity for borderline guys to display their talents and for elite players to establish themselves. Every year there are surprises, both good and bad. The draft experts of NFLDraft101 will be here to provide live coverage and answer questions.
Coverage is Saturday 11am-4pm, Sunday 11am-4pm, Monday 11am-2pm, and Tuesday 11am-2pm (all times EST).

Chris Maier     (02-25-2011 19:58:53) Welcome to NFL Draft 101's 2011 Scouting Combine Chat. Feel free to ask questions throughout the workouts Saturday thru Tuesday.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 08:02:10) Saturday's live chat is now open. Feel free to ask any questions or provide your thoughts on today's workouts

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 08:06:16) PFW's Erik Edholm has stated that USC OT Tyron Smith is not going to participate in the workouts today.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 08:12:05) Syracuse C Ryan Bartholomew having strong workout 40 of 4.89 and led OL in bench with 34. Will be checking out his position drills shortly.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 08:12:43) Marcus Cannon weighed in at 358 lbs which was good for him and followed it up with a decent 5.2 40 and 33 bench reps (2nd among O-line)

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 08:19:13) Anthony Castonzo showed excellent footwork in the drills this morning.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 08:23:39) Rodney Hudson weighed in at 299 and still looks fluid in drills. Great feet and knee bend.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 08:31:57) Not overly interested in O-line 40s, my focus right now is on the 1st groups drills.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 08:34:29) The biggest concern with Tyron Smith sitting out the drills is the lack of a reason for the absence. An athletic guy like him should shine in these drills. Strong bench with 29 reps. Hope not an injury.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 08:38:52) Rodney Hudson looked tremendous moving down the line. Granted this is his strength but nice lateral agility.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 08:44:36) Nate Solder sub 5.0 on his first 40.

luke     (02-26-2011 09:00:04) what are your thoughts on karl klug

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 09:00:39) Klug is not a great athlete but occupies blockers gives good effort and has a chance as a late round 5 technique

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 09:01:18) Orlando Franklin did a nice job in the drills. Good lateral agility and nice footwork

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 09:02:33) Joseph Barksdale and Kyle Hix not impressive in the drills

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 09:03:09) Zach Hurd is a little stiffer than i expected.Slow down the line and does not bend well.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 09:08:36) Marcus Cannon ran better than expected at 5.2 but is not moving well in the drills. Slow out of stance and limited lateral agility. I see him needing to play in a phone booth.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 09:14:32) Love the mirror drill for O-Linemen

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 09:14:59) David Arkin is a nice sleeper who is showing well thus far. Good feet.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 09:19:27) Jarriel King off to a good start. 5.03 40 and shows nice feet and knee bend in the first drill

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 09:20:28) On flipside Jason Pinkston was 5.4+ in the 40 and then slow feet and upright in first drill. Looks tight.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 09:21:24) Jah Reid is a physical speciman. A developmental project.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 09:21:37) Steve Schilling good feet and movement.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 09:22:26) Nate Solder shining as expected. Can really move.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 09:25:12) DeMarcus Love upright and stiff.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 09:25:43) Derek Newton of Arkansas State shows nice athleticism and agility. Feet a little sloppy but quick. Nice knee bend.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 09:26:45) Pouncey moves well but a little upright

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 09:29:15) Willie Smith is one to watch. Great knee bend. moves as well as Solder.

Fran Duffy     (02-26-2011 09:44:20) Smith looks pretty good in drills as well Chris - gets a good base, widens his stance and quickens his feet on the drive.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 09:51:03) Clint Boling is not the best athlete but i like his technique and knee bend.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 09:51:34) Gabe Carimi was solid from an athletic standpoint today but really seemed to be struggling maintaining his balance

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 10:02:18) Will Rackley has good knee bend and short area burst but so-so lateral agility. slow to set up in kick slide.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 10:03:10) Derek Sherrod is the best tackle no one likes to talk about. May not be a standout but one of the most complete tackles in the draft.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 10:07:29) Solder's struggles moving to his right displayed during his kick slide.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 10:11:47) James Carpenter appeared to injure his knee during the mirror drill.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 10:20:03) Some notes on the group 2 linemen who just wrapped up drills.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 10:20:37) Mike Pouncey has very average lateral agility. Not a bad day but hardly stood out.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 10:21:03) Jason Pinkston has really struggled today. Plays high and shows slow feet

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 10:21:46) Will Rackley has good athleticism but lateral agility is average. Kick slide showed he why he more of a guard than a tackle.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 10:22:24) I continue to like Derek Sherrod does not wow you in any particular area but fluid in drills, good technique , wide base.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 10:22:43) Willie Smith is a great athlete but has sloppy feet.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 10:23:37) Derek Newton was a player who really stood out to me. Someone i will need to familiarize myself with more after the combine.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 10:24:08) Jarriel King had a strong day. Fluid in drills, good feet.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 10:31:33) Wrapped up watching drills for both group 1 and 2. Looking forward to watching TEs.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 10:42:01) Virgil Green and Julius Thomas are the 2 TEs to watch today.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 10:43:42) Disappointing 4.58 for V.Green. Great for most tight ends but not based on early expectations.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 10:43:51) Cameron Graham 5+ not good.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 10:44:43) Oortdt really thin build for a TE

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 10:46:53) Wesley Saunders was found to have a broken bone in his foot during medical

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 10:54:11) Jordan Cameron opened some eyes with 4.56/4.55 in 40. Former WR and basketball player who had some buzz entering combine.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 11:00:05) Virgil Green 4.54 2nd time. when official times come out be interesting to see if Housler or J.Cameron top him.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 11:03:46) Not surprised by Stocker's mid 4.7 times.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 11:04:16) Correction W.Saunders aggravated a foot injury while warming up for 40.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 11:06:05) DJ williams 4.63 was slightly better than i expected.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 11:14:37) tight end drills starting

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 11:20:12) Charles Clay is a man without a position. Nice hands and short area burst but not a good runner or blocker.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 11:31:42) Oordt body caught during Gauntlet drill.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 11:31:49) Julius Thomas showed natrual hands

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 11:38:23) J. Cameron does a nice job of catching the ball away from his body. really standing out today.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 11:38:46) Rob Housler is also having a strong day. Fluid and nice hands.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 11:41:50) Weslye Saunders broken foot a big blow for him. Had to fight his way to be able to attend combine and misses opportunity to make up for lost year.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 11:44:42) Luke Stocker is having some issues catching the ball cleanly today.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 11:50:18) Stocker's catching problems continue. Having a quicksand like experience today.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 11:52:40) Charles Clay is having a rough day. not looking the ball into his hands.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 11:54:14) Lee Smith isn't the fastest or most athletic tackle but his hands are solid. Mid-late round pick who will make a team as a blocking TE.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 12:00:44) several of the tight ends are not natural going deep

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 12:04:57) nice day for the under the radar guys. While kendricks, Stocker and Williams look ordinary, Thomas, Cameron and Housler are standing out.

Chris Maier     (02-26-2011 12:11:14) This wraps up today's Combine coverage. Tomorrow Dan Wernery and Fran Duffy will be here analyzing the workouts and providing their thoughts. Combine Day 1 Recap article to be posted later this evening.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 06:27:39) It is 9am EST and I'd like to open up the discussion for Day 2 of drills at the 2011 NFL Combine

Owlified     (02-27-2011 06:27:45) Thoughts on Muhammad Wilkerson and Jaiquawn Jarrett from Temple?

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 06:30:29) Owlified - I think all of the guys from Temple will perform well this week. Muhammad will run very well for a guy his size, and Jaiquawn will get another chance to show himself off on a National setting. Elijah Joseph should do well even coming off of his leg injury. Big things coming from TU.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 06:32:23) Lots of guys running very well so far today - particularly Locker, Kaepernick and Gabbert at QB

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 06:34:14) A 4.51 out of Jerrell Jernigan - I was expecting a little faster out of him but I don't think it'll hurt him too much

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 06:34:39) Ronald Johnson follows that up with a 4.51. Former USC trojan ran well

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 06:35:34) Julio Jones up now - 4.43 and he looks UPSET about it. VERY impressive for a kid that big

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 06:37:30) Considering AJ Green ran a 4.48 - makes Julio look even better. I'm excited to see his 2nd rep

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 06:38:43) One of the more interesting battles today is between Jernigan, Cobb and T.Young. Three talented slot receivers battling for draft position.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 06:40:37) Wow Ricardo Lockette is impressive physically - long legs and well cut. Ran a 4.41. Original Auburn commit out of Fort Valley St

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 06:49:51) Edmund Gates - showed he wasn't a fraud. Followed up his 4.35 with a 4.36

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 06:50:05) AJ Green - 4.51 and a 4.53

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 06:50:58) Jamel Hamler doesn't look all that impressive running - regardless of how big he is

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 06:51:37) Hankerson's a long strider - ran a 4.47 and a 4.45 - great wingspan just looking at him

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 06:52:48) Dwayne Harris looked awful in his last rep - ran worst time of the day so far

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 06:53:28) Andre Holmes runs a 4.52 and a 4.53 - looks like a decent prospect

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 06:54:17) Lester Jean - 4.59 and 4.67 at 215 lbs. I'm not all that impressed honestly.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 06:57:45) Julio Jones - 4.41 followed up by a 4.39 - WOW is all I can say

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:03:37) Sterling Sharpe thinks Julio won't be a 1st Round pick - yikes

Scott Hartkorn     (02-27-2011 07:06:53) You would think that 40 time would get him in 1st round, Sterling?

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:07:52) Several times he said "Meh" when referring to him as a first-round pick. said only one wideout would get drafted Round One - AJ Green. Lost a lot of credibility with that one.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:09:20) QBs and WRs starting drills now...

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:10:07) Julio takes training to the field. looks great running routes. I think he'll be a guy that can do anything you can ask at the next level. Will play inside and outside.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:11:36) Lockette looks smooth catching the ball in stride

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:11:58) Darvin Adams from Auburn going half-speed in reps

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:13:47) tough to watch the QBs in this drill - but judging from commentary Jerrod Johnson, Jake Locker showing nice touch. Kaepernick has some overthrows.

Scott Hartkorn     (02-27-2011 07:15:23) Fran: Do you think Kaepernick will get a shot to play QB at the next level?

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:15:54) I think he may get a shot - I just don't know how well he'll do. good athlete but I was just never that impressed with him as a quarterback

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:16:20) Stop the presses - Cam Newton tied his shoes and put up a 10'2 broad jump

Scott Hartkorn     (02-27-2011 07:17:15) I was thinking the same, but great runner, what position do you think he would play?

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:18:07) I mean at 6'4 233, he's a bit slight to play TE. You're probably looking at a future wideout. Will take some work on his part

Cowboys Fan     (02-27-2011 07:20:33) Who will the cowboys take this year

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:21:47) I think the discussion regarding Cam Newton is "hogwash" as Jerry Jones would call it. If you're going up that high I see it being for one of the top Defensive Linemen. Marcell Dareus? Nick Fairley? Staying put I still like the defensive end position as well as the secondary.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:22:24) Wow - Hankerson with 4 straight drops. Lost concentration and it went downhill from there

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:23:05) Andre Holmes looking smooth for a guy his size. Could present some matchup problems at the next level

Owlified     (02-27-2011 07:23:09) Hankerson played well in the Senior Bowl.

Cowboys Fan     (02-27-2011 07:23:10) Do you think the redskins will take a QB? Mcnabb is done. He might be the most overrated QB in the history of the NFL

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:24:06) Jernigan looked smooth there. Julio Jones looking like a god on the field. Even gets some praise from Sterling.

Eagles Fan     (02-27-2011 07:24:13) Do you like Dallas' chances of taking Newton? Romo is one of the worst QBs in the NFL (Eastern Illinois??????) and will not recover from the bruising that he sat out of last year.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:24:38) @Owlified I agree, that rep right there was tough to watch though!

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:25:25) @Cowboys Fan I think they're going to go with a quarterback. I'll be really interested to see who though. Shanahan isn't afraid to "reach" for a guy he really likes. It'll be all about who he falls in love with most. If it's Mallett you could see him go in that spot realistically!

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:26:16) @Eagles Fan I don't see them taking a QB honestly. They're close to where they want to be, and with Garrett being retained as head coach I think it only helps Romo's cause. Still think DL or CB in the first round

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:26:58) Cam Newton could play any position he wanted on the football field, he's that good of an athlete

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:27:35) Randall Cobb looked great in that last rep. Very smooth and showed fast hands.

Cowboys Fan     (02-27-2011 07:28:16) @Eagles Fan I agree Romom is awful the Cowboys are terrible but the cheerleaders are still the best

Cowboys Fan     (02-27-2011 07:30:12) If not mistaken a lot of non division 1 WRs at the combine this year. Do any have a shot

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:31:18) This Edmund Gates from Abilene Christian has done pretty well for himself thus far. I really like Lockette from Fort Valley State, he can play at the next level for sure

Owlified     (02-27-2011 07:31:20) Do you think the Eagles are looking to pick a secondary guy in round one? Why not pick up a run stopping DT (Wilkerson ;-)), something we really need?

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:32:16) You look in the past and the Eagles have always placed importance on both lines and the defensive secondary. They really haven't addressed the position that high in the draft lately, I think an influx of young talent would be a good thing at the cornerback position

Scott Hartkorn     (02-27-2011 07:32:18) Or Linebacker?

Cowboys Fan     (02-27-2011 07:33:08) for the record THE ROCK HAS COMEBACK TO MONDAY NIGHT RAW!!!!!

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:33:50) Andy Dalton hitting guys in stride - i'm a big fan of his - stated so in my All-Underrated Team article

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:34:55) Speaking of RAW - Jerrod Johnson needs some work. I really think he'd be a better Tight End than Quarterback

Cowboys Fan     (02-27-2011 07:35:50) Any non BCS guy impressing this weekend

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:36:24) God Mallett has some arm speed - you can tell just from looking at him throw that he can sling it. Don't even look at the ball.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:37:06) @Cowboys Fan we have an article reviewing yesterday's action on the front page. Check it out! For today I think a few guys have really stepped up their game

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:37:38) Here comes Baldwin - he's my No. 3 WR after AJ and Julio

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:38:34) Devlin doesn't have a great arm

Cowboys Fan     (02-27-2011 07:39:04) Lot of Temple talk on this chat. Didnt even know they still played football

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:39:22) Ouch! 22 wins in last 3 years my man!

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:40:49) Locker looks so well coached. Count me in his bandwagon.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:41:17) Kaepernick is really raw too. Needs work on his release.

Cowboys Fan     (02-27-2011 07:41:21) Intersting I dont think they had that many in the past 50 combined

Scott Hartkorn     (02-27-2011 07:41:22) 9 wins in a row in 09' right? Bowl Game appearence...the Owls are on a roll recently

Owlified     (02-27-2011 07:41:39) Up and up!

Cowboys Fan     (02-27-2011 07:41:49) So who are your top 5 picks

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:43:07) If you held a gun to my head right now - I'd say it'd look something like this: 1) CAR - Bowers 2) DEN - Fairley 3) BUF - Dareus 4) CIN - Green 5) ARI - Gabbert/Newton

Cowboys Fan     (02-27-2011 07:44:14) I know their basketball team is doing well dont hear much about football. I saw an article about a funeral figured it was for the football team

Cowboys Fan     (02-27-2011 07:44:15) will we ever see a kicker in the first round again like the raiders some years back

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:45:10) I don't think a kicker will ever get drafted in Round One again - and honestly I don't see it happening in Round Two ever again either. The Jets took Mike Nugent in the 2nd a few years back. It's just not responsible.

Owlified     (02-27-2011 07:48:31) Fran will you be running this chat tomorrow?

Scott Hartkorn     (02-27-2011 07:48:34) The funeral was held by Temple students for the St. Joe's Hawk lol

Cowboys Fan     (02-27-2011 07:48:37) What school has the most prospects this year with a real chance at getting drafted

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:49:57) @ CowboysFan Obviously the bigger schools boast a lot of prospects - the Floridas, the Ohio States, the Auburns, etc

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:50:38) @Owlified I actually won't. But my man Jared Counterman will be. Great NFL Draft Mind. Everyone here on staff is great.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:51:19) Mallett has a cannon - not that we didn't know that already

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:52:07) Dalton throws a nice deep ball

Cowboys Fan     (02-27-2011 07:52:09) Whats your take on the lockout

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:52:52) @CowboysFan - unfortunately it looks like a sure thing. Hate to see it happen. Places even more importance on this Draft!! Free Agency being delayed has a great impact on this whole process. Puts it even further under the microscope

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:54:04) Here is the drill that will tell you even more about a guy's arm strength

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:54:58) Kaepernick not looking great in these drills

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 07:55:41) Mallett throws the out well

Cowboys Fan     (02-27-2011 08:01:11) Whats the temperature inside the dome? Some QBs dont play well in the cold

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 08:01:31) It's room temp - I can't imagine it's too hot or cold in there

Scott Hartkorn     (02-27-2011 08:01:33) I always had the feeling Jemarcus Russel was going to be a bust, but I don't get the same feeling from Newton, what do you think Fran?

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 08:03:00) Physically - Newton is a much better specimen than Russell was. He's got comparable arm strength. Unfortunately some of the same things that made Russell a bust are some things that may scare some people away from Newton. Does he love football? I mean really? He calls himself an entertainer and an icon. That scares me. Physically though - my goodness he's impressive

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 08:04:52) Players like Cam Newton have a short shelf life until they learn how to be pocket passers (see Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick, Steve McNair,etc)

Cowboys Fan     (02-27-2011 08:05:05) Is this consider fast or slow turf?

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 08:05:14) Field Turf is considered a faster turf

Scott Hartkorn     (02-27-2011 08:05:17) I heard that from his interview, about wanting to be an "entertainer," just figured i throw that out there, seemed like back in 06 everyone was just was impressed that Russel could throw 60 yrds from his knees, but just having a big arm doesn't equal wins in the NFL

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 08:05:36) I heard this turf was slow compared to the old RCA dome turf

Cowboys Fan     (02-27-2011 08:06:05) McNabb is terrible

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 08:06:43) Welcome Dan! it is considered slower than the old turf - but overall it is a faster surface

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 08:07:36) Very true Scott - I think more people understand that. QB is all about the intangibles

Cowboys Fan     (02-27-2011 08:07:39) Does that play any factor in the evaluation of their times

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 08:07:55) When I hear Newton talking about being an athlete and an entertainer, its clear that you may have some "diva" issues. without a rookie salary cap, Newton could be a tough sign for a team like Buffalo. On the other hand a team like Washington could overpay for Cam Newton because they can

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 08:08:33) @CowboysFan all teams have a conversion chart when it comes to the 40 yd dash. Things such as surface, wind, weather, etc are all taken into account and times are altered to factor them in.

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 08:10:05) Ryan Mallett is very fortunate that the Bengals and Raiders are both looking for quarterbacks in round 2.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 08:11:18) Dan how do you feel about him still going in the first-round? I don't think that's out of the realm of possibility yet.

Jason Cugley     (02-27-2011 08:12:15) Muhamed Wilkerson, 1st round?

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 08:12:28) Maybe I'm missing something, but Jake Locker looks more like Drew Stanton than a franchise quarterback. Too many excuses about lack of surrounding talent. Remember Jay Cutler put up terrific numbers at Vandy against SEC defenses

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 08:13:07) Jason - I see it as a definite. Tomorrow after DL Drills I think more people will begin to agree. Freak of an athlete and a great pass rusher. Prototypical 5-tech

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 08:13:12) Wilkerson is a first rounder for sure. He is a perfect fit as a 3-4 DE

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 08:13:51) This is the best defensive line draft in the last 10 years

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 08:14:05) Easily. Tomorrow is going to be fun to watch.

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 08:19:14) The vertical and broad jump drills are pointless in my opinion. Both are strictly track drills.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 08:20:00) I think it's important in certain positions Dan - shows explosion in the lower body. I think it's important for linemen especially.

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 08:22:09) The main issue I have with the vertical jump is people use it to evaluate WR. Receivers who make spectacular leaping catches do so on instinct as much as their natural ability to jump. I can see your point on using the broad jump to evaluate OL

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 08:23:24) Oh no I see what you're saying absolutely. There are some parts about it that are blown out of proportion by some people.

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 08:28:00) I think Leonard Hankerson is one of many players who can make/lose a lot of money in the 40 yard dash. I continue to go back and forth in mock drafts on whether he is an early second or mid third rounder where projecting where he will go.

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 08:29:56) I am anxious to see Randall Cobb run. He is a talented WR who did the best he could with a bad QB situation at Kentucky

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 08:30:21) Dan Hankerson ran a 4.53 earlier. Looked decent in drills. Had a couple good reps and a couple bad ones.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 08:31:29) Cobb ran a 4.45 - looked good. real good.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 08:31:54) AJ Green posting a 34.5'' vertical. impressive.

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 08:32:05) I guess I should have gotten up earlier :)

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 08:32:46) Hahaha no worries

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 08:34:11) Cam Newton - 4.60 unofficial at 6'5 248 lbs. once again pretty impressive.

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 08:35:01) Cam Newton covers a lot of ground quickly with his ability to stride. There are a lot of hidden yards in those strides

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 08:36:04) I don't get the Ben Roethlisberger comparisons with Cam Newton. Big Ben played in a pass first offense in college which required multiple reads.

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 08:37:09) If Ricky Stanzi is drafted above round 4, I will give up evaluating QB :)

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 08:37:57) 4.52 from Tyrod Taylor - impressive for some teams that see him as a wildcat option. I see that as his ceiling.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 08:39:20) As far as size/strength is concerned I see the Big Ben/Cam Newton comparison. Cam is far more athletic

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 08:39:50) Its amazing how the wildcat has taken off in the NFL. It seems pretty simple to defend since the pass in taken out of the equation in this formation

Doug Lancy     (02-27-2011 08:40:45) I agree that Cam is more athletic, but I don't think he has the pocket presence that Ben has. Ben is able to move, get away from the tackler and still make the throw. When Cam gets away, he's running.

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 08:41:42) If you draft mobile QB like Cam Newton, you have a 3-5 year window to win assuming the player doesn't develop into a pocket passer.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 08:41:42) Not even close you're right - Big Ben was much further along as a quarterback at this point in his career.

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 08:42:42) Christian Ponder will not slip past the Niners in round 2

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 08:42:53) You can tell Ponder has been working out a lot to prove his arms/shoulders work fine. He looks big.

Doug Lancy     (02-27-2011 08:43:48) Greg McElroy will probably have the longest career of these quarterbacks.

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 08:44:39) I agree, carrying a clipboard doesn't create a lot of wear and tear on the body :)

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 08:45:09) And when he's done - he'll have a great career in broadcasting. I don't know if you guys have seen him in front of a camera but he's a natural

Doug Lancy     (02-27-2011 08:45:58) I interviewed him, and he had by far the best mental make up of all the quarterbacks at the Senior Bowl.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 08:47:29) He really came off that way in what I've seen of him as well Doug.

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 08:48:33) Speaking of McElroy, here's a question for the group Which day three QB has the best chance to be an NFL starter?

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 08:49:44) Jerrod Johnson - as a tight end :)

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 08:50:55) Nathan Enderle, Idaho I like the size and accuracy and in a spread offense, I like his upside

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 08:51:38) seriously though - I think Stanzi is a great value that late. I've watched a good amount of him and I like him. Gunslinger swagger so he forces the ball sometimes but I think he's got a great shot at the next level

Doug Lancy     (02-27-2011 08:51:59) Good question, Dan. Of course where they end up will make a big difference on that. I would say its between Ricky Stanzi and Pat Devlin.

Doug Lancy     (02-27-2011 08:52:38) I agree, Fran. He needs some development but has the tools to succeed at the next level.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 08:53:56) Joe Morgan is a track guy - fast though. 4.39.

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 08:53:57) What was jeff maehl's time I accidentally closed all my windows

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 08:54:29) Abilene Christian is developing NFL talent at an SEC level

Doug Lancy     (02-27-2011 08:54:51) Maehl was a 4.62 unofficial.

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 08:55:42) Maehl reminds of Jordy Nelson

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 08:57:57) Niles Paul is a thick kid - good player from Nebraska - 6'0 224 lbs runs a 4.59

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 08:58:14) Niles Paul has a similar body type to Anquan Boldin

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 08:58:57) I love Austin Pettis guys - glad to see him run pretty well. 4.59 unoffcial

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:00:25) Wow Aldrick Robinson looked really good running the 40. 4.41 but looked faster. He can fly.

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 09:00:46) Guys, was just able to join up. Who has impressed thus far?

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 09:01:58) Cam Newton has been impressive and unfortunately its all the rest of the world will talk about the remainder of the combine.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:02:25) Julio Jones has been great all day Chris. a few wideouts. Lockette, Cobb, Mallett, Locker. Just off the top of my head

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:03:54) Here comes Torrey Smith - this is a guy that should run well

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 09:04:37) Cecil Shorts is one my top sleepers. He can line up at WR or third down back. Mt Union is D-3 but they could probably compete at the FCS level

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:04:44) 4.37 for Smith - after a so-so start out of the gate too

Doug Lancy     (02-27-2011 09:05:02) Jake Locker at quaterback and Julio Jones at wide receiver have been the most impressive for their position. Cam Newton has been a physical beast, but that was somewhat expected.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:06:41) Tolliver (LSU) looked stiff out of the gate on his false start - lets see if he does better on this one

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:07:22) 6'3, 212 lbs, unofficial 4.54 for Terrence Toliver

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 09:08:18) LSU has a solid rep for developing WR. Dewayne Bowe and Branon Lafell have similar body types to Tolliver

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 09:10:18) There is a solid group of slot receivers like Maehl, Sanzenbacher, and Wahlen who are dynamic athletes, but outstanding football players

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:12:04) I'm excited to see this group go through drills Dan. hopefully we'll see some sort of hierarchy set up

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 09:12:11) 4.43 for T. Young. Solid time but not as fast as expected. Not first round speed.

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 09:12:38) I like the striding ability of Titus Young. Like I said earlier with Cam Newton, long striders equal a lot hidden yards

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:13:46) He's a guy I'm not sold on as a high-round draft pick. Young doesn't do a lot for me.

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 09:14:26) Not surprisingly, the announcers on camera two made a baseball joke with Joe Morgan

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 09:15:49) I agree Fran. Hands were questionable at times. Slot only guy. Overall, I like Cobb better.

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 09:16:35) The overall depth at WR is better than expected.

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 09:17:24) 11'3" broad jump for Julio Jones. Had one almost at 12 previously but couldn't stick the landing.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:17:52) Chris he's been lighting it up all day. 40, drills, broad jump, vertical, he did it all

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 09:18:05) The great part about this year's WR class is the variety of receivers. Drops off after Green and Jones but depth is strong.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:19:14) Chris what are your thoughts on Jonathan Baldwin? I'm a big fan of his. I think his skillset and his performance will make him attractive on draft day

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 09:19:57) Charles Davis brought a good point with the trading up possibilities with teams attempting to trade ahead of St Louis to get Julio Jones

Doug Lancy     (02-27-2011 09:20:20) Julio Jones is making every effort to be the number one WR. But his tape isn't quite there to surpass AJ Green. But he is looking like he could move into the top 10.

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 09:21:23) Loved Baldwin as a sophomore, but not as much this year. Great tools but concerned he doesn't get enough separation and needs to interview well. Has some diva in him. Overall, big, toolsy receiver who is a good value late rnd 1 or early rnd 2

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 09:22:29) Highly doubt J.Jones gets to St.Louis at 13.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:22:41) That's where I see him falling as well. I thought he ran well this morning, did a decent job with what I saw of him in drills.

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 09:23:53) 6'5 receivers don't grow on trees. Another sleeper is DeAndre Brown...monstrous size and ran decent for his size. Has attitude and injury concerns that will keep him on day 3.

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 09:28:00) Staying under 4.6 in the 40 was big for Austin Pettis.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:28:39) Great great story in Torrey Smith. A guy I'm not crazy about on-field but definitely brings intangibles to the table

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:29:04) Re: Pettis I was really happy to see him run well. He's a guy I like a lot Chris.

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 09:33:24) Smith is raw as a receiver and body catches at times but he is a great returner. May never be a #1 receiver but has playmaking ability

Doug Lancy     (02-27-2011 09:34:34) Titus Young needed a better showing to move into day 1. Right now I like him more as a late 2nd rounder.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:36:20) Agreed. Expected him to look more explosive running.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:37:08) Hankerson needs to perform well here - he hasn't been at the top of his game this morning

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 09:37:27) I missed the first group. How did Jernigan and Cobb perform?

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:38:29) Dwayne Harris looked like he was trying not to mess up in the 3-cone. Wasn't going full-speed

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:38:47) Cobb looked great Chris. Jernigan not so much. I think Cobb pulled ahead in that aspect

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 09:39:36) Doug, Stanzi with a poor throw to the right side of the field.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:40:55) Smith making a nice catch along the sideline there

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 09:41:53) It will be interesting to see if anyone can establish themselves as the second ranked RB behind Mark Ingram

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:42:24) Or if Ingram can prove he's the top back!

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 09:45:04) 2 deep balls by Newton have been underthrown thus far.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:45:46) Torrey Smith continuing to catch the ball well

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:47:06) This Portis kid is raw - he's got some natural ability but I don't think he's an NFL talent.

Doug Lancy     (02-27-2011 09:47:44) Yep, Stanzi's struggles continue. I'm not sure if that can be corrected. If it can, he could be a great developmental quarterback. If not, I don't expect him to be on a team in 2 years.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:48:31) This is the drill to watch now - guys really set themselves apart from the pack here this morning

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 09:48:58) Agreed love the gauntlet

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:49:16) Titus Young jogging through that rep - can't tell anything there

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 09:49:26) Can they catch it with the hands and do it while running fast.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:49:31) Maehl looked smooth - big fan

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:49:57) Moore has soft hands - looked good there

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 09:50:49) Newsome barely ran during the drill

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:50:55) Newsome looked awful there. Not a fan of the former UCF Knight.

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 09:51:16) rough showing for Pettis..quicksand

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:51:32) That Pettis rep looked like Hankerson earlier. Dropped one earlier and it went downhill from there

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 09:51:54) I like how Brian Billick is tearing this drill apart. Lets face it, if you make a complete catch,you're not going to do well in this drill.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:53:35) Good rep there from Terrance Tolliver

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:54:38) Marshall Williams looked like he was constantly catching up to himself in that drill.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:55:09) titus young once again jogging through. don't like to see that again from him.

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 09:55:10) Titus Young barely jogged through the gauntlet...worried about drops

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 09:57:07) Murdock is a body catcher

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 09:57:42) he didn't run all that well either Chris for a guy that's supposedly a burner. I expected more.

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 09:58:03) I like Brian Billicks' insight but i don't need to see him doing it. Put the camera back on the drill.

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 09:59:50) I agree Chris, you don't cut away from plays during a game to look at the face of commentator

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 09:59:58) Ryan Mallett needs to work on his interview skills. Lacks depth and conciseness in his answers.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 10:01:05) Jim Harbaugh looks TIRED haha. Man has been burning the midnight oil

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 10:02:01) Ryan Mallett sounds like Jayson Williams (White Chocolate version)

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 10:03:48) Terrence Tolliver battled the balls a little bit in the gauntlet the 2nd go around.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 10:07:03) Ponder looked pretty good throwing the out route. Ball was zipping out of his hand.

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 10:07:57) Stanzi much better throwing to left side.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 10:08:01) Stanzi looks like he got some coaching between drills - is being very deliberate in his throwing motion. trying to work out some kinks?

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 10:08:35) Tolzien has a really quick release

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 10:08:55) I think Josh Portis would be best served to play in the CFL or UFL. I saw him play a little bit at Florida and there is potential. I think he could be highly effective if he can get consistent reps.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 10:09:52) Titus Young ran a nice route there. Quick out of his break. As opposed to Jimmy Young the rep before - who didn't even run the correct route

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 10:13:34) Ponder looked good throwing the outs. I think NFLN missed showing Newton miss an out pattern badly.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 10:13:51) I think the position group experiencing the most transition thus far this week, for me at least, as been the wide receiver group

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 10:15:23) Interesting to see 5 of the 6 top quarterbacks running 4.66 or better

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 10:17:24) Tyrod Taylor throwing a better deep ball than I expected

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 10:18:40) Torrey Smith caught the deep ball well - shocker

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 10:19:43) Obvious Torrey needs to expand the route tree

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 10:20:05) Newton threw three nice deep balls but none were caught.

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 10:20:49) Morgan has terrible hands. I written it in my notes for 3 straight drills.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 10:20:54) Newton throws such a pretty ball

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 10:23:43) Van Camp has thrown some nice balls today.

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 10:24:06) Newton has thrown 6 straight incompletions. His out passes have been off all day.

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 10:25:58) I really like Christian Ponder. Arm strength is nothing special but throws a catchable ball.

Doug Lancy     (02-27-2011 10:25:59) Don't over-value watching the quarterbacks throw. They haven't usually worked with these receivers, and therefore don't know the timing yet. Hard to get that down with so few throws.

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 10:27:47) Incompletions are not the issue esp. on deep balls but the wildness on the outs is a concern.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 10:29:04) Yeah a few of those outs were just flat out uncatchable

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 10:31:48) Stanzi is a different QB throwing left vs throwing right.

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 10:32:24) Newton chugs a Gatorade with the best of them though (TV feed showed him downing a bottle).

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 10:34:14) a lot of these wideouts are making nice catches along the sidelines. rep after rep.

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 10:34:50) I like Jeff Maehl as route runner. He was a complete receiver at Oregon

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 10:35:08) Maehl has performed well today

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 10:38:15) I've been real impressed with Cecil shorts in the drills. Nice hands, fluid runner.

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 10:39:57) Most of the receivers are not coming close to the inside cone on this drill. That is a big key to running this route successfully

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 10:44:12) 4.37 best official 40 of the day with Gates and Lockette tying at the top.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 10:50:27) Titus Young cramping up - being helped off the turf

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 10:52:50) Running backs on depth. Which workouts are you looking forward to?

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 10:56:52) The 40 time for undersized backs such as jordan todman, jaquez rodgers, kendall hunter and noel devine. if these backs can't crack 4.45 they will like fall to day three

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 11:00:34) I'm with you Dan, this is a big day for a crowded undersized running back crop. 40 could be very important for this group.

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 11:01:36) I also want to see how these backs catch the ball. Receiving drills are big for Todman who did not catch much at UCONN

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 11:04:23) Just heard Daniel Thomas is not working out due to a hamstring injury

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 11:05:10) Wow this Asiata kid is build well in the upper body

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 11:06:33) 4.77 for Asiata - that's gotta hurt. Hope he gets a better time in his 2nd rep

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 11:07:01) Asiata was a tremendous short yardage back at Utah. Utah has done a nice job of developing NFL talent

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 11:07:58) I am anxious to see John Clay. Wisconsin running backs have a horrible reputation

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 11:08:23) Wow a 4.56 from 242 lb Allen Bradford. that's impressive right there.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 11:10:40) 4.77 from Clay there Dan - how do you feel about that?

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 11:12:02) These RBs not running all too well today thus far as a group

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 11:12:07) not surprised. Clay is a short yardage specialist. Most Wisconsin backs are products of a playing behind superior offense lineman.

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 11:14:04) I think VA tech could start developing the same reputation. Is there a huge talent difference between Ryan Williams and Darren Evans.

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 11:18:41) Roy Helu with a surprising 4.43. Looked slow at Senior Bowl but great time today.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 11:21:03) Helu and Kendall Hunter both rain well.

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 11:27:26) Surprised Locke did not break 4.5

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 11:28:39) he looked a bit aggravated with his false starts there Chris.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 11:28:58) But yeah I expected him to be a bit faster time-wise

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 11:36:59) Todman ran very well. Better than I expected. 4.44 for the former UCONN Huskie

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 11:39:55) Also wasn't mentioned, DeMarcus Murray clocked at 4.38 today. Good showing for him. Proved his ability to be explosive. Would be a top prospect if not for injury concerns.

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 11:41:10) My problem with Murray is he really looked shaky between the tackles this year. Shys away from contact. Could do well in a Reggie Bush type role.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 11:43:51) Hes a playmaker for sure. How do you like Da'Rel Scott Chris?

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 11:44:36) Scott is a underrated back, solid all-around runs hard

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 11:46:24) biggest problem at RB this year is there is so much depth. 12 running backs taken last season, 12 underclassmen RB entered draft this year.

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 11:48:38) 4.84 2nd 40 for John Clay

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 11:51:05) there's going to be some upset juniors that don't hear their names called - I think Clay may be in that group

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 11:53:22) Darren Evans (Virginia Tech), maybe even Jamie Harper (Clemson) could be in that grouping as well. and I like Harper. But you're right Chris there's just a lot of depth at a position that has only seen 20 guys go off the board on average for the past 5 years

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 11:53:32) Speaking of names not getting called Noel Devine chose not to run today. He needed to blaze a trail and build some momentum. Hope he has a serious injury.

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 11:55:09) By serious injury, i mean Devine better have not been able to run rather than choosing not to run. After all, he's not Jerry Seinfeld.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 11:55:27) "I choose NOT to run"

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 11:55:55) Helu a 2nd good time 4.42

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 11:58:49) I appreciated LeShoure's honesty in his 40 prep. Said best was a 4.57 and best unofficial today was 4.56.

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 12:01:56) Scott much faster than expected 4.35 and 4.40

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 12:03:44) Expected Rodgers to be under 4.6. His quicknes, COD and toughness is more impressive than pure speed.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 12:07:02) Lots of change-of-pace backs in this draft guys coming in two different molds.

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 12:10:54) Two of my favorite prospects Vincent Brown and Jacquizz Rodgers rank among the most disappointing 40s today. Don't want to overrate the 40 but not a great performance by either player today.

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 12:12:42) 40s complete off to the drills.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 12:13:07) I was surprised Rodgers ran that way - had to hope for better with him

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 12:15:45) In this drill its easy to tell who played in an I formation and who played in a spread

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 12:22:19) Fannin didn't look that agile on that last rep. Had a few mis-steps

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 12:22:54) Kendall Hunter on the other hand looks great in a drill like this.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 12:23:37) Dion Lewis. Wow. I don't know where you guys had him but I feel better about him now than I did going into today

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 12:24:04) Lewis may not burn in 40 but his lateral agility and COD is off the charts.

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 12:24:29) Dion Lewis had to prove he had speed and I think he has enough to possibly sneak into round 3

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 12:25:17) Todman I've watched a lot on film both this year and last year - he can play and thrives in a drill like this

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 12:25:42) Vai tua is an interesting prospect to me. He was very productive in the pistol scheme. The pistol is a hyprid between the spread and I-formation for a running back

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 12:26:04) Ryan Williams showed his explosiveness. Great balance and agility

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 12:26:31) The big thing i want to see from Todman how he catches the ball.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 12:28:06) Damien Berry struggled in that one

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 12:28:38) Delone moves surprisingly well for a kid his size

Dan Wernery     (02-27-2011 12:29:14) I think a lot of combine drills are overrated, but I like the running back drills. Movement is big factor when evaluating RB

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 12:30:19) Fannin is out of control of times when he has to start and stop.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 12:31:15) Kendall Hunter once again looks good. Ingram runs hard, violent

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 12:31:57) Kendall Hunter and Dion Lewis are battling it out right now against each other

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 12:34:26) As expected Stephen Paea set combine bench record with 49

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 12:43:58) Good to see Anthony Allen catch the ball well - not much of an opportunity to do that in the Triple Option at Georgia Tech

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 12:45:34) Helu has been consistently good all day. Hasn't done much to hurt himself.

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 12:49:37) this is the drill that will test the receiving skill

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 12:52:43) Jamie Harper with the basket catch - one of the few guys that hasn't looked all that smooth.

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 12:53:01) kendell hunter having some troubles with his hands today.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 12:53:06) Kendall Hunter had a bobble in the previous drill and just let another go through his hands

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 12:54:00) DeMarco Murray with a bad drop

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 12:54:40) Royster looking stiff and doesn't show good ball skills

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 12:55:34) Todman looks like a natural running routes - so athletic. Hands look to be above average

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 12:56:09) Great grab by Ryan Williams.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 12:56:15) Ryan Williams has shown pretty well all day

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 12:57:14) Agreed, Williams is having a strong day. Explosive, good balance, COD and nice hands (thus far)

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 12:58:49) Thus far - lets see how they do in this drill. It's these drills where you get to see more from these guys, these are routes all of them haven't run in their careers

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 13:03:36) Todman merely avg. catching ball. Just had a rough drop

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 13:08:55) I believe they have just shown the last of the drills for the day. let's wrap up our day. Fran you have been here all day. Who are your biggest winners and losers from today's workout?

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 13:09:23) Dan, you are welcome to answer as well.

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 13:15:52) Ok, we will get Fran and Dan's answers in a little bit. I haven't seen all of the morning workout so i will reserve my winners and loseers until the wrap up article. Be sure to join us again tomorrow for a Scouting Combine chat.

Chris Maier     (02-27-2011 13:16:12) Feel free to leave questions overnight and we will get to them first thing tomorrow.

Fran Duffy     (02-27-2011 13:32:09) Hey sorry I was just putting my writeup together for you Chris. Biggest winners from the day: Julio Jones Dion Lewis Jake Locker Losers: Titus Young Jacquizz Rodgers Colin Kaepernick

Fran Duffy     (02-28-2011 06:03:49) Day 3 of the Combine - time for the deepest group of this draft, the Defensive Line, to take to the track

Fran Duffy     (02-28-2011 06:07:30) Sam Acho first one up today - 6'2, 262

Fran Duffy     (02-28-2011 06:09:37) Ladi Ajiboye from South Carolina posted a 5.33 in the 40. Marvin Austin up next

Fran Duffy     (02-28-2011 06:10:54) Marvin Austin looked explosive running the 40. Posted an unofficial 4.80. Wow.

Fran Duffy     (02-28-2011 06:11:47) Allen Bailey looks well cut, ran a 4.77

Fran Duffy     (02-28-2011 06:12:49) Brandon Bair - looked big, ran a 4.92

Fran Duffy     (02-28-2011 06:13:34) Christian Ballard - a 4.70. Wow.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 06:19:29) Austin is such an athlete. Top-10 talent.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 06:19:58) We are seeing some great times here.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 06:21:52) Kenrick Ellis looks alittle loose body wise. Would love to see him firm up abit.

Fran Duffy     (02-28-2011 06:29:22) Kerrigan ran well - unofficial 4.67. Good for him.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 06:30:04) Thats a really solid run by Kerrigan.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 06:33:19) Frustrating to see guys struggle to properly preform the forty. Simple drill.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 06:39:33) Mayock's got Bair pegged. Get assessment. 5-tech project.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 06:47:44) Arizona DE Ricky Elmore's short arms are going to cause a drop in stock, but no one will doubt his motor.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 06:53:47) Ryan Kerrigan posts another solid time. 4.73

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 06:55:43) Corey Luiget just wowed with his center of gravity. Unteachable.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 07:01:47) Allen Bailey is so light on his feet. Great quickness.

Fran Duffy     (02-28-2011 07:02:22) Jeremy Beal looked pretty unathletic there

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 07:03:18) You have to laugh watching 320 lb Marcel Dareus run like a linebacker.

Fran Duffy     (02-28-2011 07:04:00) wow Fairley looked amazing on that rep. Unbelievable fluidity and athleticism, love the finish on the drill. Great rep, looked like a top pick.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 07:05:24) Couldn't agree more with the Fairley praise. Great rep. Kerrigan and Jordan also looked fantastic.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 07:06:37) Allen Bailey is an animal. Best feet I've seen yet.

Fran Duffy     (02-28-2011 07:09:14) Ricky Elmore looked awful there. Really stiff.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 07:10:10) Clayborn is another guy with choppy feet. Love that in this drill. Ricky Elmore looked like he has got some tight hips.

Fran Duffy     (02-28-2011 07:13:25) Marvin Austin drawing an "ooooh" from Warren Sapp

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 07:13:30) Jeremy Beal has worked himself off my board entirely. Far to stiff for the NFL.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 07:14:36) Jarvis Jenkins is more athletic than you would guess.

Fran Duffy     (02-28-2011 07:15:10) I continue to grow more and more fond of Cameron Jordan. Like his game. He's never going to lead the league in sacks but he's a guy every team needs.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 07:16:25) Love him as a prospect also Fran. I gave him a top-15 grade. Could play for anybody.

Fran Duffy     (02-28-2011 07:17:14) Agreed Jared. Ricky Elmore is a guy who has not looked very good thus far.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 07:17:54) Not only has Elmore been stiff all-around, but he has played high in every drill.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 07:19:23) The more and more I see Sam Acho, I think he can play OLB in a 3-4.

Fran Duffy     (02-28-2011 07:20:15) Jared how do you feel about what you've seen from Kerrigan thus far athletically?

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 07:20:47) Ugo Chinasa has been really impressive to me. Going to have to go back and hit his tape.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 07:22:05) I'm one of the folks on his bandwagon. Love what I've seen today. He isn't the most gifted guy, but athetically I think he can handle anything the NFL can throw at him. Your thoughts on him?

Fran Duffy     (02-28-2011 07:23:30) General school of thought with him is he'll either succeed because of his work ethic/motor or he'll just be too out of his league athletically. I tend to fall into the former. I think he can play OLB - but I think he's a better fit for DE in a 4-3

Fran Duffy     (02-28-2011 07:24:26) Overall as a prospect though I'm a fan - yes

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 07:25:23) I'd agree. He is the type of guy that will be a starter regardless for the next decade. 7-10 sack guy. I think he's got a nice ceiling also. Game Changer with his sack/fumble numbers.

Fran Duffy     (02-28-2011 07:30:29) Cory Liuget is a guy who hasn't really impressed me all that much so far. He came in somewhat light at 298 lbs but doesn't look all that athletic from drill to drill.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 07:30:56) We have a Robert Quinn sighting.

Fran Duffy     (02-28-2011 07:32:08) Diamond Earrings and all... wonder how he paid for those?

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 07:33:24) A subtle agent-gift hint from Fran. I like it.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 07:35:51) Do we know were these players get their cleats? I'm guessing thats a sponsor thing.

Fran Duffy     (02-28-2011 07:35:58) Sam Acho showed fluid hips in that last drill Jared - confirming your statement from earlier

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 07:36:25) Another bad rep for Elmore.

Fran Duffy     (02-28-2011 07:36:32) Yeah I think it's a sponsor thing. A few of the guys yesterday had those neon-green cleats.

Fran Duffy     (02-28-2011 07:37:21) Just looking at Jeremy Beal after watching how stiff he looked - he's too light to play DE right now. He might be the tweener that's out of luck in this class.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 07:38:27) I did a scouting report on Acho for the site. Loved watching his tape. Super smart guy. 3rd round grade.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 07:42:48) Mayock is as impressive a scout as these players are athletes.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 07:43:43) I did this same tape comparison with Freeney/Mathis to Quinn.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 07:48:18) Wow, great college practice tape on Robert Quinn. Such a talented guy. Total wildcard on draft day. I can say there is 1 team that is going to be so excited to select him.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 07:53:32) Funny stuff with the Rich Eisen 40 talk.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 08:06:21) Terrel Mcclain has been a big riser through the offseason.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 08:07:49) Don't let us down Moch.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 08:10:02) Unbelieveable. 4.35 from a 250 lb guy? with a 42 inch vertical? what?

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 08:11:51) Nevis really needed to stay under 5.00. Good run from him.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 08:13:50) Martin Parker is another guy who had a great Shrine game. Plays high and not overly strong, but has potential as a later round guy.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 08:15:24) Quinn is alittle disapointing here. Really antisapated an explosive Combine from him. 4.72 is solid, but not a "wow" time.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 08:19:51) Paea makes 225 lbs look like nothing on the bench press. He plays that strong too. Great value in round 2.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 08:21:36) J.J. Watt could be making some money today. He has the wheels moving with a 4.78 forty.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 08:25:02) Temple DL Muhammed Wilkerson looked so fluid in the 40. 4.99 great athlete.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 08:31:35) Dontay Moch is so impressive. He topped out at 23.5 MPH in the 40. Scary.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 08:34:43) Cheta Ozougwu looks explosive. Short arms and only 247 going to hurt him though.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 08:38:06) As a side note, Arizona has three DEs at the Combine. Brooks Reed, D'unadre Reed, and Ricky Elmore.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 08:40:11) Aldon Smith reminds me of Demarcus Ware. Long arms. So raw coming into the league.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 08:44:53) Wilkerson just looks so good. Love him as a 3-tech. 5-tech could be a waste of a great talent.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 08:46:09) Sub 5.00 for 5-techs is impressive. Those guys should get praise for that ability.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 08:52:03) Great drill from Brooks Reed. Has all the tools to play OLB in the 3-4. Nice hips/acceleration.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 08:53:28) Really nice hip-flip from Markus White.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 08:55:23) Terrel Mcclain looked fantastic in that drill. Best I've seen all day.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 09:03:09) Aldon Smith looks really long.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 09:05:20) Chris Neild is having a good day. Not going to wow, but he'll make some team happy as a two gap plugger.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 09:05:58) You can't tell Phil Taylor is 345 lbs. Looks like about 300. Impressive.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 09:08:07) Nevis just displayed great punch.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 09:13:54) Jerrel Powe is a NT only. Simply won't be able to play in any other scheme.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 09:14:53) Mcclain continues to impress.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 09:18:31) Robert Quinn had a huge oppurtunity to shoot up boards today in both the drills and measurements. He looks good, but not like that athlete I was expecting. Brooks Read looks to be showing Quinn up.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 09:20:49) For those who are wandering what Mayock is refering to when referencing gap guys : gaps are "slots" along the defensive front basically. Different guys fit different gaps better athletically.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 09:33:37) The interveiw process is so vital to the draft. Yes, the football is the most important part, but people forget these guys have to be a part of an organization. The people that they are, is very important for teams to get a feel for.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 09:42:21) Really excited to watch Von Miller. Got the potential to really lock himself in the top-5.

Doug Lancy     (02-28-2011 09:46:43) Word is coming out that Greg McElroy scored a 48 on the Wonderlic.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 09:48:20) Thats an impressive score. Love him as a career backup. The kind of guy that can keep the ship going in the right direction for two or three games.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 09:53:00) Great peice on strength coach John Lott.

Chris Maier     (02-28-2011 09:54:03) Jared, who have the top performers been thus far today?

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 09:56:42) Marcel Dareus, Nick Fairley, Terrel Mcclain, Marvin Austin, and Chris Carter have all had nice days. Dontay Moch has been blowing it up numbers wuse.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 09:57:58) Allen Bailey looked really good in the drills to me. Muhammed Wilkerson was another really good looking athlete.

Chris Maier     (02-28-2011 09:58:28) any disappointments?

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 09:59:27) Robert Quinn really came in looking average. I was really disapointed in him overall. Still love him as a prospect, but he looked human today.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 10:00:18) Fran and I both agreed that Jeremy Beal had a poor poor showing. Far to stiff for the NFL.

Chris Maier     (02-28-2011 10:02:27) among the linebackers i am really looking forward to seeing Martez Wilson. Tremendous athlete who could shoot up boards in a thin LB group this year.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 10:03:25) Also Sam Acho looked fantastic.

Doug Lancy     (02-28-2011 10:05:30) I want to see Greg Jones, he needs to show me something today.

Chris Maier     (02-28-2011 10:07:36) Not surprised to see Herzlich run 4.92

Chris Maier     (02-28-2011 10:08:11) Greg Jones told me at the Senior Bowl his goal for the 40 was sub 5.0

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 10:08:52) That would be an impressive time by Jones.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 10:09:54) 4.64 from Houston is a great time.

Chris Maier     (02-28-2011 10:11:04) Great times for Homan and Houston. Houston is a top rush LB prospect whose speed was a concern entering the day.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 10:15:16) Wow. Great run by Von Miller. 4.46

Chris Maier     (02-28-2011 10:16:14) A 4.76 was a nice time for G.Jones. Speed is not his game but this time is acceptable for an ILB

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 10:18:30) Jones' navigates the feild so well. I wanna see him in a 4-3 base that uses him as the Mike/Will linebacker position. Can't discount his production at MSU.

Fran Duffy     (02-28-2011 10:21:17) I can tell you from experience that this group of UCONN linebackers has a lot of talent guys. Lutrus is a guy I like that's underrated, while Wilson and Lloyd just look so great in pads. I expect all 3 to be drafted.

Chris Maier     (02-28-2011 10:22:47) Martez Wilson giving V.Miller a run for his forty money with a 4.44.

Chris Maier     (02-28-2011 10:23:45) Lawrence Wilson is the best LB in coverage in this draft and a great fit for a Tampa 2

Doug Lancy     (02-28-2011 10:26:37) Surprised at Akeem Ayers slow time, he seems more explosive than a 4.8 runner.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 10:28:37) Really good to see Justin Houston run 4.63/4.64 at 270 lbs. Dispelled all speed questions.

Doug Lancy     (02-28-2011 10:30:02) The debate for the top 5 spots has definitely gotten more interesting. Not including the strong possibility of a QB going there, I'm seeing about 7 guys who could be top 5.

Chris Maier     (02-28-2011 10:31:11) Akeem Ayers definitely a disappointment at 4.8. Curious to see lateral agility and burst in the drills.

Chris Maier     (02-28-2011 10:32:06) i have a feeling Herzlich is going to need to move inside at the next level.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 10:33:14) I could see Herzlich playing the Sam in a 4-3. Deffinetly good enough at the point of attack.

Chris Maier     (02-28-2011 10:38:44) Lot of ILB in the Not Participating column with Dent, Sturdivant and Irving all sitting out.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 10:39:30) If I'm in the top-10 picking, I'm not passing on Von Miller.

Fran Duffy     (02-28-2011 10:42:51) 4.44 and 4.447 out of M. Miller - very impressive athletically

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 10:49:51) Justin Houston has been having himself a great day.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 10:52:26) Tight hips there from Sturdivant.

Fran Duffy     (02-28-2011 10:52:38) Sturdivant not as quick as I thought he would be

Fran Duffy     (02-28-2011 10:54:59) Ayers was impressive there.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 10:55:05) Ayers may not have had a great 40, but he is showing his ability in the drills.

Fran Duffy     (02-28-2011 10:55:57) I don't know how much you guys have watched film on Bellore - but he is Active with a capital A. great production at central michigan - tackling machine - team captain and tough kid

Fran Duffy     (02-28-2011 10:56:21) Better prospect - though at a different position - then Frank Zambo was last year coming out of CMU

Fran Duffy     (02-28-2011 10:56:48) Yikes - not very good from Orie Lemon from Ok State

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 10:57:35) I had the chance to see some Bellore tape and noticed his feild vision. Found his way around really well. Active is right.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 11:01:23) K.J. Wright has such a great 3-4 frame. Long player with alot of ability.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 11:02:45) Another smooth drill from Akeem Ayers.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 11:07:56) The second hip flip is the most critical part of this drill. Really exposes' tightness and stiffness.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 11:13:52) Sturdivant has been tight all day. Not helping himself.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 11:19:34) Great catch by Von Miller.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 11:26:57) Mike Mohammed looks thin in the lower half to me.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 11:30:34) Von Miller has been a bigg winner today. One of the best athletes from a corner rushing standpoint in a long time.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 11:46:17) I'll wrap up nfldraft101's Monday Combine coverage with a basic winner and loser from both the LBs and DLs.

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 11:47:10) LBs : Winner - Von Miller OLB, TAMU Loser - Akeem Ayers OLB, UCLA

Jared Counterman     (02-28-2011 11:48:00) DL : Winner - Marvin Austin DT, UNC Loser - Jeremy Beal DE, Oklahoma

Fran Duffy     (03-01-2011 06:02:09) Last day of the Combine - man this went fast

Fran Duffy     (03-01-2011 06:04:48) it hasn't even started yet - but man Cortez Allen from the Citadel looks the part. Good size, long kid, great wingspan

Fran Duffy     (03-01-2011 06:07:23) Unofficial 4.45 from Cortez Allen

Fran Duffy     (03-01-2011 06:08:16) Amukamara is a thick kid - really built like a safety in reality - runs an unofficial 4.37! wow.

Fran Duffy     (03-01-2011 06:10:17) Ahmad Black - runs a disappointing 4.78. Thats rough to start.

Fran Duffy     (03-01-2011 06:13:38) Chyke Brown from Texas, long legs, looked pretty smooth but ran a 4.51

Fran Duffy     (03-01-2011 06:14:31) Curtis Brown, also from Texas, matched his teammate with a 4.51

Fran Duffy     (03-01-2011 06:15:28) Jalil Brown is up next - interesting prospect who's gotten extra looks because of teammate Jimmy Smith, had a bad start. Ran a 4.55

Fran Duffy     (03-01-2011 06:17:18) Brandon Burton from Utah showcased his athletic ability - 4.50 flat

Fran Duffy     (03-01-2011 06:17:58) Georgia Tech's Mario Butler looked really skinny but only ran a 4.65 - not good

Fran Duffy     (03-01-2011 06:19:48) A guy I like, Quinton Carter, runs a 4.62. He's a guy that can come up and hit you. Good athlete and a tough tough kid

Fran Duffy     (03-01-2011 06:21:39) Chris Conte has some good measurables - 6'2 197, ran a 4.56. He's a guy that can play any position you want in the secondary.

Fran Duffy     (03-01-2011 06:23:57) Ras-I Dowling up now - needs to show a good time in my opinion.

Fran Duffy     (03-01-2011 06:24:22) Dowling ran a 4.40 - very impressive for a guy his size especially coming off an injury

Fran Duffy     (03-01-2011 06:25:39) Marcus Gilchrist - a corner/safety prospect - runs a 4.49

Fran Duffy     (03-01-2011 06:27:14) Eric Hagg from Nebraska displayed his tweener status - looking really slight in the upperbody but slow on the track - 4.68

Fran Duffy     (03-01-2011 06:27:38) Brandon Harris from the U runs a 4.43 - solid time for him

Chris Maier     (03-01-2011 06:47:10) So much for the Amukamara speed concerns 4.37 and 4.44. Reminds me of Leon Hall.

Chris Maier     (03-01-2011 06:54:19) Brandon Harris solid with 4.44 and 4.43 times

Chris Maier     (03-01-2011 06:54:43) Expected a little faster from Will Hill. 4.63 still not bad for a safety.

Chris Maier     (03-01-2011 07:01:21) Dowling's injury is unfortunate. If there was one thing he needed today, it was to complete the workout to start answering health concerns.

Fran Duffy     (03-01-2011 07:05:56) Receiving word from scouts from two different teams Chris - they timed Jarrett at 4.56 and 4.58 respectively

Fran Duffy     (03-01-2011 07:10:34) Deion Sanders does a great job explaining drills in laymans terms

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 07:11:35) Rashad Carmichael showed good back pedal and turn.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 07:15:36) Davon House ran a little high.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 07:17:35) Prince Amukamara was way too high, needs better technique to keep with the top receivers.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 07:18:55) Mario Butler looks stiff in his back pedal.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 07:24:41) Julio Jones impressive day yesterday is even more impressive with the knowledge he did it with a broken bone in his foot!

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 07:26:43) Right now they only measure to 12' on the broad jump. Looks like it will have to be 14' soon.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 07:27:20) Chykie Brown just dropped an easy catch.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 07:27:36) Curtis Brown however made a difficult catch.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 07:29:34) Rashad Carmichael shows great hustle and desire.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 07:31:34) Dejon Gomes looks better than I expected during the drills. Not fantastic, but still pretty smooth.

Chris Maier     (03-01-2011 07:37:10) A little surprised to see Carmichael time in the high 4.4/low 4.5 range. Looks a little faster on tape.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 07:37:45) Quinton Carter back pedals high.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 07:39:07) Chimdi Chekwa doesn't look good on these drills, he's better at having a man to run with.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 07:42:14) I like Shilo Keo as a late round guy. Not super fast, but can be a great special team addition.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 07:47:58) Marcus Gilchrist continues to show good hands. Looks almost like a receiver when catching the ball.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 07:49:48) Will Hill passes the visual test, looks like a football player.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 07:55:15) Quinton Carter struggles in change of direction.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 07:57:38) Does the NFL Network really think I'd rather see tape or the commentators than the drills?

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 08:02:04) Patrick Peterson showed a 38" vertical.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 08:03:08) Chris Culliver excellent at changing direction while moving at high speed.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 08:04:12) Brandon Harris doesn't show good hands, won't have many picks in the NFL.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 08:07:30) Ahmad Black struggled on a catch he should have made. Did get his hands on it.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 08:07:50) Chykie Brown with the body catch.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 08:08:18) Curtis Brown continues to impress. Good hands, speed, and turns.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 08:10:24) Chimdi Chekwa isn't going after tough balls, makes you wonder how much his wrist has healed.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 08:11:20) Dejon Gomes looked like he was thinking too hard about this drill.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 08:12:13) Brandon Harris just made me eat my words. After the last couple of catches made a great catch at the highest point with soft hands.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 08:19:27) Love watching the DB's compete against each other in the pass drill. A little pushing of the guys can expose some tendencies.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 08:19:44) Marcus Gilchrist with the first drop.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 08:23:06) Kendric Burney with the second drop.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 08:23:15) Will Hill with the third drop.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 08:24:35) Burton with the fourth drop. 2-2

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 08:25:05) Jameel Hines with the fifth drop.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 08:25:22) Davon House with a drop.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 08:26:01) Davon House dropped a second pass, after it hit him in the face.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 08:27:35) Jaiquawn Jarrett with a drop.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 08:57:08) Rahim Moore ran a 4.51. Good enough that he could be a first rounder as a safety.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 08:59:40) Patrick Peterson ran a 4.32!

Chris Maier     (03-01-2011 09:04:39) Robert Sands 4.56. Big thing about R.Sands is he looks like a strong safety but is a big hitter who prefers to play off the ball where he uses his long frame

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 09:04:48) Justin Rogers with a 4.44, good corner speed.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 09:19:44) Byron Maxwell with a 4.46 on his second run. Much better than his first, but speed looks a little manufactured.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 09:25:12) David Sims is a big hitter who showed some good speed for a safety at 4.5.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 09:27:57) Buster Skrine ran a 4.29 showing great speed! Needs to show skills in the drills to move up, though.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 09:28:42) Jimmy Smith is pushing to be the 3rd corner on the board.

Chris Maier     (03-01-2011 09:29:41) Buster Skrine is a nice sleeper out of Chattanooga with an excellent chance to move up today.

Chris Maier     (03-01-2011 09:30:21) Surprisingly quick for Rogers whose speed was a concern entering the day. Showed great instincts at the Shrine Game.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 09:31:47) DeMarcus Van Dyke ran a 4.33, but looks like he may struggle in changing directions.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 09:41:04) Ahmad Black showing good skills in the cones.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 10:10:27) Byron Maxwell has poor footwork.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 10:11:14) Patrick Peterson stays tight and is excellent at finding the ball.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 10:12:03) Robert Sands tight in his hips and runs on his heels.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 10:13:26) Jimmy Smith was very tight in the hips, but shows good speed and recovery.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 10:14:33) DeMarcus Van Dyke may have good speed, but his footwork needs work.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 10:17:17) Mark Legree has excellent hands for a DB.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 10:18:10) DeAndre McDaniel's steps are inconsistent.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 10:18:38) Rahim Moore locking in top safety spot with good ability in the drills.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 10:22:01) Buster Skrine on the rise! Not polished but shows good ability. A little training and he could be a great sleeper come draft day.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 10:31:42) Aaron Williams struggling today and Jimmy Smith doing well. Aaron Williams might be better off at safety than corner.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 10:34:29) DeAndre McDaniel a little slow in the W drill. Doesn't transition well.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 10:36:26) Kevin Rutland was fantastic in the W drill, looked natural.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 10:37:03) Tyler Sash looked more like a linebacker than a safety running the W drill. Not fast, a little high, but ready to make a hit.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 10:45:56) Shareece Wright didn't look as natural as I expected in the W drill.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 10:47:58) Rahim Moore is locking himself in as number one safety.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 10:48:24) Johnny Patrick looks like a DB, good route, good speed, poor hands.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 10:51:08) Josh Thomas is better than I expected, good back pedal, stays low and turns head well. Just needs to be better at catching the ball.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 10:55:50) Joe Lefeged with the first drop in the competition.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 10:56:13) Mark LeGree with the second drop. 2-0

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 10:56:35) Sherman with the third drop: 2-1.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 10:57:34) David Sims with the fourth drop: 2-2

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 10:58:53) Byron Maxwell with the fifth drop: 3-2

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 10:59:19) Sixth drop 3-3

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 11:02:09) Rahim Moore with a drop making it 4-3, but that was more on the quarterback.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 11:05:34) Aaron Williams with a drop to tie it back up 4-4

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 11:06:54) Roberts Sands with a drop making it 5-4.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 11:20:00) A great day of defensive backs! Winners: Jimmy Smith, Curtis Brown, Buster Skrine, and Patrick Peterson who may be the best player in the draft.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 11:24:37) Losers: Aaron Williams, Chimdi Chekwa, and Tyler Sash.

Doug Lancy     (03-01-2011 11:25:29) This wraps up NFLDraft101's NFL Scouting Combine live coverage! Thank you all who joined us and make sure to join us for live interactive coverage during the NFL draft!

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